till death do us part

January 2, 2009
“Ow, ya know, you’re not bad for a nineteen year old, sis.” Tristan’s face resembled defeat.
“I know. If I wasn’t good then my name wouldn’t be Trinity, and I probably wouldn’t be as experienced as I am.”
It’s a good thing I’m so good at kicking butt, cuz otherwise I probably wouldn’t be the girl for the job, I thought, but I can’t tell Tristan. I have to make it an easy, clean, break, just in case something happens to me. My eyes shifted, as he turned to call it a day.

“I’m tired.” he complained. “I can’t believe my little sister beat me again.”

“Get used to it,” I sighed “cuz with your old lady moves, I don’t see you winning anytime soon.” I regretted saying it the minute the words left my mouth.

“You’re on! I’m gonna slaughter the princess!”

“Keep dreaming.” The bitterness rang in my voice. He knows my dreams are not made of fairytales, nor is my current life. It was an intended insult. My eyes rolled into the back of my head.

“Ya, ya, I know. You’re not a pretty in pink, save me from the bad guy kind of girl. We know, you’re a warrior, the kind of girl who kicks serious butt. We know. You crave danger, and any man that tries to help you will be dismembered. We get it, but it still would be nice to beat you for once.”

“You’re right. Those kinds of princesses make me want to punch ducks. And it’s good to have dreams, bro.”

My bathtub was hot, filled with steaming water like a summer day in a hot tub. It was nice. My friend Lillian, a beautiful star, entered my room with no noise at all. I knew she was there to give me the dirt on my job. Her purple eyes looked solemn, I was afraid she was about to tell me something horrible, but little did I know, she had a lot more than that to tell me.

“Trinity, you must leave Zaltua at once, you must go to earth now and arrive there by nightfall.” Her shine was luminous and eclipsed the darkness in my room. Her long golden white hair wrapped around her with each syllable that left her mouth. Her voice was melodious and kind. Her light purple eyes reminded me of Lilacs, and her pale skin was almost as light as paper. I towel dried, dressed into my favorite black leather attire, grabbed my swords, some knives, and my flying saucer blade, and of course, my trusty noble steed, Trophy. My heart began to beat faster as I packed my clothes for my journey. I ran to the throne room, which is where my father was sitting. The Blue hues of the chair brought out his glimmering wise eyes. He was pleased to hear about my mission, but gave me the responsibility speech anyway; yes even the one a daughter does not want to have with her father. After the embarrassing speech, I walked out of the throne room to find a pluton crying in the hall.
“What’s the matter?”
“I just cannot get over the fact that those stupid astronomists told everyone that Pluto was not a planet. How do they know? I mean, I live there. It’s a planet to me.”

“I know what you mean. I’m sorry. If I meet an astronomist while I’m on Earth, I will let him have it, for your people.”

“Thank you Princess Trinity.”

“Just Trinity, please.”

“What are you going to earth for?”

“Well, I don’t know yet.”

“Good Luck.”

