December 18, 2008
By Aleigha Sculley, Littleton, CO

All these thoughts rushed in and out of my head, when I got the call. I gave the phone immediately. As I waited nervously to here the details. Their conversation was unexpectedly very quick. My mom told me to get out of her room, so she could make a couple phone calls.

I tried to ask her what was going on, but she stopped me mid-sentence telling me not to worry and she will tell me later. So I just walked down stairs with a kind of nervous and confused look on my face.

“What’s wrong my sister asked?”

“Grandma Opal is missing!”

“whoa, wait, what?” she replied in shock.

“I don’t know details, but gram; Grandma Opal’s daughter just called and said that she went over to grandma
Opal’s house after work today and she wasn’t their.”

So after that, my day and the rest of the week was filled with concern, my mom didn’t go to work. She was just on the computer and the phone all day; talking to who knows who.

Finally on Monday night of the week after that had happened she called us down stairs. “Kids, come down stairs, we need to talk!” Me and my sister knew what this was about, so we raced down the stairs waiting for my brother to catch up. “What mom?” I asked.

“Is this about grandma Opal?”


“Ok, ok what is it, what is going on?”

“well on August 22nd gram came home from work that day, grandma’s car was still their and her purse. But the front door was unlocked and her morning robe was gone also.”

“So, maybe she left with a friend.” I said, trying to cover up the pain putting less stressful thoughts in my head.

“well gram already talked to all of grandma’s friends and boyfriend they all had no idea what had happened to grandma. She wouldn’t walk anywhere either because well first of all she wouldn’t leave the door unlocked, and second of all it’s the end of summer in Las Vegas, Nevavda.

I didn’t get it. Why would somebody want my great grandmother? Yeah, she had money, but she wasn’t filthy rich. Everyone lover her, she had many friends, and a boyfriend. She went dancing every Saturday night, which once lead into 6:30 A.M. Sunday morning.

Why? This wasn’t possible to me! I couldn’t believe it, when was I going to wake up from this nightmare? So I just tried to think positive. We prayed every night for her.

Every day my mom made phone calls to all of these M.I.A (missing in action) places. She was like thousands of miles away from Vegas, that was all she could really do.

One day my mom pulled up a news website for Nevada. They first page was a video of Opal, my great grandmother. All it told us was what she did in her mean time like go gamboling, go to the movies, hang out with her friends and boyfriend, go dancing and on Sunday’s go to church. 71 year old Opal Parsons went missing August 22nd. It also have us a place to call if someone had a lead on her.

When I saw this add this is when it officially hit me; my spine cringed, my eyes felt like waterfalls of salt water rushing down my face. I didn’t get it, but what else was their to get besides the fact that there are missing posters of my grandmother all over down town Vegas, the strip, shopping centers, and in the news papers!

“Wow, she really was gone.” I thought to my self.

For the rest of the week I was determined they would find her, but who was they? A stupid search and rescue team? What were they going to do? Pull out their German Shepherds, and have them sniff around? Were they going to try to find any witnesses? Take some finger prints? Well yeah, but that wasn’t good enough! I want my Grandma! I want to be able to think about thanksgiving a week before, knowing she will be making her famous pies!

Whenever I saw a missing person’s add in the paper, yeah, I would feel grief, but I never thought it would actually happen to me! My own flesh and bloods photo in the paper: 71 year old, Opal Parsons; missing date: August 22nd It Just couldn’t be possible!

About 3 weeks later after the mysterious event accured, my mom got another phone call from my Gram. My mom hung up the phone with a little grin on her face, I Knew something right had to have happened. “Well some guy found Grandma’s wallet and I.D. at the top of a dumpster at Sam’s Town Casino.” Mom said

“That’s great!” I replyed

“Well yeah it is, but they still haven’t found her. They interviewed the person who found it, but he had no information that could help. All we know is that he is the one the found it.”

Ugh, I almost thought we had a lead on her! Well, maybe we still do. I hope.

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