I love you, but i'll never stay

January 3, 2009
By Autumn Kessock BRONZE, Virginia Becah, Virginia
Autumn Kessock BRONZE, Virginia Becah, Virginia
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How do you know when it's love? Can you feel it? In your heart, your bones? Or is it that one feeling, the one as your ribs are cracking inside you, that you feel? whenever you hear, "I'm sorry" will it mean something? or will it mean nothing because they've already done this before and you know another episode is hurting to happen? How do you know when "this is really it?" when they push you away, and tell you not to cry as they break your heart? will you cry when they tell you that your heart and theirs no longer beat the same? when they tell you that you're simply "wasting their time" or when they tell you "i love you" while you're having a late night converation what about after they've already left? will you still think about them? yes. you will, you will lie awake at night and in agony let the tears fall through your broken eyes through your broken heart and you'll miss them, like nothing else. I promise you'll miss us.

The author's comments:
just random thoughts going through my head. a question left unanswered.

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