The Magic Box and Necklace

January 8, 2009
By Anonymous

“Ow!” Alexis yelped,

“What happened?” Evangeline said, wildly looking at Alexis.

“I stepped on that ditch over there!” she exclaimed.

“It looks like there’s something down there!” Mary projected. (Alexis and Evangeline had moved away from the ditch.)

When Mary dug farther into the ditch she found a box. It was the most beautiful box she had ever seen. “Wow, check this out! It’s some really old box, but it’s really beautiful.”

After Mary said this Angela, who had been picking gingerbread men off of trees, came strolling over. When she saw Alexis on the ground grasping her ankle she looked alarmed.

“What happened to you?”

“Are…are….are you alright?” she stammered

“Yes I’m fine,” Alexis stated coolly.

“Let’s try to open it!” Mary said excitedly.
When they tried to open it, the box wouldn’t budge. They decided to take the box home and open it there; by the time they got there it was dark and all the girls had to go home. They decided since Alexis found it she would get to take it home. During the middle of the night, Alexis awoke to a glowing bright light. “What’s going on?” she asked. She started hearing her name being called.
“Alexis.” “Alexis.”
“Wh- wh- who’s there?” She called frightened.
The voice kept calling her.
“Alexis come and open me.”
Alexis realized finally it was the box calling her. She became very frightened. “Go away! Go away! I don’t know what you want, but leave me alone!” she yelled. After that the box started floating toward her. She began to scream and cry but no one heard her. When the box landed at the foot of her bed, she became interested in why it was doing this. She inched little by little, at times stopping to see if the box was doing anything, but kept inching her way to the end of her bed. When she finally reached the box, she tried to open it and it opened for her; she wondered why it didn’t open earlier when she and her friends had tried to open it. She got an idea that maybe the box was meant for her. When she looked in the box it was empty; the ordeal was over now she could finally go back to bed.
The next morning her mother, Amelia, came in to wake her.
“Alexis wake up sweetie, your going to be late for school.” her mother cooed.
Alexis was so tired she didn’t care if she was late for school, but something inside of her gave her the will to get up, get dressed and go downstairs to eat breakfast. At the breakfast table her father, George, and her little brother, Spencer, were already eating.
“Hey there bed bug,” her father said playfully.
“Hey dad, what are you doing today?” Alexis asked sleepily
“Nothing,” her dad stated plainly.
“Oh,” she said. After breakfast Alexis slumped off to school. She was extremely tired; all she wanted to do was go back home and sleep ‘til noon. When she finally arrived at school ten minutes later, her friends were there waiting for her. Instead of saying “Hello” first Evangeline just looked straight at her chest and said, “Oh my God, that is the most gorgeous necklace I’ve ever seen. Where did you get it?”
“What are you talking about?” Alexis asked confused.
Mary jumped in, “The necklace around your neck, it’s amazing.”
Alexis looked down and saw the most beautiful piece of jewelry she had EVER seen.
“Oh my God!” she exclaimed.
“I’ve never seen this necklace before in my life!” she cried.
“What do you mean you’ve never seen it before in your life?” Angela asked.
Alexis didn’t say anything when she remembered what happened the night before. She remembered looking at the empty box. “It probably came from the box last night,” she thought. Then she wondered why her mother, father, or brother didn’t say anything this morning at breakfast.
After that the morning bell rang and all the girls went inside for homeroom. In homeroom everybody was admiring Alexis’ necklace.
“Where did you get that?” asked Macy Quebec
“I don’t know,” she stated flat out.
After homeroom Alexis just wanted some peace and quiet in first period math. Alexis was a genius at math, so she figured that she wouldn’t have a hard time focusing. But, just like homeroom everybody, even the teacher, was bothering her about that stupid necklace. She was tired of it. She asked her math teacher, Mr. Wigand, if she could go to the nurse. She said she wasn’t feeling well. She knew if she begged the nurse to let her go home she would. (Alexis never goes to the nurse.) When Alexis got to the nurse she wasn’t there. She didn’t know why, but this made her angry.
After twenty minutes had passed Alexis just lost control. She went over to the mirror and saw her eyes and necklace were glowing; she went on a rampage of the nurse’s office. She ripped everything she could get her hands on to shreds, she flipped over the beds where students lay when thy have a headache. Finally when she was done Alexis was so tired she just collapsed.
Then the nurse came in, to find Alexis collapsed on the floor and a nurse’s office that looked like a tornado went through it. First she had to make sure this young lady was okay. She tried to shake Alexis awake. When that didn’t work she checked to see if the girl was still breathing, she was. The nurse pondered on how to wake the girl, when all of a sudden she remembered that she had some smelling salts. She rushed to the cabinet and grabbed the salts and then she rushed back to the girl and held them to her nose. When Alexis smelled the salts she awoke with a start.
“Wha- what’s going on?” she stammered sleepily.
“You’re in the nurse’s office dear,” she said sweetly.

