The Last Time Around

January 5, 2009
By Paul Kako, Milwaukee, WI

As I took that last shot with my friends, I began to remember the first time we moved here. These were the first people to make us feel welcomed.
“Man why did you dad have to get a job in Texas?” said my friend Pete.
“I know man I know, but we can still talk on the phone, but yeah it’s not going to be the same,” said I.
My brother James and I decided to go home, after saying good bye to our friends, and continue packing. That supper was the fist time we ate in silence. Everybody was still trying to take in the whole moving thing.
Finally Dad broke the silence by saying, “How about we drive around the block one more time before you guys finish packing?”
We all agreed to go around the block for the last time. As we drove around the block, we all shared old memories of things that happened to us.

“Remember when I rode my bike down death hill, and I did it,” said I
James replied with a laugh, “Yeah I remember it took you a couple trips to the hospital, but you did it.”
“Oh yeah I forgot about that,” I muttered.
Mom reminded us when dad caught on fire when he was barbecuing last summer.

“Very funny,” said Dad.
“Remember when the bee hive fell down, and James sprayed it with water,” I said with a chuckle.
“Hey, Devin that was not funny!” yelled James.
We than went home and continued packing. Eventually we got tired and all fell asleep. As we slept, we dreamed about all the good time we had in this neighborhood. We all woke to the sound of my dad’s voice.

“It’s moving day, everyone,” shouted Dad.
We all were excited about the new adventures that were awaiting us, and also sad about all the friends we were going to miss. I guess it all apart of growing up, but we all felt sad. This was where we grew up; we know everybody and everybody knows us.

“Is everybody packed because you guys know the truck will be here soon so James, Devin hurry up,” said Mom.

“Not yet, I have a couple more things I need to pack,” replied James.

“Well hurry up then James, and what about Devin,” said Mom.

“Umm I think……I did Mom, I answered.

“Well you should check son before we leave so we don’t have to come all the way back here,” replied Dad.
So James and I went up stairs to pack. My cell phone rang when I was putting a couple things in my suitcase. It was Billy my friend from up the street, who called to say good bye.

“Man I’m really going to miss all you guys,” I said.

“Yeah man I would come over and help you and James, but I got to go to work and you know you Kevin my boss is,” answered Billy.

“Where is your brother Tom?” I asked.

“He is still asleep do you want me to wake him up so you can talk to him?” said Billy.

“No its cool just tell him that me and James said bye and tell him never to give up on his dream as a circus clown,” I said with a chuckle.

“Well man I’m about to go I call you when you get there,” said Billy.

“All right man,” I said. “I hope you never change man.”
When I hanged up I went to my brother James room to talk.

“I wonder how it’s going to be like when we move to Texas,” asked James.

“I hope we meet someone new friends, I mean we lived here for so long all my childhood, all I know is here,” I replied.

“I’m going to miss Lake Michigan,” muttered James.

Yeah, I remember how you use to lose every time we would wrestle in the sand and remember that one time you threw that football at that lady?” I chuckled

“Don’t remind me, Mom had me write an apology letter not to mention I had to do that ladies yard work for two weeks,” reminded James.

“Yeah….I wonder if she gonna miss us?” said I.

“I know one person I am not going to miss…..Mrs. Sanchez aka crazy lady,” yelled James.

“Why?” I asked.

“Because she blamed me for throwing a baseball at window on purpose,” James replied.

“Bro, you did,” I said with a chuckle. “You said you saw a big spider, and you smashed it along the window,” I reminded.
We continued to share old times we lost track of time. We were interrupted by the sound of my Dad voice.

“The truck is here guys lets go,” shouted Dad.

“Oh snaps, we better hurry up” said I.

“Oh yeah, I almost forgot,” replied James.
So we quickly went and shoved everything into our bags. It now finally hit me that these are the last minutes I would be in this neighborhood. This is it. My friend Andy texted me telling me that the whole gang said bye and they would call me when I get down there. We finally finished packing and were ready to leave. As Dad packed the last box I reached down and picked up an old toy. It was very dusty. As I wiped it off it began to look familiar. I remembered it was one off my first toys I ever got. It was a little action figure. As I began to play with it, I remembered old adventures we use to have.

“Look what I found everybody,” I said

“That old thing where did you find that?” asked Dad.

“It was in the back of the closet,” I said.

“Well take it and let’s go,” replied Dad.
With a grin, I put it into my pocket and went to the car.

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