The Suicide

December 18, 2008
By Anonymous

It’s dark. My voice echoing everytime I would say something. Suddenly, two big red eyes coming toward me! I screamed as I opened my eyes. “Oh, thank God it was a dream,” I woke up in my room. Staring at the ceiling.
“Are you alright?!” my mother called as she stepped in my room.
“I’m fine mom,” I said as I closed my eyes to sleep again.
“Was it another nightmare?” she asked me and gave me a sigh.
“I’m fine mom just leave me alone,” I shouted and I knew it was obvious that I was lying. I couldn’t see her because I had turned away, however I could hear her foot steps as she left the room and closed the door. “Another nightmare,” I thought to myself. “That’s the third one this week.” I closed my eyes and fell asleep, hoping that the fourth nightmare wouldn’t come around soon.
I woke up to the sound of my alarm. I could see nothing at all when I opened my eyes, for it was raining and the sun was covered by the polluted clouds. I sat in bed looking around my room. Trying to find something that could help me with my nightmares. A phone number. A book. Anything. I gave up and got out of bed. I was pulling up my pants when suddenly I remembered. “Shout! I have a paper due today.” I ran to my backpack next to the closet and searched in my folders for anything that was good enough to turn in. I sighed, I could see nothing inside my folders but a bunch of math papers. I was bad in math and so my mom would always ask my teachers for extra homework. “Stupid math!” I shouted as I slid my shirt on and ran downstairs.
“Edward, you’re running late,” my father called to me as I started on my breakfast.
“Don’t worry. I’ll make it.” I was hoping to be right.
I stuffed the rest of my pancakes into my mouth, kissed my mother goodbye and hopped in my car. It was still dark since it had started to rain faster and stronger. I had to turn my headlights on to full power before I pulled out the driveway. As I reached the school parking, almost all the lots were full. After about three to five minutes, I finally found an empty lot. I grabbed my backpack knowing I would be late, and jumped out the car. I was walking pretty fast and had no hat on so my hair was already wet as I reached the hallways of Mutton High School.
“Running late Mr. Connor?” my math teacher, Mr. Duran, asked me as he walked to his classroom. Before I could answer, he was gone. The second bell rang right when I took a seat.
“You’re late Edward,” Mrs. Mathews, my English teacher said as she marked something on a piece of paper.
“But the bell rang after I took a seat,” I argued with a scowl.
“If I say you’re late, you’re late.” she raised her eyebrows so high, I thought they would fall off.

English was the same; Boring and tiring. I almost cheered when the bell rang for our next class. I smiled at the teacher, knowing it would make her mad and walked out the room.
“Hey man, did you hear?” my friend Alex called to me as we sat in our seats for Science.
“Hear what?” I asked with a puzzled expression.
“About Mr. Duran,” he continued as he gave a giggle. “He committed suicide last night.”
“Yeah? And was Santa Claus there to see it with you?” I laughed and took my books out from my bag.
“Serious, it was in the papers and no one has seen him since yesterday.” He looked very serious as he started to take out his books as well.
“You’re trying to tell me that the teacher I saw this morning is dead?” I laughed again in disbelief and started to copy down the notes on the board.
“Well yes,” he argued. “Unless you have the power to see dead people, then you imagined seeing him.
“How can I see dead people, Alex? And if I could, why would I see him. I would have seen my grandpa or something.” I tried to get everything else out of my head and focus on the teacher, but Alex would not let.
“Fine don’t believe me. But it’s true.” He gave a smile and turned the other way to stare at cutest girl in our class. I rolled my eyes and continued to copy my notes.

When the bell rang for snack, I jumped out of my seat and walked to the cafeteria. I sat with a couple of my friends, trying to act normal even though I was very nervous. There was a voice in my head which kept repeating what Alex had said. “Dead?” I thought to myself. “How can he be dead. I saw him with my own eyes. I heard him. He couldn’t be dead, and if he was then was it true that I could see dead people?” the thoughts in my head were getting out of control, like a jungle full of five different animals, all making their own sound at the same time. I covered my ears. It was still there. I closed my eyes, it still wouldn’t leave. “SHUT UP!” I shouted and opened my eyes. Almost the whole cafeteria was staring at me. Some of them even thought that there was a fight going on.
“What is wrong with you man. You’re embarrassing us all.” Alex said as his cheeks turned as red as blood. I didn’t know what my face looked like. However I could feel how badly I must be blushing. Finally, when almost everyone was back to normal, I made a run for it to Mr. Duran’s classroom.
“Mr. Duran!” I called out as I stepped in his empty classroom. He wasn’t there. His books were also gone. And the bag he would always carry with him was not on his desk. “It can’t be. He couldn’t have said the truth. I saw Mr. Duran. No. This is another nightmare, it’s the fourth one!” I shouted as I squeezed my eyes about six times trying to wake up and hoping that I was a sleep, then suddenly the door opened.
“What happen?” a women of about thirty years of age asked as she cautiously stepped into the room.
“Who are you?” I asked almost terrified.
“I’m Mrs. Duran. I came here to bring my husband’s lunch.” She gave a smile and asked me to leave the room for about ten minutes. Scared to disagree, I ran out the door. The bell rang. I had gym next so I ran to the boys’ locker room which felt as though it were ten miles far. As I reached the door, I saw Alex and grabbed his arm.
“It’s not true. It’s all fake. You lied didn’t you? You just wanted to scare me. Well it didn’t work!” I chattered on and on about how I saw Mr. Duran who greeted me this morning and how I saw his wife bringing him lunch five minutes ago. Finally, knowing I was getting too far, I stopped. “Come with me Alex,” I said as I grabbed his arm and ran to Mr. Duran’s math class. The room was empty. No students. No Mr. or Mrs. Duran.
“But..she..she was…she was here Alex!” I shouted searching around the room for any sigh of them. Then, I heard Alex scream. As I turned back, there it was a closet with Mr. and Mrs. Duran hung inside. Alex gave another scream.
“Shut-up!” I demanded as I trudged out the classroom. After I was out, I noticed that I had committed a big mistake. The hallway was not how I had imagined it. It was dark. Some lights flickering in the distance and no students at all. Noiselessly, I stepped in a classroom, which was a bigger mistake. Another closet with a hung teacher and all the students dead in their seats! I tried another classroom and then another, until I had seen the same thing about seven to nine times. I stopped and heard someone walking behind me. It was my reality! I screamed as I saw the same two red eyes walking toward me, but this time with a body, a full body.
“I found you.” It said in a ghostly voice.
“What do you want from me?” I shouted as I took a step closer, acting brave.
“I don’t want something from you, I just want to kill you!” It laughed a big evil laugh and its red eyes turned black as it vanished into space. Suddenly I felt liquid rolling down my chest, as I glared down, terrified, I saw that the liquid was blood.
“NO!” I shouted over and over until I fell to the ground. Cold and expecting to die, I curled in a ball and closed my eyes. Nothing. Just darkness and the sound of thunder and rain hitting the windows of the school.
“Are you up yet Edward?” I heard my mother’s voice.
“Wha-what?” I asked, frightened. Then I opened my eyes. My room. It was sunny and warm, I sat up in bed. “I think I am,” I told my mother. I couldn’t believe it. It couldn’t be a nightmare. It was too realistic. Too scary. I got out of bed, and turned to make my bed. But then I saw what seemed to be from a movie, two red eyes glowing from underneath my bed!

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wow niice story..and scary lol loove it (=

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