Who's There

January 5, 2009
The intercom comes on, “team three report to Tim’s office”. I was ready to be called for a job. “Today we are taking down a group of gang members that have enough guns to go to war with a small country. Their name is the Yellow Grapes, and they’re from the south side. Don’t worry about there be a lot of them because there are only about ten to fifteen. This has been confirmed by our detectives. You have to be ready for anything when you enter that building. It will be hard but we can do it.”
We load into the truck silent like we were on our way to a funeral. The funeral was all of ours. “I wasn’t thinking we were going to go and get this group of lunatics,” said Floyd. “Didn’t we lose a team to them,” asked Nick. “No, don’t worry, we can do this,” I responded. I was trying to show no fear to keep them together.
We arrive at the building at about eight o’clock at night. You can see the sweat on their heads from a long, nervous ride. This block was quiet only one person in sight. We looked like kids in the car before we get dropped off to the mean old lady daycare.
“It’s time,” yelled Tim. We exit from the back of the truck into an old three-story building. “You four take the stairs, we’ll take the elevator,” commanded Tim. “Follow me”, I yelled. Creating no way for them to escape.
After the second flight of stairs on the walkie-talkie it seem like someone was trying to say something. “tit tit tit tit tit tit tit tit tit (gunshots)”, screamed on the walkie-talkie. “Hurry, let’s go”, I yelled. “What’s going on up there”, one guy yelled.
We sped up to get to the third floor only to find Tim and everyone else down. I was second in command, so I had to take charge. I glance down the hall as I called for back up. There was one room with the lights on, the rest seem to be powerless.
We regroup and start down the dark hall. As I started down the hall and Jordan was behind us still looking at Tim. “Come on”, I whispered. Then Tim cries, “No”. As we turn around to look simultaneously we receive fire from the room with the light. Down goes Jordan as he tried to get in a room.
I turned to look behind me as we hide only to find that there are three of us left. I look to check our surrounding for a clear opening. There is no one there and I called this mission is off. “We have to leave”, I whisper. “Hold on for little while I’ll be right back.” I checked the hallway for them. I checked the room with the light. There was no one in sight. I went back to room and get my team. The look on their face could be described in a million words. We were ready to go. “We made it, let’s get out of here,” I said with confidence. We ran for the stairs door to find the back of a rifle to my face. I doze off to gunshots and yelling.
“Johnson”, yelled an officer. When I woke up in the hospital. I was bleeding a river that never ends. “What went on up there”, the officer demanded. At that point I can see him clearly. “Uhh”, I moaned. The pain stop me and I clichéd my teeth. “What went on up there”, the officer demanded again. Seeing him get upset I tried again. “They….”, I whispered. My chest started to scream. I started to breathe harder and harder and shorter and shorter. “Johnson, doctor, someone hurry,” yelled the officer.
“Bbbbbbbbbbeeeeeeeeepppppppppppppp,” alerted the monitor.

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