Doorbell ditch

December 18, 2008
By David nielsen, Littlenton, CO

On and average morning woken up to the sun beaming in my eyes I thought to myself this day seemed different like the day was not goanna go as planed. After waking, taking a shower, brushing my teeth, and clothing myself I was ready for the day. To start my day off I ran down to Tristan’s house. He was my friend. As I arrived at Tristan’s he was raking leaves. LEAVES! Raking LEAVES!?!? When does Tristan rake leaves? Oh well so I helped him, as we finished we had 6 big plastic bags full of leaves and I devised a plan for what to do with the leaves. I told Tristan the plan and he was in.

We called up my brother Matt and told him the plan and he wanted in as our get away car. We told him to get the car and come down here and in a few minutes he was here. We loaded the bags into the care, we were ready to go! Driving thru the neighborhood, looking for the house to do it to. That was when I spotted the house it was perfect near the green belt. My brother drove to the end of the block stopped and we got out with a bag of leaves. Before we started walking we told Matt to meet us at the south end of the greenbelt exit. Tristan and I walked up to the house on to the porch Tristan pulled out his pocket knife and cut the bottom of the bag open so when he picks up the bag all the leaves will spill. Matt was ready, I was ready Tristan was ready and the bag was in place. “Ring the doorbell” Tristan said a second later we were running past the

side of his house and up the greenbelt, adrenaline pumping, sprinting down and taking a Right. When we got to the pick up spot Matt wasn’t there. After 10 minutes he still wasn’t there. Waiting on the grass for long enough we decided to head back, after a minute of walking we were back at the house we doorbell ditched with leave.

Our minds curious wondering if the bag is still there. I decided to go see if it was there, Dashing 20 feet so I can see the porch looking for the bag but not seeing it “Tristan the bags gone no leaves or bag” I said and I walked back to him. “Really?” asked Tristan as he got a strange face turned around and started running. I’m still clueless and looked back seeing a 30 year old guy tall, with a grey shirt, running right at us. I turned around and started running catching up with Tristan, as we reach the turn Tristan sprints and he’s gone no were to be seen. I turned the corner and saw it the small sports car that my brother was driving with the window down. “Start the car!” I yelled as Matt looked at me in shock. When I reached the car the guy was only 5 feet from me. Trying to open the locked door, the guy gets closer so I jumped thro the window and I looked back at the guy, as we drove off He’s looking at the license plate and got its number. On the drive home we found Tristan, He was ok. Two days after that day I got woken up by the doorbell when I opened the door it’s the cops.

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