December 4, 2008
By Joley Adler, New City, NY

“Have you ever seen a talking computer? What about real-life robot?
The coexistence of humans and technology has largely increased. Some people find it hard to believe, that robots truly exist. Believe it or not, they do. Humans who are extremely smart and maybe even geniuses have figured out how to build these automatons. These automatons are used in the homes of the wealthy to help serve, and raise the family. The robots are programmed to clean, and help the kids and parents with their work. For a free one week try call this number now! 1-800-MYROBOT.”

The Lewis family was sitting in their living room watching TV like the do every night when they saw the robot advertisement. The youngest of the three children, Hannah saw the robot and started screaming. “MOMMY, DADDY, I WANT THAT!!!!” The other two children Blake, and Tyler agreed. Mr. and Mrs. Lewis weren’t sure that it would be a good idea; they didn’t know all the details about the robot so they decided to call. Hannah ran a grabbed the phone and brought it over to her parents. They called, someone answered the phone, and Mr. Lewis dropped the phone in shock. His mouth hung wide open.

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Matt T said...
on Jan. 14 2009 at 9:50 pm
I like the cliff hanger at the very end. Although it was terse, it did not make it a bad story. If you continue, I wish you the best of luck. Although one thing, you said the word "automatons" with one word seperating the two. This was very repetive and almost diswaded me from finish the tiny work. 4 stars (Check out my story, several articles to the right "The Giver Ch:24" written by the same name


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