Tunnel to the Countries

November 25, 2008
One day on the coast of Florida a group of teenagers decide to take their parents deep sea fishing boat and go have a little get together on the ocean. There were four of them. Tom, whose parents owned the boat, Joe which is his best friend, and two girls that they both kind of like, Laura and Katrina. They left around noon. They brought food, fishing rods, bait, some cards to play games, beer, and a jacket in case the weather turned nasty.

When they got far enough out to be where they wanted to fish Tom asked Joe to drop the anchor. They wanted to stay close enough to land where they can see it. Joe didn’t hear him and kept on fishing. Laura surprisingly caught the first fish.
“She doesn’t even have to try and she’s catching fish”, says Joe.
Tom had to help her reel the fish in. It was a fish that couldn’t be identified. It was some weird black with rainbow colors through it. It had huge teeth that could easily rip apart flesh and bones. As Tom and Laura are trying to get the fish off the hook Katrina yells
“Where is the shore?”
Tom, Joe, and Laura all turned simultaneously. There was nothing besides the clouds in the sky, and the water in the sea.
“What happened? I thought you dropped the anchor Joe?”

“No Tom, I must not have heard you”
Joe went to the radio to try and get in contact with somebody. They didn’t know which direction to go or anything. While Joe was trying to reach someone over the radio, Tom put the sails up to conserve on gas. Joe comes out from the captain’s deck and tells everyone
“I’d hate to be the bearer of bad news but the radio isn’t working.”

It was getting dark at this point and they could only go where the wind took them at this point. They all went to bed hoping to wake up in the morning to see some sort of land.

The next morning they woke up seeing the exact thing they did before they went to bed, water. No land at all. They figured they my as well make the best of it. Tom and Laura were fishing while Joe and Katrina were trying to get the radio to work. They wanted to stock up on food because they didn’t know how long they were going to be stuck out there for, if they would reach anyone over the radio, or if they would ever see there parents and siblings again…

The four of them took turns fishing. Tom had caught a couple at this point, Joe had one, Laura had three, and Katrina doesn’t really like fishing so she was the one who got the food ready and, did all the work around the boat.
“Grab me a beer says Tom to Katrina.”
Look at that yells Laura. They all ran to the side Laura was standing on. There was a bunch of baby dolphins with their mother. All of a sudden the dolphins took off and there was a fire red all around in the water. The boat shook, like it was about to tip over. Unexpectedly the creature leaps out of the water and grabs a bird in mid air. It was a hideous creature. It was something they had never seen before. It was a large creature with a long neck and a face and head, maybe a shark. There were from what they could see, about six flippers. Three on each side. After the creature landed back in the water it was silent. There was no more movement around the boat or in the boat for that matter. They were astonished.

“Well that’s weird.” Tom says to Joe.
“Well let’s get back to finding our way home guys. I want to get home before any other freaky stuff happens…”

At this point they were trying to conserve on their regular food but they needed to start catching some fish before they ran out of all food all together.

Without warning it got pitch dark outside and got very windy. It started raining so they all went to the bottom of the boat to play cards for a little bit before it was time for bed. The rain sounded like rocks hitting a wood floor. They decided to hit the hay sack before it got to be too late so that they could wake up early.

The next morning they were awaken to a sudden halt. Everyone got thrown from where ever they were like a sleeping rag doll. They could see the sun from out the window but they weren’t moving. They all rushed up to the deck of the boat. It looked like a deserted island. Maybe Cuba one of they mentioned. They knew two things at this point: they knew that they weren’t in Florida, and that they really wanted to go home. They all jumped off the boat. The water was as nice as a blue sky. There were exotic birds flying around and huge sea turtles, unusually huge actually. They decided to go and scope the island out. Tom and Laura went together while Joe and Katrina went the other way. As they were walking along the woods Tom notices that there are trails in the woods. They started walking down one. It just leads them to the other side of the island. Come look at this yells Laura. It was a bow with arrows right beside it on the ground.

“Well that’s odd says Tom.”
Tom and Laura took the bow and the arrows hoping they can use it to catch food later. They look around for anything else but couldn’t find anything so they kept going deeper and deeper into the woods…
“Come over here Katrina and Joe.”

