The End

October 19, 2014

The world does not seem so important any longer. Now that I am above its influence, I find I had no interest in it anyway. Things I had, money I made, does not hold any importance to me now. I have discovered that regret followed me even here. I should have lent a hand, should have smiled more. I remember that girl, the one I passed every day in the hall but never bothered to say hello to. I wish I had asked her name. Maybe she could have been a friend. Would have been a much better one than the ones I had. We could have had fun. I suppose that cannot be helped now, though it is all that is on my mind at the moment. It is rather amusing, the things I think of afterwards, when it does not matter any longer. The boy I turned down at a dance, afraid of ruining my already soiled reputation. The child I shook off when she took my hand and looked up at me with wide brown eyes. The old man I looked away from when all he needed was someone to talk to. But no matter. I must cast these things from my mind now, before I grow too upset. This is not a time for grievance. This is my release. My sweet, sweet end. And despite my mistakes, I do believe I may be able to make what I will and have a Happily Ever After, complete with The End.

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