Haunted House

December 18, 2008
By kaden stephensen, Delta, UT

It was Danny Drake Kole and Badge and I. We were tricker treating on Halloween and we decided to go to a haunted house in St. George. We heard it was the scariest haunted house there ever was and we didn’t believe them so we walked down and got a drink of coke first. We got down to the haunted house and we were waiting in line. We got in and we were walking down a hall that had ghost pictures and long scary drapes hanging from the ceiling. Then a guy jumped out and said RAWR!! So we ran off and went to the next room. We open this old rotted up door and we walked in and three clowns started laughing chasing us with chain saws and they wouldn’t let us out so we used are football moves and plowed over them. The next room we walked in had foggy smoke rising up and you couldn’t see anything. Then three Texas chain saw massacres walked up and fired their chain saws up and started chasing us so we ran out to the next room. We opened the door and this room was even foggier we couldn’t see anything. AWWWW!! We fell down a hole and landed in a pool of foam. We felt something grabbing are feet so we started kicking them. They grabbed are feet and pulled us down this slide. We got on the ground and we got chased by four scream guys out of the building. There was this path through a forest and started walking down it. We heard some flapping so we started running it got closer and closer then we figured it was just a bat. We were back walking and we saw something in the distance just standing there then it move. Then it started coming after us with a silver machetti that was sparking in the distance. When it got close to us we ran towards it and juked it out and got past it. We started walking down the path and it led to this shop. We walked in and the lights were flickering with all the tools waving back and fourth. Then we saw a guy with a saw in his hand and started walking towards us so we started running and it got Badge so we had to leave him behind. We got out side where it was dark and couldn’t see any thing then a flock of bats flew over us. Then Chukie the doll came up behind us and got Kole and killed him. We were all in panic so we ran to try to get out the house but we couldn’t cause it was dark we couldn’t see and there were Dolls coming after us trying to grab us and kill us. Then they got Danny and we couldn’t see if they killed him or not. Me and Drake were the only ones left we didn’t know what to do so we started to run to get out of the house. We opened the next door it was dark with the lights flickering on and off. We tippy toed trying not to make and noise. Then we felt someone grab are shoulder we look back and saw a knife in their pocket. We hurried and grabbed it and killed them before they could kill us. And that was the last room so we were saved from the HAUNTED HOUSE.

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