Blood In The Sand

December 1, 2008
By Jaya Tengler, London, KY

“Where am I? Who are you?” the girl asked as she slowly opened her eyes. The room she was in was dimly lit. Standing above her, hovering over her was a pale, dark haired girl.
“We found you in the forest.” she explained. “You had cuts and gashes all over you, but you were more intact than the others so we decided to…” But she was interrupted by a man of her same skin tone and hair color.
“Emma, thank you for watching over our guest. I believe Anastasia wanted you, in the kitchen. I can take care of her from here.”
“Yes, Sir Ely.” the one he called Emma replied a she walked towards to door and left. Now the girl was alone with the man. She tried to sit up, but fell when she tried. “Ouch!!!” She yelped. Her arm was in a sling. The man ran over to her side. She shifted to the other side of the big bed.
“My dear, do not be startled. My simple touch won’t hurt you.”
“Uhm…” she replied. “I apologize. I’m just a little skeptic about this whole situation.”
“Of course! It’s only natural, I would say. But there’s nothing to be afraid of.” Ely confronted her while slowly stroking her dark brown hair. To her surprise, this action actually clamed her. “Now, let me introduce myself; I am Ely Withington. I own this small island on which your plane crashed. What is your name my dear?”
“My p-plane…? Oh my God!!! Where’s Lindsay and Austin and…”
“Dear, please calm down. You were the only one found. No others were anywhere around.”
The girl, in shock, immediately began to cry.
“Darling, I know no words I can form can comfort you in your time of grief. I shall leave you to your thoughts. If you need anything at all, simply ring the bell.” He pointed to the mahogany nightstand next to the bed. “ The bathroom is just through that door to the left. Oh, and please stay in bed otherwise. You need your rest.” Ely stroked her hair one last gentle time and walked to the door.
“Mr. Withington.” The girl choked out. “My name is Jill…” she cleared her throat, “Jillian Porter.”
Ely smiled, “Well, Miss Jillian, call me Ely…and rest well.” He softly closed the door.
Jillian began to sob.
“All my friends are dead and I have no earthly idea where I am!” she thought, “What if this Ely is a mad-man!?”
She pulled the covers over her head and let tears roll down her cheeks, and dreadful thoughts float through her mind.
Jillian awoke the next day to the sound of soft music being played somewhere in the house. Something classical, but like nothing she had ever heard before. The mix of low and melancholy notes were simply mesmerizing.
“I know he told me to stay in bed, but this sound…I feel like it’s drawing me towards it…” Jillian thought, not noticing she was already out the door and walking down the hallway or that she was wearing a blood red nightgown that wasn’t hers.
Slowly, she mad her way to the stairs; spiral and glass. The music was getting louder, but kept its same tune. Quietly she scaled her way down the delicate stairs, the music guiding her.
“This house is so amazing.” she thought. “I wonder what Mr. Within…’Ely’ does to make enough money to buy an island, and build and extravagant home like this. He only looks to be in his 20‘s!”
She was down the stairs and walking towards the room where the music was coming from when a cold hand placed itself on her shoulder.
“Ahh!” she screamed. The music came to a halt.
“You’re not suppose to be wandering around the house unaccompanied.”
Jillian turned around to face who she thought was Emma at first, but noticed this girls facial structure was somewhat different; less defined.
From the same room the music was escaping from came the cool voice that was ever so calming yesterday.. “Dear Anastasia, it’s quite alright. Miss Jillian is not one to snoop. She loved my music! Did you not, dear?” He slowly walked over to the two girls and put is hand on Jillian’s other shoulder, immediately she felt safe; Anastasia, embarrassed, quickly took her hand off of Jillian. “Now, why don’t you go into my den and let me talk to Anastasia.” Ely nodded towards to room behind him and softly smiled at Jillian.
“Yes, Ely.” she said and went into the room, not too far in, just enough so they couldn’t see her; she wanted to know just what Ely would say to Anastasia, there was really nothing to get onto her about.
“Sir Ely, I’m sorry, I thought…”
“No, dear…do not apologize. I’m not upset with you; you did what I had originally told you to. I have changed my plans. This process needs to happen sooner than I had originally thought. Two more passed this morning.”
“The music!! Oh! I see now, Sir. And she came to it. She is yours just as you had envisioned! Now our clan will grow again!”
“Exactly dear. Now, go tell your sister and the others. Oh and bring us some…wine, I believe. She seems like the kind to be partial to that.”
“Yes Sir Ely!”
Jillian quickly sat down on the black leather couch. “What does she mean by ’his’”? She thought to herself. “I am no ones!”
At that thought, Ely walked into the room.
“I’m sorry if she frightened you, Miss Jillian. She is a stickler for the rules.” he smiled, showing his brilliant white teeth, and made his way towards the couch.
“Oh, no, it’s fine…I just…she…”
“Shhh…” Ely motioned, putting his finger to Jillian‘s lips. “Now, what did bring you downstairs?” he asked.