“What is it?”
It was a sawed off shotgun. It looked like an older one. It didn’t have any ammo though but Joe took it anyways.
“Well its getting dark Joe. Shouldn’t we get going back and try to find Laura and Tom?”
They kept walking but it seemed they kept going deeper into the woods and that they weren’t going to find Tom and Laura tonight. Joe started to build a place for two to stay for the night. Joe started a fire and in no more than 20 minutes Tom and Laura showed up.
“About time” says Joe.
We were about to build a fire until we saw this one. Tom showed them what he found and Joe showed them.
“This island seems kind of weird doesn’t it?”
The girls tell Joe and Tom that they would sleep better if they were on the boat.

“Ya that’s a good idea, let’s go.”
On the way to the boat Joe tells them he has to go to the bathroom and that he will catch up. They keep going and wait a little down the trail. After about ten minutes Joe didn’t come back so they walked back. They went to were he was last seen but he was no were to be found. Tom was yelling
“Just to come out”
But he was no were to be found. The bushes started to move like the wind was blowing but there wasn’t any wind. He pulls back his bow but a little squirrel popped out.
“Lets go I guess he must have got lost Katrina and Laura.”

When they got back to the boat a light was on so they were cautious. They didn’t know who it could be. I thought I shut all the lights off before we left.
“You did,” says Laura.
They got up on the deck and looked through a window. What do you see? Look who it is.
“Were the hell did you go Joe? You scared the crap out of us.”
“I went a different way to go scare you guys up the trail but you never came so I thought you three got lost.”

“No, we stopped and waited for you. Well let’s take a vote,” says Tom.
“Either eat and stay here tonight, or eat and push this boat off shore and try to make it home.”
They voted on going home but they didn’t know what the ocean would bring them.
“ Im dead when we get home says Tom.”

“I wish one of us had a cell phone. If that damn radio would work we would be out of this mess.” Says, Laura

After about an hour of them eating they pushed off shore. Not too long after they got on the ocean a terrible storm came. There were waves the size of the boat. The wind must have been blowing sixty miles per hour. The ocean was tossing them around like a rag doll. The girls were scared and stayed down on the under deck. After a couple of hours the storm calmed down and they were able to go to sleep.

They all woke up suddenly again.

“Did we hit land again Tom?”
All four of them ran upstairs onto the upper deck and there from what it looked like a tribe of Indians of some sort pulling the boat more and more off shore with every pull. Luckily the motor was still in the water, and had a little gas left. He started it up and took off. Some of the people pulling the boat were relentless and they got dragged out into the ocean. Before they were able to leave and escape those people Katrina and Laura were already downstairs crying thinking they were going to die. Joe ran down stairs. We saved the day for now. They got away but didn’t have much gas. They ran the gas for about three hours until they ran out. It was kind of windy so he threw the sail up hoping it would bring them as far as possible away from them. They are limited on food. They were about to eat the last of it. As they are, they are relaxing watching the sunset.
“I hope we can go home tomorrow guys.”

“Yeah, “us to said everyone…”

The next morning they woke up and the first thing they acknowledge was that they were in a boatload of trouble, literally. They were about fifty of these Indian guys now and they were inside surrounding them pointing arrows and gun barrels in their face. They get all tied up and thrown into a wooden cage. The cage was hung in a tree. The people looked like they were from all sorts of different ethnic groups. Tom and Joe got themselves untied and untied the girls. The sun was going down and they didn’t know what was going to happen to them. If they were going to sit there all night, if they were going to let them go, or maybe even kill them. They started a huge fire. Most likely in celebration of catching all four of them. Tom notices people coming from out of the ground, like a secret passage way or something. They were all types of different people going in and out.
“I wish there was a way out of here,” says Laura.
Tom and Joe both reach in their pockets and take out a pocketknife. We can saw this and try to escape. As they’re trying their best to get us free the girls were gossiping about home life, school, boys, just pretty much drama.
“Hey can you two do something useful and at least be a look out”, yells Tom. They got half way through before they started to feel them self getting anchored down.
“Thanks for telling us”, yells Joe.
They were a couple feet from the ground when the man just suddenly stopped, looked around, and went back to dancing around the fire. After about ten minutes the cut through the wood entirely and made it so all four of them could escape.

“Lets Go!”
All four of them ran as fast as they could down towards the beach. They really didn’t know were to go but they figured if it was away from them that’s all that matters right now. They ran about two miles into the woods and started to build somewhere to sleep. The whole time they were thinking that they didn’t want to be found again. The next morning while they are asleep or they will probably never escape again.

The next morning Joe woke everyone up to some good ol’ fish. He found a spear and went out and caught some fish for everyone to eat. After we eat I say we go to that whole thing in the ground and see what is down there.

