the new blue moon

December 17, 2008
By Nareg Manougian, Glendale, CA

Once upon a time on a blue moon there was a very good looking man who lived in a house on a hill. He did not enjoy being harassed, but his neighbors were relentless. If he could only get away from it all. He was very mad at the fact that he couldn't get off the moon. Everyone in the neighborhood hated him. The year was 2117. He was always suspicious of the people around him, for he did not know if they were going to kill him.
One day he took a walk outside only to find that his worst fears had come to life. There were at least 20 of the village people lined up in front of his house with machetes and sabers ready to kill him. He ran back into his house thinking he could find a way to stop the angry mob from killing him.
He was only 30 years old, the youngest of the village, and could probably outrun most, if not all, of the villagers if there weren’t so many of them. He would not give up yet. His parents had suffered the same circumstances but failed to avoid their inevitable yet quick deaths, it was like it was destiny for him to die on this moon all alone at such a young age. He thought quick for the old villagers came into his house. All of a sudden he had thought of something… he could kill the villagers, with his strength and speed, he would have killed them all. He didn’t know why he didn’t think of this at first. The first chance he got he sprung to his feet and roundhouse kicked old man wincher and took his saber.
He ran out of his shoe saber a blazed hitting everyone in sight while running frantically into the street where he would find his hover craft and fly away to safety or even try to break the blue barrier that was surrounding the moon and which gave it it’s name. He rushed full speed to reach the hover craft, when suddenly the unthinkable happened. He had been hit over the head with a machete and the last thing he remembered was blood running down over his eyes.
He woke up, very sore and very bloody, strapped to a table with rubber belts. He looked around only to see that there were strange objects around him, mostly sharp. After a while of yelling in came the old lady from the house next to his. She said nothing at first and just stared at me while he through curses at her. She then spoke saying “Do you know why you are here?” He responded with a no, while cursing her even more. She then went on explaining how her race would have died out eons ago if they had not lured in families far and wide from earth and waited till they were old enough to kill and make them into a habitat for their young or in this case old to live in until they were old enough to kill themselves. She also explained that her race grew younger and not older with time. That explained why there were no young people in this village, he thought to himself.
All of a sudden his straps unbuckled and he rolled off the counter onto the hard protruding ground. “Get up!” yelled the lady, while kicking him in the crotch. He got up, resiliently, and was forced to walk over a, high off the ground, bridge and make his way into a coliseum filled with “old” cheering people. He was then given a choice, to give up and die easily, or to fight, and die none the less. He chose to fight. As soon as he said that, two gates flung open from either sides of the coliseum and out came two indescribable blue creatures. He had no choice; He had to give it his all. He ran at one of them at full speed, arms flinging like a maniac, charged with fury and ambition to get off this hell struck planet and finally be free and living with people, who to his concern had nothing to do with him and would let him live his life uninterrupted. As these thoughts raced through his mind he found it hard to concentrate on the fact that he was about to die and these were that last things to go through his mind. What did this moon make him think of, make him feel?
All of a sudden he was awakened from his dream only to find himself back in bed, on this far off moon somewhere in the universe, still miserable and even more paranoid then ever. He was who he was and everyone was not who they seemed to be.

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