Friday the 13th

January 9, 2009
By Ian Keck, Arnold, MD

It is dawn, Friday the 13th, when a virus sweeps through the world at an alarming rate. The only method of getting it is being bitten. It is a wonder people are getting affected at a rate like this. The smart people are hiding in bunkers or bomb shelters with guns and supplies at the ready. Others are succumbing to the virus. “What is so wrong with this virus,” you ask? Well, the damage it causes is irreversible. The transformation your body overcomes is turning into the undead ranks. In other words a zombie is the final transformation. Nothing will stop these flesh craving abominations of science. The only thing that will destroy such a monster is the destruction of the brain.

It started when a series of attacks started in an African village after a scientist visited to treat the inhabitants. The story had spread like wild fire; somehow a zombie had been captured for studying purposes, and was being shipped to the zoo and biological museum in New York City. When it bit a keeper and in a slow tiring twenty three hours he was turned into the abomination that he was feeding and looking over. He got out of the zoo to look for human flesh. A zombie was loose in New York with the only way to spread the virus by being bitten.

Later that month all of New York turned into zombies. The Army and Navy tried to stop them but to no avail. They all turned while President Bush was hidden away as soon as the virus started spreading. The rest of the U.S. citizens were at the mercy of the zombies. Pets were taken immediately while the wild animals were also at the mercy. As I said before the invasion of the undead the smart people took heavy shelter, but the not so smart people, they were faced with a not so lucky demise.

It was not long before the populace of the North American Continent was overrun and the remaining populace joined the undead ranks at an unprecedented rate. Countless attacks were being made by the Army, Navy, and Marines to take the continent back. But they were all ending in vain. Where as the little surviving groups of people are doing more damage.

The end of that terrible month was over. The morning of the next month was a celebrated month for all the zombies fell over dead. From lack of flesh; the few remaining survivors were horrified at their surroundings as they started emerging from there hideouts. This terrible scar on the nation’s history will never be forgotten.

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