December 30, 2008
By Anonymous

"Don't go in there!" she warns.
But you have to. You don't want to, but the darkness is pulling you, begging you.
You take your first step on the damp, old floor. CREAK! You turn your head one way, then the other. There are doors. Endless doors, down an endless hallway. All are chained up with the oldest, rustiest chains. Then you see a table. It's old, at least one leg broken. Along the tabletop are white candles, lit, with wax dripping down. You hold one up to the darkness surrounding you. Somewhere down the hall you see a figure. Tall, thin, masculine. Unwillingly you take a step toward him.

Then you see a black flash. And suddenly he's behind you. You spin around and then a grimy hand in over your mouth. You try to scream, but not only is his hand in the way, but your dry throat won't let out even the tiniest of noises.
Suddenly you're on the ground, being dragged by this man to a dark room.
You're thrown down into an old chair and tied up.
"Don't move." He disappears into the shadows and you struggle in your seat.
He struts back to you holding a gleaming knife. Your breathing becomes shaky. Tears flood your eyes and soon pour out. He laughs diabolical laughter and holds the blade at your neck.
Then you wake up.

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