A Trip With Santa Claus

December 22, 2008
“This year is going to be the best Christmas ever,” squealed six year old Timmy, “I can’t wait one more day. That is practically forever,” he cried in agony.

“Timmy!” his mother yelled upstairs, “Come down for dinner. It’s your favorite, spaghetti and breadsticks.”

“Yes, spaghetti,” Timmy exclaimed as he put a burst of speed on and ran down the stairs. Timmy plopped down into his chair and dug into the scrumptious noodles, slurping them up like a starving pig.

“So, Timmy how was your day today?” asked his mother as she daintily patted the corner of her lips with her napkin, giving a silent hint to Timmy the “Pig”.

“My day was the best day ever, in the whole wide world!” yelped Timmy with excitement, “I played with my paints, made snow angels, and built the biggest snowman in the neighborhood. And last but not least, I finished my letter to Santa with a list of everything I want for Christmas.”

“Wow, it sounds like you’ve had a busy day,” said his father.

“You bet, Dad,” Timmy replied, “Do you want me to show you my list?” he said as he rushed off to his room to grab it.

“I guess I don’t have much of a choice,” his dad chuckled under his breath.

“Ok, here it is,” Timmy said as he shoved the paper into his father’s hands.
Dear Santa,
I have been a very good boy this year and I’m still trying to be good. I have helped with the dishes twice this year and that is a record. My mom and dad will tell you what a perfect angel I have been ever since I was born. Now that you know I have been a wonderful little boy here is my short list of the things I want you to give me for Christmas, a new bike, roller blades, more paints, a soccer ball, train set, race cars, a fire truck, a superhero outfit, lots of candy, a remote control car, and any other things that I might think of and send you later. Thank you for the presents I got last year and I hope you will like the cookies I will set out on Christmas Eve.
“That is a very nice letter Timmy,” exclaimed his mother, “But do you think that it should be so long. Santa does have to go to every kid in the world in one night.”
“Well, you know he will make an exception for me because I have been extra good this year,” replied Timmy with a smile.
“Ok then, but don’t be disappointed if you don’t get everything on your list,” his mother said back.
“Oh I won’t,” Timmy said, “Besides if I don’t get everything I want I’m going to have a little talk with Santa.” And with that he retreated to his bedroom to get a good nights rest to start a new day tomorrow.

When he woke up the next morning he saw something white sitting on the outside of his window. When he went to look he realized it had snowed.

“IT’S SNOWING!” bellowed Timmy, “It’s snowing, it’s snowing, it’s snowwwwing.” He ran through the whole house screaming it over and over again. He ran down the stairs, around the family room, down the hallway, and then up the stairs. Timmy’s favorite thing about winter (aside from Christmas) was obviously snow.

“What is he yelling about,” Timmy’s dad complained groggily.

“I think…. it snowed,” replied his mother.
“OHHHHHHH!” groaned Timmy’s father. “Do you remember last year when it snowed? He was doing this for hours on end. I hope he loses his voice.”
“Now honey, you are going to have to have lots of patience with Timmy,” Timmy’s mother replied soothingly.

Five hours later....

“Mommy, how does Santa ever get to all of the houses in the world in one night?” asked Timmy.

“Well, he uses magic to make his sleigh go really fast. He goes to each house faster than you can blink your eye,” replied his mother with a smile.

“Wow, I wish I could do that,” Timmy said, “Then I would have time to do anything I wanted all in one day.”

“I suppose you could,” his mother said back.
“I wish that Santa would tell me how he does it so I could learn,” Timmy dreamily said, “I am a fast learner you know.”

“Yes I know,” replied his mother, “But if you aren’t asleep when Santa comes then you won’t get your presents.”

“Well then I will go to the North Pole right now and he can tell me all of his magic tricks before it is even Christmas Eve. Then I can come home and go right to sleep,” Timmy joyously said.

“Ok, well how are you going to get to the North Pole?” asked his mother.

“I’m going to walk there,” Timmy confidently said.

“Well don’t forget to take your coat. It will be cold at the North Pole,” called his mother as he ran to his room to get provisions for his long trip to the North Pole.