The tears of the Pluton had made me anxious to get away from home. But leaving Tristan, I thought, I was sorry to without saying goodbye, but he’s the most important thing to me, if something were to happen to me on earth, it would be easier for him to just move on, with a clean break.
When I got to earth, Trophy and I sat without a sound on a grassed meadow, and we waited for the Lillian to come with directions. I thought about what a star looked like to a human, I had the example right in the sky if I just looked up. Yep, to the human eye, I thought, it just looks like a giant ball of gas, which must be where those stupid astronomers got the idea of a star being made of gas. To my people we see stars as they really are, beautiful creatures, who walk and talk, much like a human, only brighter and much prettier. These poor humans don’t know the slightest thing about other galaxies or planets.
My eyes were shut tight imagining how clueless people really were, and what they would do if they saw a real star. I heard a noise, not a loud noise in relation to an elephant playing a trumpet, but a soft quiet noise like a fairy playing with leaves. The ground’s movement could be heard, and whatever it was, was not far. My eyes fluttered open and I was blinded by a light so bright it would give an ordinary human a severe headache. But I recognized the light at once, it was Lillian. The beautiful star, my friend, stood before me as my stunned body managed to lift itself off the meadow. She spoke to me, loud and clear, not out aloud, but in my head. She speaks firm, but soft, and kind.
“Hello again Trinity.” Her voice reminded me of home. “You are here because the stars have chosen a path for you. The stars have decided you are the only one who can save your planet from utter turmoil; there is a dangerous tribe in San Francisco, who is planning to attack Zaltua. This is not any ordinary tribe. They are vampires, bloodsuckers, who will not only kill or turn as many humans as possible, but will also take over your planet as soon as you are dead.”
“Are you asking me to kill all these vampires myself?” I asked.
“No, no of course not. You must find the leader Trinity, his name is Treon, and you must kill him. All of the other vampires who follow him, are connected to him mentally, therefore if you kill him, you kill them all. This will not be an easy task. You will run into obstacles you will not be expecting. And the decisions I fear will be hard to make. But the stars have agreed on you, because you are a brave warrior, and no one will be able to finish the job quite like you. If you are bitten, you must drink this within the first 15 minutes of your biting.” She handed me a green vile. “It will save your life. If you fail to kill Treon, your planet will be hopeless. Be careful young Trinity. Help will be given whenever you are in need, wherever you are, just call my name and someone or something will be sent to help you.”
“I won’t need help.” I felt ashamed for snarling at my friend, but she knew that I would never accept the help offered.
“I sense that in this journey you might. I must be leaving I have told you all that I can for the moment. But before I go, your brother wanted me to give this to you, for good luck.” She handed me an envelope and winked. “By the way, he’s a little upset with you for not saying goodbye.”
With these words I felt my heart sink, I didn’t mean to hurt him, I thought.

She looked away, then back at the envelope, then back at me. “I read the letter.” Her weak smile made me giggle.

“I will see you soon my friend.” I hug her goodbye

“And I, you.”

“Wait, one tiny question, um . . . where am I?”

She laughed her melodious laugh “You are in San Francisco, and you are to meet Treon in the Golden Gate Park at 12:00 am in a week’s time. Oh, and Trinity, he knows that your in town. Good Luck.”

“Thank you, for everything.” I said, and turned in search of a hotel room.

I decided to take another bath when I checked into my hotel, fencing, riding, and finding out your fate all in one day is very tiring, and defiantly calls for some serious relaxation. It is also mid November in San Francisco, so it’s a little bit chilly. I draw the water, only to find that the water is about as warm as day old tea. Besides, the bubbles are lame. There is no color to them whatsoever. Earth people really need to get out more. It’s a good thing that they smell good, because otherwise the manager of the hotel and I would have some technical difficulties. So I make the bath quick. 15 minutes max time. As I get out I wrapped a yellow towel around my drenched body.

The annoying ring of the phone sounds throughout my room, which I thought was odd, because I didn’t have any earth friends yet. I picked up the phone and sugar coated my voice to answer “yes?”

“We have a phone call for Ms. Trinity Gomez.” The fake last name caught me off guard for a moment but then I remembered that I had to use a fake last name.

“Um . . . yes. Send the call up.”

“Yes mame.”

“Hello Trinity.”

“Who is this?”

“A very close watcher. An admirer I suppose.”

“Um . . . yea, that’s not creepy . . . What do you want, and how do you know who I am? My voice was no longer sugarcoated.

“I want to let you know that the one you seek to kill already knows that you are here. And he will be ready to fight you when you show up at the park. How I know who you are doesn’t matter, besides in a few days, this whole thing will be over, for someone.”

