One Day at the Olypics

December 1, 2008
By Daniel Plunkett, Springfield, IL

They said it would never happen, me going to the Olympics and all, but my dream has always been being able to go to the Olympics and compete for my country. To day is the big day. It is time for me to show off my skills to the whole world. I’m going to run the sixteen hundred meter run. I the final heat, I am extremely nervous. The butterflies in my stomach are jumping all around like popcorn being popped. Finally this bus arrives at the stadium. It is cool today. It is a good thing I’m wearing my navy blue under armour. Here we go. Wow, this stadium is huge; there must be 100,000 people here. The butterflies in my stomach are feeling like dynamite exploding in my stomach. “Now let’s meet the competitors.” The announcer said. Oh man here we go; they are going to announce my name. I bet my family is at home watching and is going crazy right now. I bet my mom is crying happy tears right now until I hear go Dan. I find out my Mom and the rest of my family is here to watch me and now it is time to put on a show like I always do. Here we go. The starter is ready, and the crowd is quiet until the BANG from the gun. Then the crowd erupts and it is time to run. The first lap brutal me in 3rd and all I have to do is stay right there. I am already sweating, and I’m telling myself to stay calm, to just run, and to have fun. Now the second lap and now I’m in 2nd I’m ready to run my race. All of a sudden I pass the the guy in first, and now me, just Dan Plunkett, is leading and building a lead and trying to keep focus. Now is the final lap, and I’m pulling away from the pack and the crowd is going berserk now. Now on the final stretch now to start my kick. Here comes the other runners come on come on you got this. In a flash it is over, and they have my name on the board under the first place. I am going crazy, and I bet everyone back in the stands is too. “The winner of the race is Daniel Plunkett from the United States of America!” Now they start to play the National Anthem. This is the proudest day of my life. So in my one day in the Olympics I have won the gold for USA.

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