What's Left

November 25, 2008
By paul page, Holbrook, MA

What is left

From the memories that we had is there


Well at least anything worse saving

The whole the tears

The hate the lies

The pain that we felt

The mountains we fell from

What does it mean

Unbearly tired

The restless night

The thoughts that conversate my head

Don't leave

They won't leave

And when you say "good bye I hate you"

We know it means "Don't stop cause I won't"

I took the hit

I outlasted my head my world

I couldn't

I put forth my life I gave it to you

I wanted you to have it

You couldn't see that

Here I am

There you are

Times up

Games over

Hit the Restart button

Cause I can't

The author's comments:
um its was just a random piece of thought i wrote sorry if it makes no sense

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