Family Rivals

January 5, 2009
By Anonymous

“Steeerike three! You’re out,” shouted the umpire.

“Whaattt!” screamed John.

“I said your out.”

“Haha! Told you we’d win the championship,” Jimmy teased John. And that’s how it all started.

John, Jimmy, and Kevin were at the baseball field. John and Jimmy were brothers, John was the older brother. He could never beat Jimmy in baseball but, he could beat him in any other sport. Baseball was John’s favorite sport and his younger brother was better than him at it. Everyone made fun of john for it, even his best friend Kevin sometimes made a little joke out of it.
One day at school everyone just decided to make fun of me. On my way home I was really encouraged to get better at baseball. I started collecting baseball cards to show that I was interested. I got an old Hank Aaron card later that day and I held it and my body started vibrating the next thing I knew I was in 1938 with Hank Aaron, in Philadelphia. I couldn’t believe it. I could travel through time with a baseball card. The first thing that came to my mind was how would I get back to my time. I wondered if I could…

Hank interrupted my thought, “Were did you come from”

“I’m from the future. Oops.”


“I can travel through time with baseball cards.”

“Prove it.”

“I don’t know how.”


“Do you have any tips on baseball?”

“Yea. Keep your eye on the ball”
I thought about how to get back to my time. I wished really really hard. Boom I was back to my house.
“Wait a minute,” I said
What if I could go back in time and ask all the great players to tell me a tip? Then I would be great at baseball and I could beat my brother. I rushed out of the front door, down the street, took a left at the first light, took a right half a mile later, and ran into Bob’s Cards that was the name of a baseball card store.
I quickly asked, “Do you have a Babe Ruth card?”
“Yes I believe we do,” answered the manager.
“Can I hold it?”
Then right there in the store my body started vibrating. The next thing I knew I was in Babe Ruth’s hotel room. He came out of the bathroom and jumped.
“Whoa,” Babe said as he jumped away like a kangaroo.
“What? I was just wondering if you had any baseball tips.”
“Oh. I have many tips,” Babe said.
Babe gave me sooooooo many tips. He gave me tips on hitting like: keep your hands relaxed when you swing, some tips on pitching like: know were you are going to pitch it, and tips a fielding like: get down on one knee to field a grounder.
“I better get going now. Cya,”
“Cya,” said Babe.
When I got home I asked my brother if he wanted to play me in baseball. He said he would but, he didn’t know I had a few tricks up my sleeve.
“I’ll kill you John. You know I’m better,” Jimmy said.
“We’ll see.”
I invited everyone to come and watch so, that they won’t make fun of me when I beat Jimmy. We only played three innings but, I won 6-0. After that game nobody ever made fun of me again.

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