The Truth About a Princess

December 1, 2008
By Anonymous

I am sure that everyone knows the tragic story of pitiful Cinderella, the poor child who was mistreated by her cruel stepsisters until she was rescued by the Fairy Godmother. What you do not realize is that you believe a misinterpreted version of the truth told by the self-absorbed princess. I am Anastasia, the oldest of the ‘cruel’ stepsisters, and I am going to tell the true account of this princess’ rise to fame. I remember it as if it was yesterday….

Once upon a time in a land closer than realized, there lived a perfectly happy family. The family was only my two sisters and I, but we were content living together until one day there was a quiet knock on the door. It was my aunt who came over in tears, crying about the troubles our little cousin Cinderella had caused. My aunt said she could not handle the burden of the difficult child, so she asked to let Cinderella stay with us until she could become stable enough to raise the girl herself. We sweetly allowed Cinderella to stay in our house for a while. The next day, our aunt left our house never to return again.

For the first few months, the child behaved like an angel obeying all the rules and accepting the new way of living that she was forced to adopt. We had no idea how our aunt could think that this sweet child was a troublemaker, until the day everything changed. Cinderella began to break the rules and disobey everything we said, so we had no choice but to punish her and give her a stricter set of rules. The day after we gave Cinderella the new set of rules, my sisters and I noticed that all our money was missing, and Cinderella announced that she was going shopping. Suspiciously, she returned home later that night with gorgeous new ball gowns, expensive jewelry, and high heel shoes- including the famous pair of glass slippers. We confronted Cinderella about the money and new clothes, and we eventually got her to admit to stealing the money to go shopping. So we grounded Cinderella for three weeks and told her that she would have to do extra chores around the house to make up for the money that she could not return any other way.

In the mail the next day, we received and invitation to the grand ball at Prince Charming’s castle; Cinderella was very disappointed and angry that she could not go to the best party of the year. She decided that we were being unfair and that she would go to the party at any cost even though she was grounded for stealing. She left us no choice but to lock her in her room so she would not sneak out of the house and disobey our punishment. After my sisters and I left for the party, Cinderella put on her best new ball gown and glass slippers and somehow found a way to sneak out of her room that night.
When she walked through the door at the party, she looked amazing and quickly caught the eye of the prince. Cinderella was so beautiful that Prince Charming fell in love with her and the love sick man helped Cinderella create a story that would make her look innocent and allow her to marry the handsome prince.

Cinderella and Prince Charming devised a perfect plan including cruel stepsisters, the Fairy Godmother, the strike of midnight, and the famous glass slippers. Their plan made me and my sisters look terrible and allowed Cinderella to marry Prince Charming to live happily ever after. This plan of Cinderella developed into the dishonest version of Cinderella’s rise to fame as a sweet, loving princess.

This is the true account of the famous princess’ manipulation and selfish intentions to once again get what she wanted. This made me and my sisters look terrible and gave Cinderella the reputation of being a charming, loving princess.

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