December 28, 2008
“I’m sorry I have to do this to you, Oprah.”
“You are a bad man, Dr. Mean. You know you won’t get away with it.”
“Oh, I beg to differ. I’m planning my escape right now as we speak.”
“What are you gonna do? Get on your little flying hover-ship and hover outa here?”
“Ha…very funny, Oprah. You’re so…funny. But unfortunately I can’t delay this any longer as I have a bus to catch.” And then Dr. Mean pushed her.
She let out a yelp as her body fell backwards over the edge of the building. It was only about 300 stories to the hard ground below, but Oprah was scared.
She plummeted down, story after story.
“Hey! What’s that big, rich black thing falling from the building over there!?” yelled a pedestrian on the road.
“It’s Oprah!”
“Oh no! Someone save her!”
“Look! It’s Superman!”
“No it’s a bird! Oh! It is Superman!”
Superman sped through the air, catching Oprah moments before she would have hit the ground, and set her softly down.

“Oh thank you Superman! How can I ever repay you? If there’s anything I can do…I mean aannyything…” Oprah said with a wink.
“Uhhh...Don’t worry about it. Where’s Dr. Mean?”
“He took the bus,” said a disappointed Oprah.
Superman flew around the corner and saw Dr. Mean run onto the bus. The bus doors closed, and the bus slowly rolled out into the trafficked street. Superman flew over to it, picked it up into the air, spun it around, and hurtled. The bus flew off, out into the sky, past the moon, past the sun, off into cold space.
“Yay! Superman saved the day!” yelled a pedestrian.
“He’s a hero! Superman! Superman!”
“Hey Superman! Here’s a bottle of water because I bet you’re thirsty!”
“Why thanks young lad,” said Superman.
And with that Superman chugged the water, threw the empty bottle on the ground, and flew off.
“Daaaamn. That’s messed up,” said the pedestrian.
“Yeah, he shouldn’t litter like that. The trash can is right there.”

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