The Necromancer

December 15, 2008
I see... skulls... "where... where am I? [menacing laugh] "Why my dear, you are in the boney hill's shack's labyrinth."
"N-no... can't be... you of all can't be the necromancer..." "Oh but I am!" "You are in the labyrinth, and
my minions have surrounded you!" "Nooo- uh... that... hurt... help me!" "Oh are you talking about that werewolf... oh I have
taken care of him." "N-no... the... that’s impossible." "So are you done yet... my little,
Terana." "No, I’m not done yet, Argont!" [crash] [bang] [bones breaking] [wall
smashing open] [loud howl] "Naeling!" "Terana! , I thought you were dead!" "I thought
he'd trapped you,.. and killed you... Naeling..." "How touching, a reunion! But this reunion
is going to end... with a bang!" "You and your tricks, and riddles Argont!" "Give up,
and we wont hurt you... too much!" "I wont be hurting at all, but you will be in a world
of hurt once I’m done with you!"

Naeling howled, then leapt, to tackle Argont, but Argont muttered one word, and then-
[bones picking themselves up] -one-hundred skeletons appeared. Naeling smashed into two
skeletons while Terana started muttering something. All of the sudden two grabbed Naeling.
Terana cried out the last word, and a bolt of lightning struck one... two... three... four...
five... fifty... one-hundred skeletons. Nothing but ash were left of the skeletons.
Naeling took this opportunity, grabbed one of his captors, and swung it around like a club,
knocking skeletons through the air. Argont said something [boom]... Terana suddenly cried
out two words. Naeling and terana had a giant bubble surrounding them. Then outside the
bubble they saw hundreds of skeletons blowing up, and argont in his own bubble. Then his
bubble collapsed, the exploding stopped and all went quiet...


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Grand Pa John said...
Jan. 29, 2009 at 2:19 pm
John I'm veary proud of you
keep up your writing !!
love ya Grand Pa John
grandma said...
Jan. 29, 2009 at 1:34 pm
I loved it.
What a great imagination.
Where do you come up with stories like this??????
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