The Kinitics: Part 1- Escape and Capture

December 26, 2008
By Jonathan Peraza, Springdale, AR

Hi, my name is Tela Kinitic. I'm sixteen years old, and some people see me as an ordinary curly, brown haired teenage girl, but I'm not. I have to raise my younger brother and sister because my parents, Christina and Charles, lost us in the crowded streets of New York City while we were on the run from scientists and exposure of our family secret. Our family has always had this gift (or curse) that some people might call psychic powers. According to my parents, every single person in the Kinitics line was born with an ability inherited from a parent, grandparent, or ancestor. My mother has hydrokinesis, the power to manipulate water and other liquids with the mind, while my father has pyrokinesis, the power to manipulate fire with the mind. I am telekinetic, as my name describes, so I have the ability to move objects, but I am still stuck on micro telekinesis, I can only move small objects. My thirteen year old brother Jacob has cryokinesis, the ability to create and control ice. Penelope, my ten year old sister has chlorokinesis, or florakinesis, as some people call it, the power over plants. The scientists would try running tests or, who knows, probably dissecting a psychic's brain any shot they could get. But my family didn't plan on giving them that shot. So my siblings and I travel everywhere, trying to escape the hands of those after my kind while looking for our parents.
We were in the scorched Arizona desert, and we still needed to cross New Mexico to get to Winnemucca, Nevada. I was "visiting" a friend I had met in camp over in my hometown of Aurora, Illinois. Walking under the desert sun quickly dehydrated me so I told my siblings, "let's take a break."
We stopped and took a break under a dry, dead tree.
"Hey, Jake, make me an ice cube, please," I said to Jacob, my masculine mini me.
"Make that two," added Penny, my beautiful little sister. I envied how her short black hair shined brilliantly under the sun.
Jacob conjured ice out of thin air. I think it had something to do with the hydrogen or oxygen in the air.
"Here you go." He handed Penelope and me an ice cube each. Jacob had made one for himself too.
We thanked him.
"Hey," I exclaimed," I just noticed you learned how to form ice."
"That isn't all I can do," he responded. " I can also do this." Jacob touched a tree and it froze inside and out.
"That is so cool!"
All he could really do for his first thirteen years were make the temperature slightly cold and create miniature snow clouds. Penny could just barely speed up and slow down the growth of plants.
"How about you?" I asked Pen.
"Watch," she said. The large roots of another tree came out of the ground and started whipping everywhere.
"Awesome! Want to see what I ca---
I was interrupted by the loud VROOMING of a car. We all turned around. Driving toward us was a yellow jeep and the person driving it was my family's arch nemesis, Professor Julius Springer. His smile seemed as if he was going through rigor mortis. Right when he was about to hit us I pushed Jacob and Penelope out of the way and I jumped out of the way. Springer stepped on the brake and made a 360 degree spin that ended by crashing into the frozen tree. As we got up, three tall, muscular men came out of the jeep.
"Get them!" ordered Springer.
The three men took no mercy on us, even if we were kids, and tackled us down. While my attacker lay on top of me, I kicked him between the legs. He shouted a few curses, and I threw him off with my power. Meanwhile, Jacob was helping Penelope with her guy because he had just frozen his attacker. Penelope had no way to defend herself except with her root whips. As Pen whipped the man, Jacob formed hailstones out of the air. A root caught the guy and the hailstones came down on him until he was knocked out.
When my younger siblings were finished with the guy, they ran to help me. I was having a hard time because I had just mastered pushing and pulling and throwing things with telekinesis. After the thirtieth telekinetic push, I got an intense headache. I closed my eyes trying to relax the headache, and I did but then I felt really cold. When I reopened my eyes, I saw my opponent lying on the ground with shattered all around him.
“You just threw balls of ice out of your hands!" shouted Penelope.
Jacob stood in place, stunned that I had the same power as him.
