End of The World?

December 16, 2008
BEEP! BEEP! BEEP! “yeah yeah…” John said as he hit his alarm clock to make it stop “another day,” he thought as he pulled the covers over his head to block out the light from the morning sun coming from the window. After he laid there for five minutes he slowly rolled out of bed. He was still tired from the night before. There had been a party the night before. He was the lead of the team that had worked on the large hadron collider. It was to be the largest particle accelerator ever built and scientists had hopes it would help solve mysteries of how the universe started. The collider itself crosses over the France and Switzerland border. There was some worry for other members of the scientific community though that the large hadron collider could potentially cause black holes that could engulf the earth. An evaluation of the dangers was to be conducted and after the evaluation they were given the go. There was no real danger in his mind. “I guess you could never be too careful,” he thought. John got up and stretched looking at the time as he did so it was 6:30. He went into the bathroom and took a shower to help himself wake up. He got out of the shower somewhat slowly, the showers warm water had not woke him up like he had hoped it would. Once he got out and had dried of he got dressed and headed downstairs. His family were was all awake starting there day. His kids, Carol and Lance were eating cereal and his wife Linda was watching the weather while drinking some coffee.

“How does the weather look?” John asked.

“Rainy like it has been for the last week…” she said in a disappointed tone.
He sat there for ten more minutes watching the weather and after the weather was done he got up and said goodbye to his family and in a joking tone as he walked out the door said “well I hope I don’t destroy the world.”

His wife was right about the weather it was raining but he only had to drive ten miles to get to work so it was no big deal. When he got there he parked his car and ran inside trying to avoid the rain but to no prevail. When he got inside the facility he showed the security guard his pass and then continued to the elevator that would take him down to the large hadron collider. After a two minute elevator ride he reached the unloading area. When the doors opened there was dozens of people running around some carrying papers while others carried electrical equipment. They where all trying to get to one place or another. John tried to get through them but he accidentally ran into someone and knocked them over.

“Hey watch where you are going!” the man said. As he was picking up his papers he had dropped. He looked up and saw john.

“Oh sorry, John I didn’t know it was you,” he said, “Everyone’s trying to get ready for the first test and…”

“It’s ok Arnold I know,” said John, “here let me help you with that.”
John helped Arnold pick up his papers then Arnold went on his way. John continued on his way to his station, the launch center. When he got there his assistant Lucy came up to him.

“Hey John we should be ready in five minutes.”

“Great thanks Lucy.”
He talked to a couple of his colleagues for five minutes. As he was talking to his colleagues he heard over the intercom.

“We will be testing the large hadron collider in two minutes, everyone please take your places.”

John walked over to his position the launch button. After all he was the leader of the whole team it was his right to press the button. As the count down was going down from ten his mind had turned to one thing. What if this thing actually did destroy the world? For the whole day this thought he had not entered his head but the time it mattered the most he couldn’t get it to leave. Even with these thoughts he subconsciously pressed the button. John heard applause then the sound seemed to drain out. He looked around and only saw but didn’t hear. Then the light and colors drained out like a wet painting. There was no light but he could feel his body stretching and stretching until it started to hurt. Only a few seconds later the pain become so unbearable John passed out.

John woke up, he was completely underneath the covers he was sweating but was relived it was only a dream. He pulled the covers off him and looked around but this wasn’t his house it looked more like a hospital. He looked around and saw a women coming towards him he recognized her it was his wife, Linda.

“I see you are awake,” she said, “you’ve been out for a few days”

“Linda where am I?”

“How do you know my name?”

“You’re my wife!”

“Sir are you ok?”

“What? of course I’m ok you’re my wife”

“Sir I’m going to go get the doctor…”
She walked away shaking her head confused. She came back in 5 minutes with a man next to her. They walked and stood right next to his bed. Linda kept her distance still confused with the early experience.

“Hi I’m doctor Smashvell I’ve heard you’ve been saying my assistant over here is your wife is that right?”

“Yeah she is!”

“Sir I’m going to ask you a few basic questions ok?”


“What year is it?”

“It’s 2008 why do you ask?”

“Sir it’s 1950…”

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