December 17, 2008
By Delwen Samuelson, Bethel, AK

Zack’s birthday was on the thirty-first of October. Being that he was born on Halloween he felt fearless and wasn’t scared of anything that came in his way. He read all the scary books he could read and none of them scared him one bit. His friends even dared him to go into an old abandon house by himself. He went entered with little fear, but as he exited of the house he realized that nothing could scare him.

His house was always well decorated on Halloween with black spiders in their spider webs, pumpkin heads, and scary masks with bodies you could mistake for people if you didn’t look closely at them.

Since Zack wasn’t scared of anything, he liked scaring people on Halloween. He once made it so that when people opened his door a, scarecrow would sling down as they opened it and the scarecrow would swing into their faces scaring people as they entered the door.

On his thirteenth birthday Zack asked for a ouija board. His parents being rich and are usually on meetings leaving Zack and his sister alone with a baby-sitter that was a couple years older than them. They usually come in the middle of the night after everyone is sleeping. Unfortunately his parents had a really important meeting to go to after his birthday. This didn’t bother Zack, for it wasn’t the first time his parents had to go on his birthday. Whether it was his birthday or not he still had to go to bed at eleven.

He invited his friends for a party and was eager to try out his new ouija board. They all gathered around the ouija board around ten 'o clock and put their hands on the pointer with relaxed hands and closed their eyes. Nothing happened. Now the baby-sitter was interested in the ouija board and decided to join in with them.

Slowly the pointer moved. Zack opened his eyes and read the letters as all their hands moved. The first letter was “G” then it moved to “O”.

“Guys, it’s moving,” Zack said impatiently.

It moved to the “T” next, then the “O” again. Now everyone’s eyes were widely watching where it would go next. The next letter it moved to was “B”, and then to the “E”, then finally “D”. Bewildered Zack looked at the baby-sitter with great dissatisfaction.

“Alright kids it’s time for bed. You know the rules. I don’t want to upset your parents if you don’t go to bed when you are supposed to,” said the Baby-sitter, “Your friend’s parents are coming soon.”

Disappointed and exhausted from the birthday party and trick o’ treating. They compelled to her orders. Their parents picked up his friends by ten forty-five. By ten fifty-five Zack and his sister were in bed sleeping.

Tug, Tug, Tug.

Zack woke up from someone tugging on his blanket. He got up thinking it was his sister and looked around. It was twelve o’clock. Witching hour! Now is the time to try out my ouija board. Maybe it will work this time, He thought to himself. He got out of bed and went downstairs to get his ouija board and brought it too his room onto his bed. His hand relaxed on the pointer, his eyes closed and he concentrated on total relaxation.

It started to move to his surprise. He barely opened his eyes to watch what letter it would move to. As his hands moved to each letter and he watched what words it was going to. When it was done it said, “I AM COMING”. Scared he gasped and threw the ouija board on the floor. When it hit the floor the pointer moved once again moving to three letters. “NOW”.

“WOOO! DON’T YOU JUST LOVE HALLOWEEN!” a voice shouted with awe and excitement downstairs.

Zack darted his eyes towards his door then covered himself under his blanket. “This is a dream. I am sleeping. This isn’t real,” Zack said to himself trying to calm down.

“Oh but it is real, Zacky-Boy,” said a voice sounding like his father. Now he was more scared than ever because the voice was inside his room. He heard no footsteps enter.

Tug, Tug. Tug.

The Man tugged Zack’s blanket once again. And Zack uncovered his thinking it was his dad playing a joke on him. But it wasn’t his dad. There stood a man in a black tuxedo, grinning ear to ear by his window where the wind blew the trees swinging the branches side to side. Zack could see the man’s eyes were bright red like a laser light you can see in the dark.

“What are you doing here?” Zack inquired the guy.

“ Waiting,” the grinning replied in a low serious voice, “…Waiting for children to call upon me once more. Waiting for children to lose their faith from God, waiting for them to come to me,” with that said, the man burped and Zack heard a faint cry of children coming from the man’s belch.
After Zack heard the faint cry of children from the man’s belch, he ran to his sister’s room to make sure the man didn’t do anything to her. The man remained in Zack’s room. While running to his sister’s room the scarecrows he had made had yellow glowing eyes followed him as he ran by. Zack half expected that the scarecrow would reach out and grab him, but it didn’t.

As he was passing through the living room to get to his sister’s room, a thought had occurred to him. If the scarecrow came alive and it was planted to the wall, then the gigantic spider on its web might be alive. He looked toward the web and saw that the spider was crawling all over the web. Zack saw one of the scarecrows already weaved in the web. Zack figured that it was capable of killing its prey so he ran faster to his sister’s room. When he reached her room the man was already there.

“You know what the scary thing about thirteen is? That everyone is scared,” the man said, standing by his sister’s door, “ triskaidekaphobia is what they call it. Hotel that have thirteen or more floors don’t say the floor is number thirteen. People are scared of Friday the thirteenth. Judas was the thirteenth disciple to sit at the last supper, and he betrayed Jesus. YOU being thirteenth should be scared to death, but since it IS your birthday today, I will leave you a present instead of eating you. But why not make it everyone’s present; your birthday is one thing, but Halloween is for everyone.”
The man suddenly appeared behind Zack and tapped him on the back of Zack’s neck and he passed out. Zack woke up and looked around wondering if he had a dream or not. He got up and walked around his house. The scarecrow had no eyes moving around, the spider was crawling around in its web, and the man wasn’t in Zack’s house. As he went to his sister’s room he heard that she was talking to someone, and she giggled.
Zack opened the door and found that no one was in there with her and the room was colder than all the other rooms in the house. His sister looked at him and smiled.

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Blue Eyes said...
on Dec. 31 2008 at 7:33 am
That's a great story! Really intense! Funny thing is that I love the number 13, its my favourite number! Good writing teqnique. I can't wait to read your next story!


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