"That isn't fair!" he shouted, “My power and I are unique, so you can't the same power as me!" He turned around with a pouty face. Rocks started levitate around him.
Jacob, are you doing this? I said in my head.
"Doing what?" he said out loud.
Turn around, I thought once more.
He did as I told him. What for? he thought in his head.
Do you see my lips moving?
The rocks instantly fell to the ground. He hadn't noticed them. Jacob was more stunned that we could hear what the other was thinking than when I used cryokinesis.
"Is this what I think it is?" he asked.
"Yup," I answered," This is telepathy. Maybe that's why I could use your power. I tapped into your power with telepathy. Oh, and you tapped into my telekinesis, so I guess we both got telepathy."
"I'll share that, but not my cryokinesis, unless needed. Hey, let's see if Penny's got it too."
When Jacob and I tuned to where Penelope was before, she wasn't there. We turned back around and saw Springer carrying Pen in his arms. Jacob and I ran after Springer. I used my new power to tap into Penelope's chlorokinesis. I focused on the cacti and their roots. I made all the roots form into a net. Two other roots grabbed Springer’s feet and pulled him into the loosened, yellow, chalky dirt. As the professor fell through the pit the roots had dug up, I caught Penelope with my remaining telekinesis mental strength. I lowered Pen to the ground and fainted, but I'm sure I felt Jake's small, but strong, hands catch me.
As soon as I fainted I entered the Plain of Meditation. My father Charles had a theory which he called" The Plain of Meditation." If a psychic used to much of their psychic energy and tire their brain then their body shuts down on them to regain that lost energy. They end up in a dark void where you have no senses, but yet you are aware of your body and can feel yourself getting reenergized, stronger. Sometime later I drifted out of my sleeping state.
"We need to move," I ordered.
"But Springer says he wants to talk to you," said Penelope.
"What? I'm not going to talk to him" I said.
"Don't worry, it's safe. We confiscated his stuff," Jacob assured me.
"Fine," I sighed.
I walked over to the pit with the net in it. Springer was struggling to climb out.
"What do you want?" I asked. I startled him and he fell to the bottom of the net.
"I'll get you and your family," he said," very, very soon."
"Is that a threat or a warning?" I asked in a strong, fearless voice. It felt good.
"Both," he answered with a sinister grin.
I laughed and kicked some dirt onto him.
"I'll get you!" he shouted as I walked off.
I signaled Jacob and Penelope to follow me.
They just stayed in place with frightened faces.
"It's okay, I won't hurt you. Now let's go!"
Hours later we were sweaty, dirty, and sucking on ice cubes. The sun was setting.
For the heck of it I tried to do something with my telekinesis I always practiced, but have never conquered. I lifted a rock into the air and squeezed my fist shut. The rock suddenly imploded into many, tiny shards.
"I did it!" I said. I didn't have much hope that I could do it because for two years I could not master this, but today I just did it.
"Brava!" Jake and Penny praised me.
Suddenly I felt a sharp, stabbing pain at the back of my neck. Then I felt wooziness and drowsiness. I fell to the ground.
My siblings came to assist me. Jacob turned me belly side up after Penelope took a tranquilizer dart from the back of my neck. My vision turned to nothing but a blur and I only heard slow, deep voices.
"Springer," whispered someone whose lap my head lay on.
"Brava, indeed," said another voice farther from me.

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This article has 5 comments.

Tatona said...
on Jan. 16 2009 at 9:40 pm
Wow! I want to read more!!!(:

I think you should post the second part!

J.P. said...
on Jan. 9 2009 at 11:50 pm
thanks for all those beautiful comments Mrs. K and Mrs. P

Ur the best teachers I've ever had!

JKeys said...
on Jan. 9 2009 at 3:59 pm
So enjoyable. You truly have a gift, Jonathan. It makes my heart happy to read your thoughts ;-)!

Ms. P said...
on Jan. 9 2009 at 3:27 pm
Jonathan, Your writing impresses me. Great vocabulary. I want to know what happens next!

J.P. said...
on Jan. 6 2009 at 9:44 pm
Mrs Keys and Mrs. Connie, If u happen to come by here, thank u. It's gotten very lonely here.

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