“Let’s see I need my blankey, a couple of my toys (in case I get too bored), some candy, a couple quarters, and to make Mommy happy, my coat,” said Timmy making a mental list. He put all of this in his backpack and heading down the stairs to tell his mom goodbye before he was off to see Santa Claus.

“Mommy, I’m leaving now. I love you and I’ll try not to stay too long,” Timmy yelled to his mother as he walked outside to begin his journey.

“Well up is North, but how am I supposed to go up?” pondered Timmy, “I wish I had a sleigh I could ride in like Santa.”

“I know. I will go get on an airplane and then I can go really high and get to the North Pole,” he said as a little light bulb tuned on inside his head. And with that he headed up the road to the city airport. When he got to the airport he went through the front door and went straight up to the flight announcer.

“What flight number is to the North Pole?” asked Timmy in his best grownup voice.

“Um, flight number 1265. It is loading right now and will leave in 15 minutes,” said the flight announcer without looking down.

“Thank you very much,” replied Timmy as he skipped onto the plane. Lucky for him he was just short enough that the ticket taker didn’t notice him getting on the plane.

Once he boarded the plane he headed for a window seat to make sure that he didn’t miss his stop. The seats were a grayish white color and felt like the finest velvet. When Timmy sat down it was like sitting on a cloud.

“Wow, I wish my bed felt like this. Then I could go to sleep a lot easier,” remarked Timmy. He sat in the heavenly chair and waited patiently for the plane to take off. Then a little man came and sat next to him.

“Hello, young man, where is your mother or father?” asked the man.

“Oh, they are at home right now getting ready for Christmas,” said Timmy.

“Well do they know you are on the plane?” the man asked again.

“Oh yes, I told my mother right before I left where I was going,” Timmy replied, “I wouldn’t dare leave without telling her.”

“Well you are a very responsible boy,” remarked the man with a little smile.

“Thank you, sir,” said Timmy. With a swoosh the plane was off getting faster and faster as it rushed down the runway until the ground disappeared from Timmy’s sight. Timmy could see everything in the whole city until they got up to the protection of the puffy white clouds.
“GRRRUMMBLE,” said Timmy’s stomach.

“Oh, I’m starving,” said Timmy. “How do you get food on the plane?”

“The flight attendants will bring you some if you ask them to,” said the man helpfully.

“Well, how do I get one of them to come over here?” asked Timmy grumpily.

“I will get one of them over here for you,” replied the man.
“Ok, could you hurry up though? My stomach is a big complainer,” said Timmy.

“Ma’am,” called the little man, “could we have some food over here please.”

“Yes, sir,” replied the flight attendant with a little smile, “What could I get for you and the young sir?”

“I want some chips and maybe a peanut -- butter - and - jelly sandwich too, please,” said Timmy.

“Ok, and what can I get for you?” she said looking at the little man.

“I would like some cookies and milk if you don’t mind,” replied the man.

“Ok, I will be back with those things in a little while,” the attendant said as she rushed off to get their orders.

“So, where are you going?” Timmy asked the little man.

“I am going to the North Pole to visit Santa Claus,” replied the man.

“Why are you going to see Santa?” asked Timmy.

“He needs me to help him with all of his Christmas responsibilities,” said the man.

“Wait, so are you like an elf?” Timmy asked curiously.

“Well, what do you think?” asked the man.

“I guess you are a little short to be a real human, you are a little green looking but don’t seem sick, and you are wearing lots of green,” Timmy said as he made a list in his head, “So it seems likely that you could be an elf,” he concluded with a nod.
“Very good,” said the elf, “You are very observant.”
“Thank you,” said Timmy, “and I was just wondering if you could take me to the North Pole too so that I can ask Santa a very important question.”
“What question might that be?” asked the elf.
“How Santa got so good at magic so that he can fly around the whole world in one night,” said Timmy.
“Well, that is a very important question,” replied the elf.
“So are you going to take me to him?” asked Timmy impatiently.
“I guess I will since you have such an important question to ask him,” said the elf, “What is your name anyway?”
“Timmy,” answered Timmy. “What is your name?”
“I am Edwin,” replied the elf. “I am Santa’s main elf and I help him with everything he does.”
“Wow!” whispered Timmy.
“It is a very important job,” said the elf.