“O.K. listen you pompous, overblown, fluffy headed bimbo, I don’t know what you’re talking about, and even if I did, a job is a job, and I don’t intend to fail. I have never lost a battle in my life, it’s true, ask my brother, I always win, which is a misfortune for him that he has had to live with his entire life. And if you think for a micro second that I will loose this battle, then you are sadly mistaken, because I would rather slide down a rail of razor blades and stick my bottom in turpentine, then loose a battle to a bunch of blood-sucking, parasites, like you.”

“You have many issues my friend, besides, what is your definition of loosing, I mean, we wouldn’t kill you, you’re much too valuable for that, they would just want to turn you.”
“First of all, I have more issues then the New York Times you don’t know the half of them. Next, once again with the turpentine, I will not join you, joining you is somewhere in the category of loosing for me. And “Friend” is pushing it. I might consider acquaintance, but even that is a gray area.”
“Listen Love,” he laughed with a hint of Australian accent, “joining us would be the least of your troubles.”
Hanging on his melodious laugh I realized that his laugh sounded so beautiful, almost like a wooden flute singing to a young faun in the middle of winter. I assumed I hadn’t noticed how beautiful his voice was, because I was too angry to realize it, however, it too sounded like a soft mesmerizing instrument.

“My troubles are no concern of yours, sir,” I said taking the slight edge off my tone, “I will take care of myself, and I do not wish to join you, I would rather kill you all, and go back home.”

“Yes, well, let me know how that works out for you, Love. I look forward to hearing all about it; by the way, you look beautiful tonight.”

“Um . . . I’m in a towel—“

“I know”

“O.K. listen to me you fruitcake, I want some answers, and I want them now, starting with a name, not just any name, I want your name.”

“Tido, my name is Tido.” His voice was masculine, but soft.

“Alright, now that we’re on the same page of names, I wanna know if you called to help me, or to kill me.”

“I want to help”

“I don’t see that happening, I—“

The window ripped open, the wind blew cold chills up and down my spine. And there a man stood in all black attire, handsome as can be in front of my towel clothed body. His black hair whipped with the wind and I felt all the air leave my body.

“Lets end the phone convo Love, don’t want to waste all your money.” A small smile spread across his spectacular face.

“T . . . T . . . Tido?”

He nodded his amazing head.

He’s the most beautiful creature I’ve ever seen, I thought. Where are men like this made? In a factory? Just think of that, the man factory, factory where they make splendidly scrumptious, gorgeous looking men! Wahoo! His eyes are like fog rolling over a battlefield, they were filled with knowledge and experience, his lips are a little pale with a slight hint of pink, they look plump, I wonder what he would do if I just leaned in a little—

“Um . . .Trinity? What are you doing?”

My eyes yanked open, and the blood ran to my cheeks. I gave an embarrassed chuckle. “I was just imagining the route you took to get here. You appeared rather quickly.”

“It’s bad for your health to lie, it speeds up your heart rate to unbearable speeds, it’s really unhealthy, and if you’re still wondering I flew.”

“Who says I’m lying?”

“I’m a vampire, remember? I can hear your heartbeat, and your blood flowing, I can even hear your breathing from about 10 miles away, if I target you, and wanted to hear only you. It’s pretty nifty.”

“So then do you know what I was really thinking?” panic rising in my voice.

“In due time Love, in due time.”

What could that possibly mean? I wondered. Does it mean he knows what I was thinking and he’ll tell me later, or that he was too embarrassed to say? Or does it mean that maybe soon I too will be able to hear the thoughts of others once I am turned into a vampire, or could it possibly just be a way of changing the subject for him.

“Is that a threat?” I asked, taking door number 2.

“No Love, it just means I don’t think it would be an appropriate topic at the moment to discuss. Now put some clothes on, we’re going out to eat.”

“I don’t exactly Wine and Dine with vampires.”

“I have a feeling you wouldn’t be any safer with a human at the moment. I won’t hurt you, I promise.”

Realizing he was probably right, I agreed, and I trusted him, I didn’t know why, but there was something there that made me want to follow him, where ever he went.

