January 2, 2009
By Kelsey Brewster, Newfield, NY

"Dear Lord, please don't let Caleb mess this up," I prayed.

My arms moved, but it wasn't me controlling the motion. The controller, Caleb, snorted at me. "What do you mean 'don't let Caleb'? I always get this right. It should be 'don't let CiCi'!" he complained. He shook his head as he poured one chemical into the other.

I rolled my eyes. "When will this crazy assignment ever be over?" I asked and then changed my mind, "don't answer that!" There was really no point to answering, we both knew what the outcome would be if we tried.

Caleb was a soul that had been taken out of his body and put into mine. We were a sort of scientific/phycological experiment. Caleb could talk to me in my mind and I could reply, we were connected. The only way we could be seperated is if we proved to the heads of the experiment that we couldn't stand to be together. If we did that though, then for the rest of the world it would be utter chaos. We were two of the greatest teenage scientists and that was why we were chosen. They decided that to do this experiment the best way to do it would have to be the worst way. This meant that bringing the two most opposite people they could find together, and if it worked out, it would prove that the human race could live on. Teenagers were the most moody, so they would have to do for the head scientists. Adults couldn't even examine us without our help. We were the only ones who could see how we were bonded.

"Caleb, why did they have to pick us? There are other scientists," I asked as his mind controlled my body.

"You know the answer," he said and grimaced. He didn't like talking about this.

I looked toward the window. "It's still unreal though that anything could have been good before all this," I sighed.

He felt the turmoil in my head. "Okay CiCi, we can take a break. It needs to sit anyway."

"Thanks Caleb," I said talking control of my feet and walking to the window. I looked through my eyes as he did the same.

What use to be my world was unrecognizable now. Nobody walked on the streets and if they did, it was to bring pain to somebody else. This world was evil. The worst of the humans had taken over.

Evil was what this experiment revolved around. It needed to be rid of and we needed humans to remember what compassion was. Me and Caleb were both young when it used to be good, but even then it was bad they tell us. We were still innocent then and we now had to somehow find that emotion. The only thing out there anymore was greed, hate, and temptations. Then again temptation couldn't exist because nobody knew right from wrong. We only had an idea of that sort from an old movie we watched.

Caleb was following my thoughts. "Is this hopeless CiCi?" he asked.

I looked around the new terrifying world. "I hope not. I keep looking for the compassion and sacrifice we hear about. They say that me and you are starting to form a bond that has to do with love, like friendship or something," I told him. We didn't know what either were. Where we came from people kept their distance. If love was what I felt for Caleb, I was wary.

He scanned the streets desperately. Nothing was possible here. Caleb and I were only starting to make progress. Even the thoughts of sympathy I had were new. We both fought and screamed when we heard what they were going to do with us. We didn't want a thing to do with anybody. I didn't want to share my body and he didn't want to give up his. We were all filled with hate. Eventually though, the scientists talked us into it by showing us how life use to be. Us and some others were all fighting against the world to find each other who still knew the meaning of love.

"CiCi!" he said interrupting my thoughts.

I moved myself over to what he was seeing. In the middle of the road a lost little girl, about the age of five, was wandering. Nothing different at all, the little girl was innocent, the rest of the world didn't give a damn about her. Caleb was still staring at her intently and then I saw what caught his eye. There was a guy back on the curb.

Anything could happen, but mostly likely it was going to end in her death after a long torture. Then I saw his face. I had never seen this expression before, but there wasn't a trace of hatred in it. His eyes were wide and frozen and his mouth was in the shape of an "o". He looked scared, but for what I didn't know.

The little girl screamed, causing me to look back at her just as the man jumped on top of her. Then he shot up and rolled her out of the way right where a speeding car would have hit her.

Me and Caleb both gasped in my voice at the unexpected act. The man then picked up the girl and kissed her on the forehead before hugging her tight. She wept in his arms as he looked up to us. Another facial expression passed before I recognized it as a smile. Another thing I rarely saw.

Caleb and I looked out at him through our eyes and smiled at the first sight of hope that maybe this world could change.

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