Modus Operandi

December 17, 2008
By Alex Orsini, Cumberland, RI

“Maggie, it's one o'clock in the morning, you should get to bed,” Jill told her younger sister. Maggie pouted, but didn't argue. She turned off the television and trudged upstairs to get ready for bed.

Jill gave a sigh of relief and sat down to watch the television herself. Sometimes being a parent and a sister at the same time was so hard, especially since she was only 23. She has been 19 when her parents were killed, and that was when she had become Maggie's legal guardian. The fact that she had gotten Maggie at the fresh start of her teen years didn't help much either. Not liking to think about her parents death, she quickly tried to get her mind of those thoughts and went back to the TV. As she began to take her mind off things, she slowly nodded off.

Maggie was up at nine the next morning, and Jill was already in the kitchen making them breakfast. On the table lay the paper folded neatly with the headline “KILL STRIKES AGAIN” on display. She wanted to ignore that, pretend that it never happened and that this killer didn't exist, but she knew that wasn't possible.

“Who was it this time?” Maggie asked Jill, startling her.

“Good morning to you, too,” she said, trying to avoid the question, but Maggie just looked at her, waiting for an answer. Realizing she had no choice, she turned away from Maggie and back to the stove, and finally added softly, “Ms. Mayers.” She heard the rustling of papers as Maggie began to read, and when sat down at the table with their breakfast, she saw tears rolling slowly down Maggie's cheeks.

“Mag,” Jill began gently, “I'm worried about the safety of this town. I'm afraid for our lives. Maybe we should consider moving.”

“No!” Maggie yelled immediately. “No, Jill please! This is my last year in high school, just let me finish it and then when I'm in college you can do whatever you want!”

Jill didn't respond, but just nodded slightly, with a very solemn look on her face. They finished their breakfast in silence, then Jill quickly got ready for work. As she grabbed her coat from the closet she turned to Maggie who was on the couch a few feet away.

“I almost forgot, I'm going to be working late tonight, you know the rules, right?”

Maggie rolled her eyes at her older sister. “Yeah, yeah, Jill, I got it. No boys, no more than two friends over, no drinking, blah blah blah. I got it; don't worry about me.”

Jill smiled at her sister. “I'll be home by one, and you better be in bed!” Then, the smile faded. Quietly and somberly she added, “Maggie, lock the doors.” Then she left in a hurry.

That night, somebody else was to die. The killer slowly tied the door, which was unlocked. As slowly and quietly as possible, the killed opened the door, slide inside, and close the door behind her. Trying to remain hidden, she crept through the house and listened. Noise was essential when it came to murdering. The prey's location, how many people there were, and other important factors could all be determined by listening carefully. After doing just that, she heard the television on, and quickly went in that direction. Not only that, but she heard snoring which almost surely meant she had found the prey's location. She got to the living room and looked inside...

Nothing! Just some stupid cat laying on the couch! She thought about killing the cat; she loved seeing the look on their face right before they died. Yet, she knew how noisy that procedure was, and she wasn't about to lose her prey for an animal thrill kill. So, she gently put the crate she was carrying down and turned off the TV. Listening again, she heard music on upstairs. This had to be it, though she hated going upstairs as it was too easy to get caught. Having no other choice, she picked up her crate and tip-toed up the stairs. The door was open slightly, and the killer peeked in to see a girl on her bed. She slowly entered; the girl never even looked up. Then, she loudly kicked the door shut, which made the girl jump.

“Hello there, Jannie,” the killer said. Then, she put down the crate and took out a knife from a pocket in her large black cloak.

Jannie jumped off her bed and began to back away from the killer, only to find herself cornered.

“Who are you? What do you want? Take off that mask!”

The killer laughed, she loved seeing the prey's initial reaction. She also loved how they almost always cornered themselves. When she was within an inch of the girl, she spoke.

“I don't think you're in a position to be making demands, Jannie.” Then she lunged the knife into the girls stomach, causing excruciating pain to Jannie, whose knees buckled causing her to fall to the floor.

The killer laughed and kicked her around, and proceeded to torture her for about an hour, before finally slicing her throat. Finally, she took off the mask she was wearing and placed in on the girls face, then opened her crate and release at least ten rats onto the girls body. Her trademark.

At 12:15, Jill ran into her house screaming her younger sister's name. She found her laying on the couch asleep, with one of the Indiana Jones movies playing on the television.

The yelling awoke Maggie, who looked up at her sister. “Jill? What's wrong?” Then, noticing the time added, “Why are you home so early?”

Jill began to sob. “They found a girl your age killed; she was home alone. That was all the details they gave. I was worried it may have been you Maggie. It was the same killer. They found the rats and masks.” Starting to calm down, she looked up at Maggie. “Listen, it's a school night. Go upstairs and try and fall back to sleep. I'll be doing the same in my room if you need me.”

The next Friday night, Maggie had a sleepover with her friend Christine.

“All right girls, I'm meeting my friends at the movies,” Jill called to the girls. “When I come home, I'll bring you guys some dinner. Maybe I'll even rent us a movie. Just behave okay, I'll be home in a few hours.”

