The Castle

January 5, 2009
By LelaLethal SILVER, New Bern, North Carolina
LelaLethal SILVER, New Bern, North Carolina
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She screamed as they dragged her out of the dark castle. All she could hear was the shuffle of feet and her heart stopping screams. She grabbed trying to find something, anything to hold onto, but there was nothing but the gravel and dirt under her face. As she slowly realized this was the end, she stopped screaming, and began to sing. Even as they lied her down and started ripping at her knee caps, slowly pulling the skin away from the bone. She refused to scream and just kept singing. Her last breath ended the word “death”.

Three months after the incident three girls and five boys went to visit, the so-called haunted castle. It was tough getting there; the roads were bumpy and close to the cliffs. When they got there they all went to knock on the door, yet as they were about to knock the door flung open and a short man in a tux came out. He pointed out their rooms and left them for the night, but he warned them not to venture the castle after dark. As they all went to bed, the youngest girl, Delilah, being only 17, was curious and was going to venture anyway.

It was quiet around midnight perfect time to leave the room. As she walked threw the corridors, she couldn’t help but feeling like someone was following. She whispered for the person to show themselves. She screamed as the black figure creeped out of the corner. Her screams filled the castle but no one could hear, as if all in a trance.

The next morning no one could find her as if she disappeared. No one seemed to notice the small blood stains on the library’s floor. But two of the boys decide to look around just to see if she’s playing a twisted game. They went around yelling her name and saying that the game had gone to far. Soon after they started looking they split up. Tony heard a noise in the west corridor and had to look. As he walked in the door closed. The faint light cast shadows on the floor. And all he could see was a human figure at the far corner. Walking towards it, whispering Delilah's name, it did not move and when he touched it he knew it was unhuman. As this demon-like figure turned around he couldn’t help but scream. And somehow Anthony heard him. Anthony ran to Rob’s room and hid in the corner. Rob didn’t have to ask, he just knew somehow. Anthony whispered Tony’s name. And Rob blacked out. They had to leave the castle.

The next morning they all packed and only Rob and Anthony really knew what was going on. It was 5:00 when they tried to leave, an hour before dark, and as they tried to open the door it would not move. And they knew they were all doomed.

Going back to the rooms they all feared whatever that thing was. Anthony could barely breath. As he fell to sleep on the floor the doorknob moved and he whispered asking was Rob. As the figure slid across the room Anthony’s heart raced and he screamed his final breath away. All that was left was the bloodstains leading to the middle of the hall then vanishing.

Jamie and Kristen were huddle in a corner unaware of what is causing all this terror. As for Gene and Criss they lay in bed asleep not knowing, not caring about the demon creature lurking around them. Since Jamie and Gene had been going out, they decide if they die they will be together. So they go looking for this creature. Beside Gene thought he could beat whatever it was.

As they look around for this thing, Gene hears something and tells Jamie to stay put. Suddenly Gene hears a scream, and it belonged to Jamie. He ran out of the room but no one is there. And the only thing he could hear was someone singing as he ran to find Criss and Rob.

Criss and Rob were in the courtyard with Kristen when the heard Gene’s fatal scream. As they ran to find him all they could see was him on the floor bleeding and crying for help. Criss couldn’t help, whatever it was, was pulling him underground, never to be seen again. Kristen fell to the floor crying and cursing at god.

They had to get out, no one knew how, but it had to be soon. Kristen still weeping made a brave suggestion, whatever this thing was it had to die, so they could leave, so they could be free. And the guys agreed.

The next day Kristen was in the courtyard digging up flowers as reminders of the dead friends. When she found it. It was a crumbled up piece of paper. It read, “the light beats the dark, the fired love beats the iced heart, and it will be stopped”. Kristen, not being the brightest, couldn't tell what it meant. So she brought it to Criss. And Criss knew.

He said, the light would beat it. They had to get matches flash lights and any thing that could be set on fire. They spent all day finding these materials. They were going to trap it. But they would have to use Kristen as bate.

That night Kristen left her door wide open and sat in corner. As it turned 12:00 she felt as if the world stop turning and a demon like shadow entered the room. As it drew near she started to sing the same song the girl had song before. As Kristen ended the word “death” and the creature was hovering over her, fire was everywhere, thanks to the boys, and she caught a look at its face. What a pitiful look it wore. It seemed to be in a great depression and needed others to feel its pain, rejection, humiliation and loneliness. And as it faded and color restored to the castle, she knew it was gone. Criss and Rob ran to her and as she whispered she was okay, a single tear fell down her check, knowing how the creature could never be sorry for the pain caused just haunted her and she would never be the same.

Two years after the accident no one visited the castle, it was forbidden. But the monsters face will haunt Kristen forever. Criss and Rob found that writing a book on the terror of the castle could make a lot of money, but Kristen refused to take her share of the money, knowing the demon could never hurt another person was everything she needed to keep on.

Though Kristen died on her 57th birthday, that face, it haunted her for most of her life. Criss died when he was 59, on his private plane, and all his money went to Rob. Rob died when 61 of suicide, I guess being without his friends just made life worse. No one goes to the castle anymore but some say they hear about three females and around five males singing when they stand outside the castle walls as if all in pain, as if all in a trance.

The author's comments:
I wrote this years ago. I just found it, and thought if anyone would think it was any good. Let me know.

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melinda13 said...
on Jan. 10 2009 at 3:52 pm
Lela, this story was awesome! It made my heart beat faster. Keep writing!

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