My Distraction

December 1, 2008
By Adrienne H., Springfield, VA

SAT tomorrow morning at exactly 7:45 AM, AP bio lab report due on Monday, Sebastian rubbing against my right leg, Calculus BC problems 23-45 due on Monday, AP Lit reading in Beowulf pages 45-167 due Monday, right leg is feeling some sort of wet sensation, AP Gov’t reading pages 113-143 due Monday, AP Spanish worksheet due Tuesday, right leg feels extremely cool, and Global Marketing project due Tuesday which I have yet to start. My right leg is damp. Very damp. And soggy. Sebastian has just peed on my leg.

“SEBASTIAN!” I hollered. My pampered 15th birthday present had sat itself down in front of my TV with its favorite chew toy hanging out of its mouth. Was that mud on its paw? I felt the familiar vein, that’s only purpose was to pop out of my forehead when frustrated, throb and boy, was it throbbing. My pile of homework has, dare I say, gotten bigger, Sebastian had decided that it would relieve itself upon my innocent, perfectly shaven leg, and there was now mud over my carpet. My white carpet. Fantastic.

“Do you mind? There are people in the world who are trying to sleep.” I brought the glare that had focused itself onto the dog onto my older brother, Aidan, or as I like to call him, Useless though he was completely far from the dictionary definition of that word. His eyes roamed from looking at my face to Sebastian to my pile of textbooks that had lain untouched for nearly a week now. Now that I think about it, his eyes liked to roam, especially when it came to girls with nice figures who had great personalities. No wait, scratch the ‘great personality’ part.

“Do you want something? Because unfortunately, I don’t have any money to lend you so you can go buy your girlfriends presents.” My brother feigned a hurt expression. You’d have to be a blind, deaf, dumb, and stupid monkey to believe that.

“Now why would I want to borrow any money from my cute little sister? And it’s girlfriend, not girlfriends.” I rolled my eyes as I returned back to my computer screen. I could sense that my brother was still at the doorway waiting for something. It was like a sixth sense. One time, I sensed my brother as having followed me when I was 8 and he was 12. I was walking over to the playground where Rose Ann was waiting for me. The playground was only a block away from my house but Useless had decided that he would stalk me to and from to supposedly make sure I didn’t get kidnapped on the 8 minute trip from playground to home. I agree that it is quite possible for someone to get kidnapped in broad daylight on an 8 minute trip but that’s completely dependent on the location. That was back when he was a weirdo with tons of friends. He’s still a weirdo with tons of friends. He’s a weirdo that had played quarterback on the football team in high school whose girlfriend happens to be my Art Honor Society ex-president and he’s got a ton of friends. I secretly think he has a sister complex as well.

“Though I do have a favor to ask of you.” The throbbing in my forehead came back.

“No.” I could practically feel the shock radiating off of him. I heard the footsteps he made as he sauntered his way over to where I sat. As soon as he came into my field of peripheral vision, he swirled the chair around so I would face him. I felt the need to kick him where I knew it would hurt.

“You don’t have a choice.” He gave me one of his supposedly ‘serious’ looks.

“I thought it was a favor. And according to mankind’s definition of the word favor, I have no obligation to listen or do it whatsoever.” I crossed my legs and folded my arms across my chest. I already knew what his favor was going to be anyways. He dropped his ‘serious’ look and adopted a somewhat puppy-dog eyed look.

“You have to come shopping with me tomorrow please!” If there was an award titled man-who-has-lost-his-dignity-and-is-now-begging-a-girl-who-is-four-years-younger-for-a-request, my brother would win it every year. Oh wait, never mind, my dad would have already won that for 22 years in a row and would continue to win it until the end of eternity. Change man with brother and then Useless would’ve won it year after year.

“I believed I already answered no.” I kicked him away from my chair and returned my attention to the coke bottle that was my wallpaper on the computer. The coke bottle signified my addiction to coke. Lovely isn’t it? My brother sighed, picked up Sebastian, and located himself onto my bed.

“But Adeline’s birthday is Monday and I haven’t gotten the last half of her present yet. Besides, you haven’t gotten her anything yet have you?” The throbbing intensified. I felt like retorting back that I had no reason to get his girlfriend a birthday present because I didn’t know her. One flaw with that plan: I did know her. You know that thing that happens when you connect with someone? Like when they do what you love perfectly and then they become your idol or role model? Yeah, Adeline Vidal was my absolute role model. She was stunningly beautiful as she is a model for Abercrombie

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