The street lights beamed. He wanted to take my to a place called Applebee’s. It didn’t sound very appealing to me, but I went a long, and decided it was alright. The seats filled the area with that rubber being rubbed sound when we sat down. When my tasty hamburger and heaven sent onion rings arrived, the curiosity had risen on my face.

“I don’t eat human food,” he answered to my expression. “I don’t eat human either.” Almost as if he could read my thoughts.

“Oh, so then how do you eat?”

“I hunt animals and drink their blood, I refuse to eat or kill humans anymore.”

“Are your pants on fire, cuz I think you’re lying.”

“No.” he laughed “My pants are completely fire free. There is a select few of us who are not directly linked to Treon anymore. Many of us have been with him so long that we have found a way to break off the link, but we still pretend to be loyal, and what not while in his presence. I mean I still have that whole mentally connected thing, I mean I am still a vampire, ya know?”

“Ah, I see, so you have never tasted human blood.”

“Now wait a second, I didn’t say that, all I said was that I don’t anymore, I did at one time, but I no longer answer to Treon, and I’m my own man, well vampire.

I hung on the word man as a vision formed in my mind. What was he like a human? I wondered. He’s absolutely gorgeous, maybe as a human he was a model, or an actor, or even maybe in Play Girl. I felt the smile sweep across my face.

His laughter broke my smile, “I was none of those things.”

Dang it! I thought, I did it again. The blood ran away from my face this time.

“I was an astronomer, and a good one at that.”

All the images left my head. My grey eyes turned to an alarming black, the heat began to fill my body, my fists clenched into tight little balls, as my right hand lurched from my side, to his face. It felt good.

“Ow, what was that for? Here we were having a nice conversation and what, you just found it appealing to punch me? Why?”

“For the record, Pluto is a planet.”

“Right, well when you get paid to do science and look at the stars and statistics, let me know.”

“Excuse me Mr. I have to be right about everything, if it’s not too much to point out, I LIVE UP THERE!”

“Oh, yea . . . well, not to be rude, but why do you care, you don’t even live there on that planet, at least I don’t think you do. You don’t look like a Pluton to me.” His sarcastic half smile swept across his pale face.

“You try having Pluton saltify your doorstep for a week, its gross, it solidifies when they cry then my servants have to shovel it out and well, it’s not any fun for anyone.”

“Yes, well, if you make it back, tell them from your astronomer friend, we do apologize.”

“You mean, when I make it back, and I will, friend.”

“Ah, I’m officially a friend now?” My smile was uncontrollable, while his was irresistible. “Ready to go back?”


“No, Love, your hotel room?”

“Oh, right, let’s roll.”

We had arrived at the Best Western Hotel, and my left hand was around the dripping golden handle, but I was stopped. His icy, pale hands wrapped themselves around my waist and I saw the wet ground begin to leave my feet. Before I could speak, we were in my warm hotel room.

“You do that often, or just when your trying to be impressive?” I asked.

“Did it work?”

“Only kinda.”

“Kinda, is better than not at all, I must leave now, I can’t make my disappearance to obvious to Treon. See you tomorrow?”

“Can vampires walk in daylight?”

“Would I offer if I couldn’t? I’ll see you in the morning, it’ll almost be as if I never left.” He walked towards me slowly, I could feel my heart almost leap out of my chest, and his lips touched my forehead. “Night Love. Don’t forget to read that letter from your brother.”

“Kay, Night.” I yawned.

“For the record, I really do want to help you.”

“I kinda had a feeling.”

