Santa and His Hamster Friend: Harry

January 7, 2009
I was sitting in my cage around 5:00 in the afternoon on Christmas Eve hoping someone would take me home. Lots of people looked at me but nobody would buy me until a nice-looking couple the lady looked tall and blonde the boy looked tall and had brown hair and was kind of stocky came and bought me. I was very happy. There was a special talent I had… I could talk! Not just to other animals but to people too.

The couple didn’t know about my talent and they were lucky they didn’t. I was excited because I didn’t have a very good cage at the pet store all it had was wood chips and it was small, but the one the people bought looked nice and cozy. I got to my new house it was really big and I liked it a lot. The couple put me under this big, green, prickly thing. I couldn’t figure out what it was.

It was getting late so I tried to go to sleep but I couldn’t. I was too excited about tomorrow. All of a sudden a thought popped into my head: I would escape and explore the house. My plan was to chew my way out of the cage. I finally got through about half-an-hour later. I was about to take my first step out when I heard a big THUD that sounded like it came from the roof. ”Save me!”, I screamed as I scampered back into the box. I was very scared. When I thought the thing that made the sound was gone I ran back out. I saw this big cave with logs sitting in it. Then all of a sudden something big and red fell out of it. It said, “Ho, Ho, Ho,” with a chuckle.
I got scared because I couldn’t figure out what it was and why it was here. So I said, “Hi what’s your name? Mine is… well to tell you the truth I don’t have a name yet.”

“My name is Santa” he said.

“Hi Santa, nice to meet you, will you be my friend?”

“Sure I’m everyone’s friend”, he replied kindly.
I wandered on through the house. I came to this big metal crate that looked like what I had seen back at the pet store. I thought nothing was in it then all of a sudden I saw two yellow eyes staring at me! It purred and said, “Ahh, I’ve been waiting for dinner.” I screamed and left a couple pellets on the floor.

I asked it, “wh-wh-what’s your name?” in a whisper

“My name is Guinevere. Why are you here?”

“Well the people that live here bought me. I was just trying to find some friends and I was wondering if you would be my friend.”

“Hmm… I guess I could. There’s nobody else around here to play with.”

So I wandered on until I found a big tall plank of wood. I couldn’t get around it so I squeezed under it. In the room I found a big bed and climbed up onto it. There I found a young human resting. I found a comfy spot to lay by it and went to sleep.

The next morning I was awoken by the sound of a grown up ladies’ voice saying, “Harley wake, up its Christmas!” The next thing I knew the human flung off his sheet and sent me flying into the closet. Luckily there was something soft there to break my fall. About ten minutes later I heard a loud scream followed by the big human lady saying, “where did he go?!”

She was talking about me of course. They franticly tried to find me. They looked all day and still couldn’t find me. I tried to give them hints by saying, “I’m right here”, when they were close. I finally decided to be nice. I didn’t want to spoil their Christmas so I came out and went and found them. They were really excited and turned out to be really nice. They decided to name me Harry and this Christmas turned out to be Harley’s best Christmas ever. To this day I still live in the very nice cage they gave me and it turned out to be as cozy as it looked. Harley has gotten older but he is still my pal. I am happy to say we all lived happily ever after.

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