“When are we going to get to the North Pole?” asked Timmy.

“In about thirty minutes,” replied Edwin, “If my calculations are correct,” he said holding a finger in the air.

“I hope we get there soon because I have to be back home by Christmas Eve so I can get to bed really early,” remarked Timmy.

“I’m sure you will get home in plenty of time,” said Edwin. They kept up this type of chatter until the longest thirty minutes of Timmy’s life had passed. They landed on a runway at an airport ten miles away from Santa’s workshops.

“Finally,” said Timmy. “I thought I would never get here.”

“Well here you are,” said Edwin. “Now we will be off so that I can help Santa with his Christmas preparations.”
With that they got off the plane and started to walk out in the swirling snow.

“We will have to walk a quarter of a mile and then there will be a secret hole in the ground,” said Edwin, “Inside the hole is a pipe that we will slide down, and then we will be at the North Pole.”

“Oh, I can’t wait any longer,” said Timmy as he was jumping up and down. “We need to walk faster.” But despite his impatience they arrived at the secret hole in only five minutes. Edwin lifted up the hatch and they jumped into a world of swirling clear tubes.

“Weeeeeee!” yelled Timmy as he swooshed down the spiraling staircase of pipes.

Right in the middle of his weeee Timmy heard music playing. He could hear the sweet tunes of Christmas carols coming from all around him. As the music grew louder and louder it sounded like someone was singing it. Then he realized that all of the elves were joined in song and their voices rang like little bells.

“It’s so pretty,” said Timmy with a little smile.

“We elves are known for our outstanding music,” replied Edwin. Then in the wink of an eye they flew out of the tube and were standing in the middle of a huge circle of workshops at the North Pole! There were elves scurrying from workshop to workshop trying to get ready for Christmas Eve.

“This is amazing,” breathed Timmy. “In my wildest dreams I didn’t think I could get to the North Pole.”

“Well here you are and now that we are here we need to hurry and get to Santa so you can get back home before Christmas Eve,” said Edwin.

They ran through the North Pole as fast as lightning and in a wink of an eye they were standing in front of the one, the only, SANTA CLAUS!

“W-O-W,” mouthed Timmy as he stared at the jolly St. Nick.

“Hello,” said Santa, “What do you need today?”

“This young man would like to ask you a question,” replied Edwin because Timmy was stunned with silence.

“What is your name and question young man?” asked Santa.

“T-t-Timmy,” stammered Timmy, “And I would just like to know how you go around the whole world in only one night?”

“Well that is a very good question Timmy,” said Santa, “And how I do that is I slow time down so that one night for you is actually about four days for me.”

“That’s amazing,” said Timmy.

“Yes, and it is quite a big project for me too,” said Santa, “If you kids didn’t set all of those cookies and milk out I wouldn’t be able to make it more than one night.”

“Do you want me to set you out a couple extra cookies, Santa?” asked Timmy.

“That would be wonderful,” said Santa, “but you better be off now so you can get lots of sleep and be ready to play with your toys.” With a wink of Santa’s eye and a swirl of color Timmy was in his bedroom and not one second had passed since he left. He walked down the stairs yelling, “Mom, I’m home.”

“What are you talking about Timmy?” asked his mother. “You’ve been in your room ever since dinner.”

“Oh, well I thought I would just tell you that I was here in case you were looking for me,” said Timmy.

“Thank you for being so responsible,” said his mother. Then Timmy slowly went up the stairs trying to make out what had happened.

“I know I went and saw Santa Clause,” he said to himself. “Maybe my mom just doesn’t believe in him so she couldn’t tell that I had left since I was going to go see him.” Timmy just shrugged and started getting ready for bed so that he would be nice and rested to play with his presents in the morning, just like Santa had instructed him. He put on his train pajamas and climbed into his nice warm bed.

“I know I saw Santa, and I can prove it somehow,” he said as he dozed off with visions of mountains of toys in his head.

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