He beamed a toothy grin, and swept out of my room with only a whooshing sound of his cape. My fingers glided over the black envelope Lillian had given me. My fingers unfolded the flaps and pulled out a red sheet of paper. It read:
My dearest sister Trinity,

It has come to my attention that the stars have assigned you a job. It was also mentioned that there is a large chance that you could die, and may not make it back. I feel it is necessary to inform you of your mistakes, the first one being that you left without saying goodbye to your best, oldest brother, and most noble fencing partner. I feel that I was the only member in the kingdom who was not informed of your journey and truly I was heartbroken. I mean even the Plutons knew about it. Also I feel that you did not bring your best choice of weapons, as it is a well known fact that you left your best sword here. The one sword that you commonly use to kick my behind in fencing, good ol’ Trixie. For the record Treon is powerful, he knows his stuff. I did some research on him; he will stop at nothing to turn you. He’s dangerous! All I’m saying is be careful. He’s like nothing you have ever been up against before. He can be manipulative and persuasive but whatever you do, don’t let him bite you! If I never see you again, I want you to know that I love you, and that as the next king in line, I will make sure, that everyone knows how brave you are now and always have been. Hey, Trinity, please try to come home to me safely. I love you.
Your Brother,

P.s. The paper I used, is packing paper, ask for Trixie.

The smile spread across my face as I thought of my older brother, and how much I would miss our daily fence over the next week. That thought was soon wiped from my memory as Tido’s soft flirtatious half smile swept across my mind. My head hit the pillow with a soft thud, and my eyes fluttered shut, his beautiful grey eyes were imprinted in my mind, and my breathing became lighter as I drifted off in sleep.

When I woke the next morning, I thought I was still asleep; once again those beautiful grey eyes were in my vision, only then did I realize it wasn’t a dream.


“Morning! You sound kinda groggy.”

“Yea, that’s normally what people sound like, after they wake up.” I smiled, “Do vampires not sleep?”

“Nope, no need, were already dead right?”

“I see, scoot over, I gotta put some clothes on.”

“Wanna do something today?”

“Like what?”

“Well you’ve never been on earth before, lets do something fun!”

“Ok, what do you wanna do?”

“Shopping first, you sorta stick out of the crowed with all the leather, ya know? Then we’ll get some lunch, and then how about a walk in the park?”

“Ok. But only under one condition.”

“Name it.”

“You pay.”


He took me to a large mall packed full of loud complaining shoppers. It was just before Thanksgiving, so everyone was Christmas shopping, everything was on sale; it was defiantly that time of year. He bought the cutest outfits for me, but the best part is that they matched him; we were beginning to look like a couple.

“Ready for our walk?” he asked me.

“Ok, lemme just run my stuff up to the hotel room. Wanna fly me up?”

His head shook from left to right with caution, “too many people.”

“Gotcha, wanna walk me up?”

“I’d like that.” His half smile became full on.

The walk to my room was filled with laughter and a ton of flirting, until we reached my room.

“That room isn’t yours . . . is it? Please tell me you aren’t room 208.”

“Yea that’s the one.”

“Please tell me that room with the enormous hole in the door isn’t yours, Love.”

“Yes, Tido, that’s my room.”

“Treon must have been here, it’s a good thing we weren’t.”

Our footsteps were silent on the ruby floor. Approaching the room we found that everything was smashed and shattered.

“Oh, ya know what; I am so not paying for all this! What a jerk, and look, he even messed up my bed. Now that was just rude. But awe, how nice of him, he left me a letter.” The bitter tone of my voice pierced the room. I angrily forced the envelope off my bed and began to read”


Welcome to earth my dear. I have been informed of your safe arrival, and I am looking forward to meeting you. Now since it is obvious you have taken something of mine, I have decided to take something equally as important of yours. Something you greatly desire. So please, lets choose to meet tonight instead, meet me at the Golden Gate Park at 10:00 pm sharp. Make sure Tido is there. Don’t forget to ask your beloved star what it is I have taken. See you tonight.


“Did you know about this?” I turned to him angrily.

“No, I swear to you, I had no idea. I couldn’t know. I’ve been here, with you.” The last part was innocent and passionate. I felt like we were beginning to become more than friends.

“Lillian.” I called her name, just as she had told me to.

The beaming light came without a sound to the middle of my floor.

“Trinity, it’s bad, he’s taken your brother.”

“What?!” both mine and Tido’s mouths fell.

