The unwilling capturer

January 9, 2009
My life has been incredibly boring. It’s always the same routine; going to school coming home, doing whatever fun thing I can come up with. Then it starts all over again. But lately bizarre things have been happening. I’ve felt that people have been watching me. I sometimes see a person dressed in black using binoculars and looking my way. But I keep thinking that they are spying on someone else. Well that day my whole life changed.

It was a Friday morning in august. It was another boring day in my life. As I walked down the stairs the phone rang. With nothing to do I went to pick it up. All I could hear was deep breathing.

“Who’s this?”

”You have been chosen to kill someone.” It answered back.

“No! I’m not going to buy one of your cheap vacuums!!”

“Shut up and do as I say!” he said in a frightful tone.”
“We are a secret organization” He continued knowing I was quieted.
“We will give instructions of how to do it and who.”
“Don’t try anything stupid because we’ve been watching you.”

I was cut off by the beep telling me that he had hung up. Confused I put the phone down. Thinking of dozens of questions going through my head I went to the living room. Suddenly the doorbell rang. I went to answer it, and there was the mailman. He quickly gave me the package before I could say a word. He grabbed the door knob and slammed the door in front of me. I went to the table and opened it with my curiosity. I was flabbergasted to see what was inside. Chocolate cake! My favorite flavor of all time! I slammed my head into it not caring if anyone else wanted a piece. I stopped, I remembered the stranger on the phone. What if there’s a bomb in the cake? I asked myself. I stuffed my hands in the cake, searching for something that didn’t belong. The doorbell rang again. I looked through he hole in the door. It was the mailman! I used some paper towels that were in the kitchen .I answered the door and he swiftly said, “Sorry but you got the wrong package” “What!?” I asked. I went back to the kitchen not knowing what to do. And then I got an idea. I closed the package walked to the door and exchanged them with the mailman. This time it was me who slammed the door. That was close, I thought.
Going to the table I opened this package. Inside there was a box, or at least what looked like a box. There was also a booklet which must have been instructions to whatever that was. There was writing in pen on the back. It said that I had to put the “package” in Miss Landers’s chandelier that was in her living room. I knew her; she was the neighbor across the street. She was old and didn’t think she would have anything to do with any secret organization. I had thoughts of calling the police but I knew they were watching everything I did. I couldn’t take it I had to do the job.

The next morning I planned how to get into Miss Landers’s house. Thinking I might fail I made a five page essay on excuses. I assumed that the front door would be a good idea, but I then learned that it was too dangerous. So I decided to go in through the back door. There were a lot of people but none of them noticed that I was trying to jump Miss Landers’s fence. After the struggle of the fence problem was over, I was almost to her door when I noticed her next door neighbor. He had the lawn mower on even though most of his backyard was cement. “Hey!!” turning the lawn mower off. “What’re you doing?” “Well I got this strange box that I have to install in her chan…” I stopped. I remembered that I had to keep all of this a secret. “I have to install her air conditioner with this” holding up the strange box. “Okay” without any suspicion he turned his lawnmower back on.

When I tried to pick-lock the back door I saw that it was already open. I went inside to the living room. There was a smell to this place. Almost nauseating, like cats even though I knew that she didn’t have any. Everything was so dusty it looked like the Sahara desert. In the middle of the room was a humongous chair. It blocked the TV that was on the other side. Suddenly a gust of wind came in, followed by the sound of glass tapping on each other. I looked up and saw the chandelier that the stranger was talking about. It was a little to fancy for a place like this. I got on top of the over sized chair and tried to attach the box like object to the chandelier. I struggled to put it on but I did it. I was so relieved that I had finished that I hurried down and got to the front door. I quickly ran to my house not caring who saw me. When I finally got there it had struck me once again. I couldn’t do it; she was just an old lady. I felt a rush of stupidity run through me. I really did not care if I got in trouble.

Hoping that the strange box had completed its job I ran back towards her house. Not noticing the car that was in her driveway, I opened the door and got on top of the oversized chair again and reached for the box. Before I could get to it I heard a voice. “What do you think you’re doing!?” it had scared me so much that I fell off of the oversized to chair to the ground.” The chandelier started rustling again. “You don’t understand!!” I yelled trying to get up. She reached for something that was behind the TV, it was a gun. The strange box began beeping. Miss Landers pointed the gun in my direction. The strange box released purple looking gas from somewhere inside of it. Miss Landers went down first. I headed for the door believing that I was going to make it. I touched the knob but it was too late. I fell to the ground a second time but this time unconscious.

When I woke everything looked the same as it was before I came in. I remembered Miss Landers however when I turned she wasn’t there. I struggled to standing up, I looked out the window and there was an ambulance truck outside. There were four people around the truck. I was really surprised to see the mailman, and Miss Landers’s next door neighbor loading Miss Landers on the ambulance. The fourth person I did not recognize but I had an idea of who it was. The stranger looked in my direction, then at the direction at my house. They drove off to the east, but I knew the hospital was on the west side. I walked to my house speechless of what I’ve been through. I have finally reached my yard when I saw another package on my doorstep. There was a note on the top.

Inside there was a load of cash!

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anastar said...
Apr. 29, 2009 at 6:37 pm
this is a great story i want to know what happens next
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