“I just want to go home,” Alexis stated a tad rudely.

When Alexis got home she went up to her room and tried to take off her necklace. When she tried to take it off it wouldn’t budge. She went downstairs and asked her mom to try and get it off. Even when her mom tried it would not come off. After that Alexis started to worry. She wondered what happened in the nurse’s office and why it looked like a train wreck. Then she started to remember what had happened. She remembered seeing her eyes glowing in the mirror and flipping everything over. This scared Alexis. She wanted to take the necklace off so badly. When she tried one more time, the necklace shocked her; it started talking to her.

“Why are you trying to take me off?” the necklace asked. “Don’t you like me?”

“No I don’t. You are evil and you make me turn into a completely different person!” Alexis yelled angrily.

“Yes and when I glow little by little we become a part of each other,” the necklace explained.

“Now that that is out of the way, my name is Elli,” the necklace said.

“You have a name?” Alexis said caustically.
“Why yes of course, I was once a human,” Elli said.
“Oh well why did you choose me to open up to, why not one of my friends?”
“I figured you would be the easiest to blend with.” she stated.
“What do you mean ‘blend with’?” Alexis asked.
“I’m going to become a part of you and you are going to become a part of me.”
“WHAT!” Alexis yelled. She didn’t want to be blended with this person trapped in a necklace.
“Every time you become enraged I will glow and I will inch my way into you and you will inch your way into my necklace,” Elli said wisely.
“I don’t want you to become a part of me. I like the way I am; I don’t need anyone invading my body!” Alexis sobbed. Then her necklace started to glow.
“No stop! Don’t do this; this is involuntary!” she sobbed loudly.
“I can’t stop it. Once you open the box you are in for life!” Elli shouted back.
When the glowing stopped Alexis felt extremely tired. She went to lie down on her bed and fall asleep. When she woke up she felt different; she felt wiser, stronger even. Also when she awoke she was starving, so she went down to the kitchen to look for something to eat. When she reached the kitchen her mother was there waiting with a plate of food for her.
“I heard you walking upstairs and I figured you would be hungry,” she cooed.
“Thanks mom, it looks great,” Alexis said as she sat down at the table.
“You made quite a ruckus up there this afternoon,” her mother said.
“Yeah I know; I’m really sorry about that,” Alexis said apologetically.
“Hey mom do you mind if I meet Mary in the forest tonight?”
“No that’s fine sweetie just as long you are back by ten.”
“Thanks I won’t be too long,” she said. After Alexis ate she went upstairs to get ready. When she was done she called Mary, Evangeline, and Angela. She asked them if they could meet her at the place where they had found the box. Only Mary couldn’t make because her parents were total spazzes about her going into the forest at night.
At six Alexis left the house. She met up with Evangeline and Angela at the entrance to the gingerbread chocolate forest.
“Hey why’d you leave school early today?” asked Angela.
“I didn’t feel well,” she lied.
“And your mom let you come into the forest?” Evangeline so rudely stated.
“Yea why wouldn’t she?”
“You went home from school early.” Evangeline said.
“My mom never lets me leave the house, until it’s been twenty-four hours since I’ve been sick,” Evangeline said.
Alexis could feel the anger building up inside her, but she didn’t want to explode in front of her friends at least not until they got to the tree. The three walked through the trees silently and somberly. It had been a long day for all of them.
“I think this is the spot,” Alexis grumbled. She was ready to blow. She didn’t need to scare her friends off until they knew what was going on with her and the necklace.
“I need to tell you guys something, something really important.”
“What is it?” Angela asked.
“It’s about the necklace, the box and me.” She started. When she was finished telling her friends everything that had happened in the past twenty-four hours she told Evangeline to make her extremely angry.
“Are you sure about this?” asked Evangeline fearfully.
“Yes just do it please.” she said her anger level starting to rise.
“Okay.” she said
Mary was just looking at them in disbelief.
