Denver Mammoth

December 18, 2008
30 seconds left in the semifinal game its tied 7-7 sweat dripping off there face, anger turning into tears. Brian comes up with a big save he clears to Riley, Riley to Jack, Jack to Dalton, Dalton shoots…HE SCORES!!! 8-7 mammoth 10 seconds left Jack won the face. 9,8,7,6,5,4,3 the crowd was on their feet jumping and laughing and having fun 2, 1 THAT’S GAME THE MAMMOTH ARE GOING TO THE CHAMPIONSHIP!!!

After the interviews and listening to the coach talk about how proud of us he was and not to get big headed, we could still hear the crowd yelling and screaming on our way out of the stadium but we all wanted to go get something to eat. So they went home showered and all meet at Red Robin and 6 p.m.

Riley went to pick up Jack and Dalton and on the way to Red Robin stopped at a stop light, the light turned green and BOOM!!!!! A drunk driver hit the passenger side door of the Hummer, Jack and Daltons side. They hit hard Riley got out of the car to help Jack. He said he had a sharp pain shooting through his leg. Riley dragged him out of the car Jack was moaning in pain the whole time. His leg was shattered it was like Jello in Riley’s hands. It was all twisted and turned in was it should never go. Dalton could walk but wouldn’t stop complaining about his arm and head.

The cops arrived and took the drunk away I was furious I probably would of killed him if the cops wouldn’t of took him away. They took us all to the hospital to be checked out.

Well Jacks leg is shattered like we thought he is out for 8 weeks and Dalton has a sever concussion and a sprained arm he’s our for 4-6 weeks. Riley was ok just shaken up a little bit.

Riley called coach and told him the bad news, he wasn’t happy but we had to go on to the big game. We were a little down about the boys but still ready to play.

Its game day Mammoth vs. Lumberjacks, the whole team is upset about the guys and don’t have much hope they were the best players on the team. But lets play ball. It was a close game tell the second halve then the Lumberjacks took the lead and kept the momentum going. The final was Mammoth 8 Lumberjacks 13. The score board broke him into pieces...

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