“The music. It’s beautiful.” he was staring at her intently, which, to her surprise didn’t make her feel uncomfortable.
“Well, my dear, if that is really what brought you to me, would you like to hear some more?”
“Please.” Jillian replied.
Ely took her sling-free hand in his and walked over to the beautiful black, grand piano in the middle of the room. He carefully sat her down on the bench and sat himself beside her. He began to play.
Jillian was again in a trance. She watched his delicate fingers glide across the black and white keys; looking up every now and then to watch the expressions on his face.
“What, Miss Jillian?” Ely had noticed her watching him.
“Oh…I’m sorry. It’s just so amazing. I’ve never been able to play anything that amazing.”
He smiled. “It’s not that hard. Here, “He said taking her hands. “Let me show you.”
Slowly he guided her fingers across the keys. Jillian smiled. She hadn’t felt this carefree since she was a little girl. Slowly, a tear trickled from her eye and hit Ely’s hand.
“I’m sorry.” she apologized. “I’m such a sap.”
“No, dear. You miss your friends.” he wiped the salty liquid from her cheek; caressing her face in the palm of his hand. They looked each other in the eyes; slowly he leaned in. Jillian could smell his cool, breath; she closed her eyes.
“Sir Ely, here’s the…, Oh! I’m sorry!” Anastasia was at the door with a tray and two glasses.
“No, my dear. Come in please.” Ely said as he removed his hand from Jillian’s face.
“I didn’t mean to interrupt.”
“Nothing interrupted.” he said and smiled at Jillian. “There’s time.” he winked.
Anastasia brought the tray to Ely, who took the two glasses.
“Thank you, Anastasia.” he told her, and she left.
He handed a glass to Jillian. “No, I shouldn’t.” She said. “I’m rather tired. I think it would be best if I went to bed.
“Are you sure Miss Jillian?”
“Yes, quite sure.”
“Okay, then.” and he yelled for Emma. Almost immediately she was at the door, wearing the same color dress as her apparent twin sister.
“Please escort Miss Jillian up to her room.”
“Yes Sir Ely.”
Jillian stood up and followed Emma out the door and up the stairs. Her room seemed farther away than it had when she was going down. They stopped at the doorway.
“If you need anything, ring the bell, please! Oh! And we’ll come get you for dinner. It will only be about 30 minutes!” Emma said.
“Okay and thank you!.” Jillian replied and walked into her room.
“He totally just tried to kiss me!!” she thought to herself. “I don’t even know this guy! Wow. I think I would have if Anastasia wouldn’t have walked in! Thank God for her! And what do they mean by me being ‘his’?” she started pacing the room. “Gah!” she tripped over something. “Why is it so dark in here?? Where are the stupid lights?” she searched the walls for any form of a light switch, not finding one. “I’ll just open a window!” She walked over to a part of the wall with curtains and shades hanging from it. She opened them hastily. “Eeek!” She gasped! There were bars on the window! “They don’t want me to leave! I have to get out of here!”
She ran to the door, and quickly opened it. She looked up and down the hall and saw no one. She stepped out and quietly closed the door, then made her way to the stairs. “Please, please, please, Anastasia, be cooking dinner!” she thought. She was off the staircase; she no longer heard the music.
“There’s the door!” she thought. She made a run for it. She opened it! Immediately an alarm sounded. She ran out the door and into the forest. The sun was setting, as far as she could tell and the ground was cold on her bare feet.
“Jillian!!!” She heard Ely scream. “Come back, dear! You’ll die out there alone…”
His voice was enchanting, even in a yell, but she didn’t dare turn around or slow down. She ran as fast as she could towards the sun and soon found herself in sand, instead of mud. She took a minute to catch her breath. Not knowing where the island was or if there were boats anywhere around, she jumped in the ocean and started swimming; her arm injured arm hurt so bad, but she wasn’t about to die by means of ‘getting murdered by a hot creepy guy!!’
“Miss Jillian.” It was Ely. “You really mustn’t cause such a fuss.” he was right beside her, swimming perfectly in pace.
“I’m not letting you kill me!” she screamed and started swimming faster.
Ely grabbed her and pulled her under he water. She struggled to get free of his grasp. He started dragging her back towards the island. She resurfaced. “STOP! HELP!”
“Dear, really. This is getting you no where. And who said I was going to kill you?”
They were back on the island, he laid her in the sand on her back and held her down. His grip was so tight on her wrists she thought he was going to break them; the pressure of him sitting on her stomach made it hard for her to breath.
“HELP!” she gasped for air. “SOMEONE! PLEASE!”
“Okay, dear, no one is going to hear you.” he was still so calm. “And just so you know, I’m not going to kill you.”
Slowly he bent down to her face. He kissed her lips so gentle, she was still screaming, but he was too strong. He made his way from her lips to her neck. “Now, dear; the less you fuss, the less it hurts.” Ely made a hissing noise and Jillian felt a sharp sting in her neck. Blood slowly dripped from her neck and soaked into the warm, wet sand. Jillian closed her eyes, and let out an ear splitting scream.

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