“He took him in the middle of the night. I tried to stop him, and your father -- um . . .”

“What? What about my father?”

Tido looked at her with alarming eyes, then down at me. “He’s dead.”

I think it was easier hearing it from Tido, though, I didn’t know why.


“He was in the way I suppose, fought for you both Trinity, I am so sorry.” His hand stretched to touch my shoulder slow; almost as if he were afraid I would pull away. I didn’t.

The water ran down my cheeks like an overflowing bath tub.

“I want Treon dead! And what exactly could I have of his that is so important? I haven’t even met him! He took my father and my brother from me!”

“You have one of his most valuable members, and that member’s heart.” Lillian told me.

“I don’t understand.”

“It’s me, you have me, and -- “

“Your love.”

His face went from solemn to stone. “Yes”

My eyes met his. The truth beamed through them.

“I will help you Trinity, whether you want it or not.” He said.

“I want it. Just please, tell me how to kill him.”

My eyes searched his like a child mesmerized in a candy store. I realized then that my destiny wasn’t just for my planet, for myself, or for my brother, but for him as well. He was what I was to find on earth. He was my happiness, my weak spot. He was my everything.
“Your sword, Trixie, is to be stabbed through his heart.” Her melodious voice sounded through the room.
“And only you can do it.” His voice made my heart skip a beat.
“We have three hours to get ready.”
“I must go to Treon, to prepare with him”
“No he will kill you, he knows that you love me, he knows you will take my side.”
“I can lie, besides just because someone is in love doesn’t’ mean they will automatically take their side.”
“So you would turn against her?” Lillian asked.
“Of course not, but we can’t let him get too suspicious or too far ahead. Don’t worry my Love; I’ll be in your head. You will know if something happens to me.”
I hung on the words “My Love.” He had called me Love before, but never his love. I now knew my importance to him.
His cape swished with his turning movement. My hand made my way to his, before he could leave.
“I love you too.”
His icy hands made their way to the back of my neck, and his soft pale lips kissed my pink ones with so much passion it left me breathless and lightheaded. He caught me when I lost my balance and I gave a slight giggle. Then he kissed me again, softer this time. He placed me on the bed with a gentle touch to my cheek and walked out the giant hole in my door. A sheepish smile skipped across my face. My passion filled eyes found their way to Lillian.
“Now that was intense.”
“Like camping.”
We giggled for a few minutes on my lame funny, and then decided there was work to be done. I changed out of my adorable black mini skirt Tido had bought me and into my cold pleather pants. My pink shirt with the word Princess printed in rhinestones had to go on with my dark leather lace up top. Flippies had to go too and on with the black boots. My heart burned as I protected myself with the weapons I had packed, thinking of my father and how he was killed probably to protect me. I was ready to kill Treon.
My boots clicked on the park sidewalk, pacing didn’t help the wait. I worried about Tido, but there was no alarming signal in my head so I assumed he was fine. Lillian said she could sense him meaning they hadn’t killed him, but I was still on edge. They could at any point snap and kill him with out warning. She sat on a bench shining with out care, that was how obvious she was, and watched me pace until 30 minutes before they arrived.
“What are you going to do?”
“Kill Treon.”
“Good, the ones that protect him?”
“Other blades will work, hit him in the heart.”
“Good. And I?”
“Will, h…help me.”
“Very good. I think we are ready.”
“We have to win Lillian. For my father.”
“We will. You have the stars on your side. Do you have the vial I gave you?”
“Now remember you can only use it within the first 15 minutes of being bitten. After that no matter what their poison is fatal.”
I ran to her and threw my arms around her. Thank you for helping me. The words were hard to form, but they came. She smiled as if to say, “I told you so.” But merely whispered the words, “You are welcome” instead.
“Have you been waiting long?”
I turned to find a black man with icy eyes staring at me. His voice was filled with cold and hate. His face was filled with pain, and he winced as my pretty grays met his icy blacks.
