Haunted House

November 18, 2008
By Cassie Erickson, Delta, UT

One Halloween night my friends and I decided to go to a haunted house. There were five of us Me, Keelie, CheyAnne, Kelsey, and Charla. We all loved haunted houses but all got scared very easily, just thinking about haunted houses gives me cold chills sometimes. We are all 13 or 14 so we go without any parents of course that would be embarrassing.

We have gone to the same haunted house every year 4 years in a row and this year we decided we would go to this new one down town, we hear it is going to be even scarier than the one we normally go to. Little did we know it would be a night we would never forget.

It all started on Halloween night we were all getting ready to go trick of treating then head to the haunted house after it got dark. We hit a lot of houses and got quit a bit of candy but we were way excited for the haunted house!

The line for the haunted house was forever long but we heard it would be worth it so we stayed. It was an old house seemed like it was in the middle of no where and it was so dark you couldn’t see your hand in front of your face. The people were a little freaky looking not in a Halloween scary way but the type of people you see on the street that you tell yourself to not even make eye contact with. We all had a feeling something was going to go wrong but we were pretty sure that it was just butterflies being scared about going in the haunted house. We finally got to the entrance after what seemed like hours. The guy that opened the door stared at Charla a minute then opened the door to let us in. We all thought it was a little weird the way he was looking at her but of course we didn’t think much of it at the time. It was really dark inside and quiet, nothing had even happened yet and already I had cold chills running up my arm. It wasn’t like most haunted houses where they pop out and scare you and people dressed as clowns and jokers running around. It was quiet almost like there was no one in the place. When you walk in there is a long hall with doors after doors on each side. We didn’t know where to go and there was no one around to ask so we decided to start opening doors and hope we find where we are suppose to be.

The first door opened with a loud creak. It was dusty really dusty you could even smell it. There was furniture covered with white cloaks, like the kind you see in old houses that the people have died and there no one living there. In the corner was a flickering light. But no sign of any people.

The second room we went in was a bedroom of what looked like to be a teenage girl’s room. The walls were a faded pink with cob webs hanging from them. There was a yellow blanket on the bed that was dusty and had a big C sewed into it. Then a picture frame. It had a picture of a girl with long blond hair. Surprisingly she looked a lot like Charla.

The third room was what we guessed to be a parent’s room with a fancy bed and red velvet bed spread. That room was a little creepy so we left.

When we got back in the hall we finally saw someone. It was the man that opened the door. We stopped him and asked him where everyone was. Staring at Charla again he pointed to a room and walked away without saying a word.

We opened the door to the room he pointed to there was another small group about the size of ours. At first they just looked at us and then started walking over. They said “Don’t you think this house is just a little strange?” We answered “Yes there no one around and everything is quiet.” Right then they made a statement that now we regret not listening to. “I think something bad is going to happen it seems like a set up something seems fishy and we are leaving.” We tried to hold back our laughs as we said. “Ok have a nice Halloween see you later.” We thought they were so weird for leaving just because things seemed a little weird I mean come on it is a haunted house isn’t that what it is suppose to be like?

We figured everyone else had left too. Except that man we didn’t run into anyone else that night, that I can remember.

The fifth room we went in was a bathroom. It was a different bathroom not to mention the tab water was running and what looked like a bloody knife was in there but it’s a haunted house we THOUGHT it was fake.

The thing that happened next was the start of a night we would never forget. As we closed the door to one of the rooms that man, I knew there was something about that man. He reached out and grabbed Charla first we screamed figuring he would let go thinking he was just kidding trying to scare us. But he didn’t he kept a hold of her trying to take her out of the room. He whispered something in her ear and after that she started squirming and trying to get away then kicking and even biting. We tried to help her finally she got out and we all went running trying to get out. There were so many doors we couldn’t remember how to get out so we jumped in the next room we saw and hid under a bed in there. As he opened the door and was walking in we covered our mouths so the slightest sound of us breathing wouldn’t even be heard. As we watched his feet walk across the room then walk out closing the door behind him. We all slowly crawled out from the beds and walked very slow to the door. Charla cracked open the door just a little bit to see if he was there. All the sudden a hand his hand grabbed the door and swung it opened. We all screamed and ran to the corner trying to find things to protect us with as I reached for a glass bowl he put a knife up to Charla’s neck. She started to cry and asked what he wanted from her and he just breathed harder. Finally I discovered a door to another room checked and saw it was unlocked I whispered to the rest and I smacked the bowl over his head as he released Charla and fell to the floor. We all sprinted to the next room with counting I think it was about the 10 room we had been in that night. We locked the door and quickly looked for somewhere to hide.

We decided we needed to try and get out of the house so we opened the door and started running as fast as we could in the direction we thought was the way out. All of a sudden someone grabbed my leg and I fell to the floor and I was being dragged screaming and yelling for help. We tried to help Charla but by the time we looked back we weren’t sure what room he took her in. We decided to go out and get help. We finally found our way out and got in the car and drove to the police station. When we got there and told the police the story at first they didn’t believe us but agreed to go check it out. We waited in the police car as 4 police men went in and searched the house. They came out but without Charla or the man. They said they didn’t find anything. We went in looking again every weekend sense looking for her but never found her. Every Halloween we drive by that house hoping for a sign of her but she was never found

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