The Big Game

January 8, 2009
By Anonymous

I walk into the main gym in my black warm up suit and meet the rest of my team in the locker room. My whole team is in there full of energy getting ready for the big game. I put on my white jersey tuck in my shirt and lace up my Nike sneakers. Once everyone’s ready we all walk into the gym and put our waters and bags on the home bench. As we walk in the music is blasting getting everyone excited, the lights are on and the rack of basketballs are in the middle of the gym. Everyone’s parents and other students that came to watch are on the bleachers cheering us on. The varsity team is on the front row of the bleachers helping us warm up. We all get a ball and start shooting around waiting for the opponents to get here. We have a warm up routine to get us ready for the game. We do shooting and passing to get us warmed up and our muscles moving.

Once the opponents get here they all stare at us to see the ability of our team. We do the same to them once they start to warm up. As we warm up we are all a little silly and fooling around but once the final buzzer sounds for the game to start, the silliness goes away. It all seriousness from there. Being one of the starting 5 we sit on the bench directly in front of my coach waiting to hear the plays we are running. My heart starts to race with excitement and nervousness. Its now time for the game to begin, we walk on the court and when the jump ball is hit the game is on.

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