“Not terribly.” You’re Treon, I would be willing to bet.
“Then you would make a lot of money, your guess is good.” The smile that followed made my insides burn with hate.
“Where is my brother?”
He snapped his fingers to a Hispanic vampire who brought him forward in chains. Lillian’s voice echoed through my head ‘the chains will disappear when Treon is dead’. Then came Tido’s voice, he is weak, they have beat the strength out of him. His voice was sweet like candy and reminded me of heaven. I nodded in response to both spectators. I looked in the army of Vampires he had ready to attempt to kill me, and found Tido’s brilliant face. He looked unharmed, but his eyes were full of pain.
“Are you ready to send you’re planet into turmoil?”
“That depends, are you ready to die?”
He laughed, and it was the most spine chilling cackle.
“You are cute, really. I admire your courage.”
“Thanks, a lot of people do, that is why I am here.” The bitterness in my voice struck the outdoors with harsh tones.
“No one is dying here tonight, not even you. That is unless you refuse to cooperate.”
“Awe, what a shame. I guess that means you are gonna have to kill me, because there is no way on this planet or any other that I will cooperate with you.”
“Something tells me you might change your mind.”
He snapped his fingers with a sly smile, the two larger of the vampires moved closer to my brother. Tristan began screaming, and the larger of the two began hitting and kicking him until his blood spilled on the grass. My body stiffened. The Hispanic showed his bloodcurdling teeth. The moonlight hit them like candlelight on dancing shadows. His teeth sank into the flesh of my brother’s neck. My brother’s bloodied face looked to mine for help. My left hand retrieved my silver knife from my side, I aimed and before anyone could move to stop me, my blade hit the large vampire in the heart. I pulled the next blade from the other side and hit the other one. I contacted Tido again through my mind. ‘We can do this but it has to be together. ‘Hold Treon from behind.’ I looked at his face for the half smile that I loved so much. I got it. He winked one eye and through my mind he said, ‘I love you.’
‘Me too.’ I said.
But then it hit me, if I killed Treon, then I would kill Tido too. There is no way I am going to kill him, I thought. I looked at him for help, but I got the response that I knew I would. ‘Do it. You have to do it.’
‘I can’t.’ The tears rolled down my face, faster and harder than before. The pain in my chest became unbearable.
‘Hold him.’ I said as strongly as I could. I was not known as an all powerful warrior for my weaknesses. This was for my planet, for my father, for my brother, and I could not allow myself to be so selfish. The tears came harder to see as I reached for Trixie. The sword’s blade went straight up with my hands and I aimed effortlessly at his heart. Tido held Treon with out fear. He knew what was coming, but he too was a warrior.
I pierced Treon’s heart. I laughed with victory as I watched him fall to the ground. My planet was safe and so was I. A moment later the shock hit me as each vampire fell with an aching scream. I threw the vial containing the remedy for the poison to Star, to give to my brother, and ran to Tido’s body. His smile was glued to his face as he exhaled to the last time. The overflowing bathtub of my tears, had now become a pool of sobs.
“No!” I yelled. “Come back, please!”
“You did the right thing Trinity.” Lillian’s quiet voice cut through my cries.
“I know, but he wasn’t like them.”
“I know sweetie. I am so sorry.”
I held his body in my arms and wept. After about 5 minutes he vanished. My brother came to me and put his arms around my cold shoulder.
“Let’s go home sis.”
I threw my arms around him, happy to see that he was alive. And as I did so a letter appeared in my left hand. One addressed to Trinity “Gomez” Love Tido: The Vampire. My heart fell deeper into my chest, I knew he had written that letter, only a few hours before his death. I clenched the letter, and thought of what a brave and wonderful person he was. And how his heart was mine, all mine, even if he was an astronomer. The smile that crossed my face was half and beautiful, just like his. Lillian, Tristan and I then rode off into the sunset to make our way back home, to tell all of Zaltua the adventure we had experienced.
And to this day, that letter remains unopened, for fear of finding that he was just a dream.

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