The girls went down the stairs to say bye to Jill, lock the door, and then went back upstairs. A few hours later, Maggie heard something downstairs.

“Jill?” Maggie called. “Is that you?”

Almost as soon as Maggie was down the stairs, she heard Christine: “Maggie, help!”

Maggie turned around and couldn't believe what she was seeing. At the foot of the stairs stood a tall, slender figure wearing a large black coat, black pants, black gloves, and a mask. The mask was very similar to the ones found on all of the dead bodies so far. Judging by it's figure, Maggie assumed it was a girl. Whoever she was, she had been waiting for the girls at the stairs, and now she had struck. She had her arm around Christine's neck.

Maggie didn't know what to do. If she ran and got help, surely her friend would die. If she tried to help Christine, however, they both might be killed.

“Maggie, please! Do something!”

The killer, getting tired of Christine's talking, put her hand over the girl's mouth. Angrily, Christine bit the hand. The killer's arm recoiled in surprise, and Christine took the chance to run by Maggie's side. The killer drew a knife and ran towards the door to block the girls' exit. With nowhere else to go, they ran upstairs.

“Christine, you go to my room and call the cops on your cell phone. I'll hide in Jill's room and call her. Maybe she can get us help, at the very least I can warn her to stay away from this house!”

So, at the top of the stairs, Christine's sprinted to the right and went into Maggie's room and Maggie went to the left into Jill's room, locking the door behind her. Immediately, she ran to the phone, but there was no answer. She swore, then began to sob. Suddenly, she heard something. The killer was unlocking the door! Maggie looked frantically around the room, then finally ran in the closet. It had little slits in it, so she prayed the killer wouldn't see her right away. She used these slits to watch the killer, who was now in the room. The first place she looked was under the bed. While the killer was looking under there, Maggie quickly sprinted out of Jill's room and into her own, where she could have the comfort of Christine with her.

As she entered her room, her heart stopped. Why wasn't the door locked? Why were Christine? Then, she got optimistic: Christine has escaped! She had gotten away, and Maggie was probably going to live after all! Until then, she just needed to hide. Then she heard something squeaking. It was coming from her closet. She opened it, and almost fainter. Inside the closet was Christine's body. It was covered in rats, and had the same mask the killer had on. She closed the door to the closet.

Then, she heard something. It brought a chill down her spine, and she slowly turned to realize her fear was coming true. In her confusing about where Christine was, she had forgotten to lock the door. Now, the killer was entering. She backed up into the window. Looking out, she saw cops. Christine had called after all. But as the door swung open, Maggie knew it was too late.

When Jill stepped into the room, Maggie had never felt more relieved in her life. Jill placed the things she was carrying on Maggie bed, and the two sisters hugged, as Maggie cried into her arms. Suddenly, Jill spoke.

“Are you ready to die, Maggie?”

Maggie quickly took a few steps back in shock. Jill locked the door behind them and pulled out her knife.

“Jill... why?”

“Maggie, ever since Mom and Dad died, my life was destroyed. I gave up everything, just so that you could live normally. Why should you get to live life normally, when I don't?! Why should I be the only young girl who doesn't get to live life normally?! I shouldn't!”

As Jill spoke, her voice was getting louder and louder, until finally she was screaming. She was also slowly walking forward, cornering her prey as she had done so many times before

“I can't ruin other young woman's lives. No matter how hard I try. So, what do I do instead? I take their lives away!!”

“Jill stop!” Maggie screamed, with tears streaming down her cheeks. “Jill, you're crazy! Think about what you're doing!”

“Maggie, I've thought about this many times before. I've thought, dreamed, and fantasized about the moment I could kill you ever since I had to drop out of college and ruin my future to look after you!”

Jill smiled, then put on her mask. Suddenly, there was banging on the door.

“This is the police! Open the door or we'll force it open!”

Jill ignored them and lifted her knife. In a desperate attempt for her life, Maggi kicked her sister in the shins as hard as possible. She hit the bed, then bounced to the floor. Yet, as she hit the bed, she knocked her things onto the floor. One of those was the crate of rats, which now proceeded to crawl all over the floor. Maggie then took the knife from her sister, who quickly grabbed her legs forcing her to the floor. Having no other choice, Maggie quickly thrust the knife into her sister's chest.

No sooner had she done that then she felt a large weight suddenly on her. Two large men were forcing her to lay flat on the ground and put her hands behind her back. She could feel herself being handcuffed. Another man opened the closet and found Christine's body. Maggie had been arrested for all the murders her sister had committed.

“Yes, we've caught the killer,” a police spoke into his walkie talkie. “We witnessed her kill her sister, and we found another body in her closet. Both of which fit the rats and mask pattern.”

After several months of trial, Maggie was found guilty of seventeen charges of first-degree murder, and was sentenced to death.

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Mellie said...
on Jan. 1 2009 at 5:32 pm
This is by far the best artical i've read in awhile. I couldn't stop reading it and I shocked when in the end it was Jill. I was even more shocked when Maggie got charged for all the murders. I loved it! Keep it up!


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