Dave, You Still Owe Me Five Cents!

December 26, 2008
By Isaac Wang, Shoreline, WA

“I can’t believe it,” grumbled Dave Anderson as he pondered about a debt. “Two years and I still owe him five cents!” Obviously, Dave was not a very rich man, with a job that gave a mere $50 a month. When he walked down the street in exasperation, he saw the city park.

The sun was shining through the tall trees in patches of sunlight, and there was a slight breeze only strong enough to move the petals on the flowers back and forth. The birds were singing their peculiar little song, going tweet-tweet-tweet. There were picnickers happily enjoying the day on the lush, green grass. The whole park was like a piece of heaven form the sky. Seeking to disperse his frustration with this wonderful relaxation, Dave decided to stroll around in the park.

Unfortunately, this seeming magnificent cure for Dave’s troubles turned into a nightmare when he showed up. That’s right, Dr. Francis Scott, monocle and all, showed up at the park. It seemed that he too, was taken captive by the amazing luxury of the park.

Dr. Francis Scott, a name that one would hate to hear, was a mean, grumpy, and selfishly rich man who only cared about his money. With a monocle in his eye, an exquisite mustache, and a crimson bathrobe, he was not only a rich man, but he looked like one too.

When the doctor first came to Somewheresville in Nowhere, people treated him like a king, because he was the newcomer. Soon after, they realized his true personality and many began to despise this fellow. However, one person actually dared to borrow money from Dr. Scott and he still owed the man when this particular event happened.

“Oh, Dave! So glad I found you! You see, you still owe me five cents. Cash, please. I don’t take checks.”

“Sorry Franz, don’t have the money yet,” Dave replied.

“What? Two years, Dave, two whole years!”

“I ‘m telling you, fifty dollars a month isn’t a lot. I can pay you after I get this month’s paycheck.”

“It has been long enough, Anderson. The money---now.”

Quickly, Dave began to run away from this greedy man. He ducked, and then dived under some bushes. He was safe, for now, at least. Dr. Scott was still looking for him; unaware that Dave was right under his pointy nose.

“Curse you, Dave Anderson, curse you!” Francis shouted. In his red-hot fury, Dr. Scott began to kick a tree so hard, that it started creaking and swaying. Suddenly, the tree began to fall… right on the doctor’s brown-haired head. The tree came down with an ear-shattering crash. Dave came out from his hiding spot and helped some picnickers lift the tree from the collapsed doctor. Paramedics quickly rushed to the scene and transported the doctor to the hospital.

Hours later, Dr. Francis Scott walked out of the hospital with only a minor bump on his head. Dave was waiting for him. Dave began to say, “Are you all right, Franz?” There was no response from the doctor. “Look, I’m sorry about what happened, but I can’t pay you yet.” There was still no response. “Hello? Anyone home?” Dave waved his hand in front of the doctor’s face. Finally, Dr. Scott responded.

“Ah, Dave, I presume,” the doctor said. “You need not repay me the five cents you owe.”

“What did you say?” Dave replied, unsure that this was the Dr. Francis Scott that he knew.

“I said that could forget about the five cents you owe me.”

“Um, are you thinking clearly, Franz?”

“I am thinking quite clearly,” stated the doctor, “more clearly than ever!”

Dave turned around and started walking away from the doctor. “He’s mad! Just mad!” Dave thought. He turned around again, and that made Dr. Scott start to walk toward him. Dave began to run away.

The next morning, Dave woke to the sound of his doorbell. He got up to open the door, and on his apartment doorstep stood Dr. Francis Scott. The doctor smiled a large grin, and held out a present to Dave. He said, “Hello, Dave! Have I got a surprise for you!” Dave accepted the gift and opened it. He could not believe his eyes! Inside the box and wrapping paper was a check for a whopping five hundred dollars!

Dave gulped, and said, “Are you sure this is for me?” Dr. Francis nodded. “Er, thank you for this kind gift,” Dave managed to say.

“You are welcome, but that’s just a part of the present,” the doctor said, “I would also like to take you out for breakfast.” After breakfast, Dave followed Dr. Scott around town, who kept insisting to treat Dave with ‘the day of his life’. Dave was getting pretty annoyed at the doctor’s strange, kind behavior.

The next day, Dave went to see a specialist on the brain. He wanted to find out what was causing Dr. Scott to be so nice. He told the specialist everything that happed right before the change, including the incident at the park. The specialist nodded wisely, and said:

“Your friend, you say, had a tree come down on his head, right?” Dave nodded. “Well then, I suppose your friend’s brain was damaged when the tree fell on him.”

“Then how do I get him back to normal? He’s driving me crazy!” Dave asked.

The specialist answered, “Another great whack on the head should return him to his normal state.”

“Thank you, and here is your payment,” Dave gave the five hundred dollar check to the man, and continued, “This should be about right. Keep the change.”

It was almost evening when Dave Anderson decided to visit Dr. Scott in his splendorous mansion. He rang the doorbell, and someone replied, “Come in.” Dave entered into the big house, and realized it was Dr. Scott, reading a heavy book. Dr. Scott looked up from his book and he was surprised when he saw Dave in his home. “Ah, Dave! Please have a seat,” he motioned to a chair, “What brings you here?”

“I would like to give you a present for treating me so nicely recently,” Dave said with a wavering in his voice.

“Okay, but make it quick. I would like to invite you to dinner tonight,” Dr. Scott remarked.

“I’m sorry, Franz, but this is for your own good.” Dave thought. “Here goes nothing,” he whispered to himself so that Dr. Scott could not hear him. Dave took a deep breath, picked up the chair, and walked up to Dr. Scott. He lifted up the chair, and bashed the doctor on the head with all his might. The doctor blacked out.

Dave carried Dr. Scott to his bed, gently put him down, and covered him with blankets. Dave stayed by the man all night, watching him. When it was nearly dawn, the doctor opened his eyes, lifted his head, and said to Dave, “Oh, Dave. You still owe me five cents!”

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