The Basketball Boy

December 15, 2008
By Michael Armstrong, Prairie Village, KS

His alarm went off. Hanny is ready. He already has his team uniform on, he is so excited to play the championship game today. He proudly wears the number four, because his dad, Hanny Senior, wore it when he played basketball. Hanny gets his skills from his dad, who played proffesional basketball and always had the dream of going to the NBA, before dying in a car accident when Hanny was two years old. It is Hanny's senior year of high school, with hopes to carry his team to a championship victory today, all college scout's eyes were on him. His mom takes him to the game, across town towards the north side. When he makes his way towards the stadium, Hanny wishes his father could be with him today, but knows in spirit he is always with him. He goes through the doors of the stadium and catches up with some of his teammates, heading toward the locker room. His coach gave them his pregame speech, talking about how every day for the rest of your lives, you will remember this game. To Hanny this was a remarkable thought. He always thought it was amazing how what happens in the present effects the future. He went out to the court and got ready for the opening tip off. He immediately got the ball and put up a jumper over two players on the opposing team to make a statement. Throughout the first half, Hanny was on fire. He finished the half with twenty-three points. His team was leading 42-36. The second half was much more difficult for Hanny. The other team picked up on their strategy and doubled teamed him. From then on Hanny had to pass the ball to his team mates. The other team was coming back, and fast. There was thirty seconds left, with Hanny's team down by two. Hanny knew what he had to do. He dribbled the ball down the court. He drove through three defenders and made a jump stop at the three point line. He makes it! Hanny's team wins! After all, he knew he was doing it for his dad.

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