Can You Feel Me?

December 30, 2008
Can you feel me today? I'm everywhere, I'm in the air that you breathe, the breeze that you feel, i'm in the trees and the sunshine, or the clouds that blocked the sunshine, sunshine in an eternal struggle to break through the clouds.
Can you hear me today? I'm in the tinkling of bells hung in offices and stores, i'm in the music that you listen to and the sound of your footsteps against the pavement and the sound of the rain against your window sill. i'm in the calls of the animals and the cry of the birds, and i can be found in the crinkling of a bag and the whisper of leaves, leaves gently blowing down the street.
Can you smell me today? I'm the aromas that surround you, the newly sharpened pencil and the fresh baked pie. The fire held in the air and the flowers fresh in bloom. I'm in the drink that you consume and the smell of you shoes on your feet. The fresh opened paper and the smell of the sweet. Can you smell me? I'm all around you...
Can you taste me today? I'm the lunch that you enjoyed, the sweets that you ate and the soda in your stomach. I'm the ice cream that froze your mouth and the hot chocolate that seared your throat. I'm the cheeseburger you devoured or the salad you impishly ate. And i'm the taste that you love and the taste that you loathe.
Can you feel me today? I am here all around you, the key is finding me.....

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