My Trip to Gniew

December 18, 2008
By goncalo silva, Konstacin Jeziorna, ZZ

Have you ever been sleeping in a real castle? I have! Before I tell you the story of me sleeping in the castle of Gniew, I will tell you some things about me. I am an average boy in 7th grade with good grades. I was on the writer’s retreat trip with a group of 6th, 7th, and 8th graders.
On the day we got to the castle of Gniew, we went for a walk around the city to inspire us our writing and we saw ruins, empty streets, abandoned places. Our writing time was in a room in the castle, and while we were writing we were having some workshops. Then we went to a tour around the castle, with torches on the top floor. At the end we had a bonfire. After that we went to our rooms, our rooms were in the real dormitories the knights slept!
I had awakened to go to the bathroom and the bathroom was a floor under my room. On the way down the steps I only heard the creepy sound of my footsteps, but I didn’t mind. After I came out of the bathroom I saw a light in the end of the hallway, so I started to run away and while I was running I heard metal. I thought it was a knight so I looked back and saw the light chasing me! I entered my room, and locked the door.
“Did I imagine that” I asked myself. I looked around the room to see if everyone was asleep. They were, so I also went to sleep.
When I woke up I looked around and saw my roommates weren’t there, so I went to check the other rooms and saw no one was there. I thought I was late for breakfast, so I ran to the restaurant and no one was there. I went in the kitchen and no one was there. When I was walking out of the kitchen I heard the metal sound I heard last night. I looked back and I saw a KNIGHT! It was him with the light and he took everyone!
“Why do you want me?” I asked the knight.
“I want you because you were the first one to see me! For that I kill you!” While he was saying that he took out his sword and started to chase me, so I ran away to the town, in the town no one is there, I see no cars, no people and no motion.
I was still running and could still hear the knight, but suddenly the sky becomes completely dark. I looked forward and saw two lights that looked like eyes, so I got closer and closer. When I was about to touch the lights I the knight popped out of there. I found out that the lights were his eyes. I ran away but he before I got far he said,
“Go my crows!” and suddenly crows started to attack me. I ran and ran but they wouldn’t leave me alone. Plus the knight was still following me. While I was running away there was a whole on the ground so I hid in there. While I was in there a light suddenly turned on, I looked back and I saw no one. There were pictures of the knight there and there were pictures of a man putting on the knights clothes. When I looked at that last photo I started to think this was all a joke.
I ran out of the hole, and went to look for the knight to try to take his costume. I found him entering the castle, so I ran behind him and tried to take his mask off. I took it off and when I took it off it was not a human it was a GHOST!
Maybe the picture in that hole was an old picture of the ghost before he died and became the knight that haunted the castle. I got back to normal and saw that the knight was looking at me madly, so I started to run. I ran to my room, locked the door and hid in a corner. I looked at my watch and realized it was 8:00 P.M; I had spent the whole day running away from a ghost. It was almost time to sleep and I was starving, but I couldn’t get out of the room so I just stayed there and thought this whole adventure out. Then I got a perfect Idea, I was going to go again this night to the bathroom and instead of running away from the light I will go to the light and take the sword I have in my room with me.
It was exactly 3:00 A.M. when I woke up last night to go to the bathroom, so I thought I would go at the same time. It was 3:00 A.M.I got up, got the sword, unlocked the door, and went out. Before started to go down the stairs I saw a paper on the ground it had written on there, once the knight is stabbed all will be normal. What did that mean? OHH it meant that once something is stabbed into the knight everything would be normal. But who wrote that and how long was it there because it looked really old. I picked up the paper and went down.
When I came out the light was there again. So I charged at it with the sword, and, for my surprise, the light ran away. Since the light was the was the knight and it had all that armor I caught up easily. When I caught up to him, he turned around and said,
“Let’s fight” I said back,
“But you have armor I only have a sword”, then he said,
“Here” he had given me his sword; I would say that was a perfected act of chivalry.
“Now let’s fight,” I said.
He got his sword out and got ready. He took the first action. In the beginning I was just protecting myself because I was scared, but later in the battle I started to attack. Started to get tired after a while, so I was doing random attacks, until I got so tired and my attacks were so random that the knight couldn’t concentrate on me anymore because I was going crazy. The knight was so confused that he just stopped, and when he stopped I stabbed him! He started to get down, and I started to cheer, but suddenly I was in the bathroom. I was really confused so I looked at my watch and it was the 4th the day I first saw the knight! I came out looked around and saw that there was no light, so I went to my room. On the way up I heard some voices, and figured out the girls had awakened and were talking. I went to my room and saw that the guys in my room were sleeping. So I went to my bed thought about and even asked myself if I was dreaming, then I went to sleep.

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