“Where, did you get that shirt? ‘Cause it looks like you got it out of a dumpster.”
“Keep going.”
“Ugh and that hair, it’s the ugliest I’ve ever seen.” Evangeline continued to egg Alexis on.
“Have you met her mother? She’s as fat as a cow.”
“Stop!!” Alexis screamed. Her eyes and necklace had started to glow. She was becoming Elli faster than she wanted to. Soon Alexis lost all control of her body and before she could stop her, Elli was attacking Evangeline and Mary was trying to pull Alexis off of her.
“Alexis stop. What are you doing? You’re going to kill her.” Mary begged. No matter how hard Alexis tried she couldn’t get control of her body back. She was sucking the life out of her best friend and she couldn’t do anything about it.
“Elli, please stop this. She didn’t mean to say those things, I told her to.” Alexis pleaded for Elli to stop, before it was too late.
“What do you mean you told her to say those things?” Elli asked
“I wanted to show her what happened when you came out. I don’t want you to kill my best friend,” Alexis cried.
“Oh, well you shouldn’t have gotten me so angry. If she dies it’s your fault!” Elli said angrily.
“Just let me have control of my body back!” Alexis yelled.
“Fine here you go, you can have it.” Elli said.
Alexis started to feel her hands around Evangeline’s throat. She tore them off so fast she thought she got whiplash.
“Is she okay?” Alexis asked with a fret.
“I don’t know. What were you doing? You had this pure look of hatred on your face through the glow,” Angela said.
“You could see through the glow on my face?” she asked quizzically
“Yeah I could and believe me it wasn’t pretty.”
“I have to go. If she wakes up tell her it wasn’t me and that I’m sorry,” Alexis said, tears starting to form in her eyes.
Alexis so frightened by what she had done, fled the forest and fled the city. She ran and ran until she couldn’t run anymore. When she looked up to see where she had stopped she saw she was only a couple miles out of town. She wanted to keep running and running, but she couldn’t because she was too exhausted. What am I going to do she thought to herself. I can’t go back there and certainly cannot be around people at least not until I figure this out. So she went and laid down on a patch of grass that was hidden by a humongous rock and fell asleep.
Alexis spent many months talking with Elli while she was asleep. She figured out how Elli worked and had completely integrated with her. Alexis felt that she could finally go home. Finally after spending six months away from her home, she went back and faced everything she had done.
First she went to her home where her parents were. She needed to confront them first. Her parents said they had been looking for her everywhere. They had been so worried about her. When she was done with her parents, Alexis knew she had to go to Evangeline’s house to apologize to Evangeline, or at least her family for what she had done to her.
When Alexis reached Evangeline’s house, she took the deepest breath she had ever taken and walked to the front door. To Alexis’ relief Evangeline answered the door. When Evangeline first saw Alexis she looked shocked.
“W-w-w-what are you doing here?” Eva (as she was now called) said.
“I came to apologize for what happened that night and to say that I don’t think we should be friends anymore,” Alexis said glumly.
“I’m sorry you feel that way because I still want to be friends,” said Eva.
“I’m leaving for the Bahamas tomorrow. There’s no way we could keep the friendship going,” Alexis admitted.
“Well then I guess this is goodbye.”
“Not goodbye just see you again someday. I mean it’s not like I’m never going to call you, it’s just I think it’s better if we’re acquaintances for now,” Alexis said.
“Well then I guess I’ll see you again someday.”
“Yeah, bye.”
When all was said and done, Alexis left for the Bahamas and Eva went back to her life as a happy normal teenager. They talked on the phone a few times, but Alexis had been right they never could have kept their friendship going. Each girl did think about each other every once in a blue moon, but they lost touch and never spoke to each other again. By now though Elli and Alexis had been living together for years; they enjoyed a nice conversation with each other every once in a while. But everyone involved in this story lived happy normal lives from that time on.

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