Saturday House of Horrors

December 29, 2008
There I was sitting on the couch watching the scariest movie on dvd with my two bff's, Daneille and Frida. We were waiting for the killer to open the door and splater blood everywhere, but that's when it happened! The lights stayed off and the tv went fuzzy. We were the only ones in the house, but not anymore.
"Hello?!" Frida yelled which wasn't smart in this situation.
"You idiot, we don't scream in the middle of this kind of problem!" Danielle yelled in hushed-tone. Did I mention that Danielle was a bit hard-headed?
"Sorry." Frida whispered.
Then the phone rang and we all looked at one another and then said in whispers,
"Don't answer!"
The machine picked up and my voice came up,
"Hi this is the Anderson, we aren't here right now, so please leave a message after the tone." The machine beeped and then a low and scary voice came on,
"Hello Danielle, Frida, and Sally this is your worst nightmare." Then the phone went dead.
We all looked at each other and then I said,
"We can all scream!"

All of us ran out of the house screaming, with no shoes, coats, or anything! Which wasn't smart, because it was freezing outside!
"Frida?" I said.
Yeah Sally?" Frida said.
"Where's Danielle?" I asked yelling.
"She's still stuck inside!" Frida said and then looked at the house and the door was closed!
We both ran all the way to the house and saw... be continued!

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