Not to long later they went to go scope it out.
“I bet people are still there” says, Laura.

“That’s why were going to scope it out”, says Tom
They split up Laura with Joe and Tom with Katrina. They stay in eye distance of each other just in case something goes wrong. They could see the wooden cage they escaped from. It was totally lowered and tipped on its side. The fire was out and smoking a little still but no one, from what they could see was around. They kept a look out for a good fifteen-twenty minutes just to make sure no one was around at all. They didn’t want to take that chance of being seen and captured. They walked all around the outside of where they were. They were thinking that’s where they have their ceremonies.

“Alright guys, lets go down the tunnel.”
Tom led the group, followed by Katrina, Laura, and then Joe. It was very misty and muggy down there. It was very dark with a light at the end. As they were heading down the ladder there were doors all along the sides. It looked like a bunch of different languages. It looked like someone smeared mud across the bottom line of all the doors. Joe wipes off the mud of the first one. It said CHINA. The one right across said JAPAN. They all were very confused. They went down a little further and Tom uncovered one that said NEATHERLANDS. Katrina opened the door. It was just a blinding white light. She slammed it shut.
“What the hell? What is this?”

They wanted to reach the bottom of the ladder before the decided to go into one of the doors. As they were heading down the ladder they eventually saw AMERICA. Lets go in this one.
“No lets wait. I want to see what’s down here.” Says Tom.

They started to hear some sort of music that they usually wouldn’t listen to. Once they got off the ladder onto the ground the music stopped. It was silent. Nothing. They crept around without being loud. They had no idea if there were people in there or not. They noticed a door far away from everything else. There was a table with what it looked like some sort of game. The place was covered with manuscripts, maps, old cloths, and rags, even skeletons. The door was hard to open but after they moved all the stuff out of the way they could see a yellowish, goldish light coming from the cracks of the old dirty door. They lifted the door. It wasn’t a standard one like you would usually open a door. You had to lift it like a garage door. When it was lifted they were all in shock. It was all gold. Gold everything. Tom ran in with hesitation. The first step he took snapped a string and a flying axe came from the ceiling. Darts were being shot off. Two people ran out from the back firing arrows. One skimmed across Joes skin and took a little chunk of meat out. Another one was flying down on a rope from the ceiling like Indiana Jones. The girls were the first ones out. Joe and Tom were right behind them. Before the door was shut, Joe picked up a gold brick and threw it at the guy and knocked him right out. They slammed the door shut and started piling anything and everything in front of it. There was a lock on the outside for some strange reason. While Joe and Tom were trying to throw stuff in front of the door the girls were already up a ladder. Joe went to the bottom and the girls yelled they were going into the door were it says AMERICA before it was too late. Joe watched them go in the door on the right. Joe ran back to Tom and told him that he thinks that they went into the CHINA door thinking it was AMERICA. Tom and Joe ran up the ladder to go and find the girls before its too late. They opened up the CHINA door. The white light blinded them. They each took a step in and before you know it they were in a sewer about to go on an adventure of their life.

They started walking down along the side of the sewer where there wasn’t any disgusting waste. There were rats running everywhere. The smell was unbearable.
“We better get out of here before I throw up”, says Joe.

They found a set of ladders that led up to a man hole cover. A car flew by above them. They quickly jumped out of the sewer without looking suspicious. They look at each other in amazement.
“We are actually here Joe. Were in China.”

There was a mall right down the street. There girls, they must have gone there. Tom and Joe were worried for themselves and the girls. They all had no money, and how were they going to get home.
“ What if we never see them again”, says Joe.
“Were going to go find them right now.”

Meanwhile Katrina and Laura thought they were in America until they asked someone for directions. After the kind man spoke to them Laura knew where they were.
“ I think were in Ireland,” she says to Katrina.
They keep looking around for signs and before you know it they found one. “Welcome to Ireland” the huge sign said. I think we went in the wrong door says Laura. At that point they where already a couple miles from were the door was and they didn’t seem to remember where it was. Some man pulled over and offered them a ride to go wherever they needed to go. He introduced himself as Clay Henry. They took the offer. The men asked where to and they didn’t know what to say. He offered to bring them out for a bite to eat. After, dinner the man offered them some clothes.
“Where are you guys coming from without food nor cloths”?
The girls didn’t want to tell the man the story because they thought he would have thought they were crazy. They just told him that they came from America with their parents and they got lost. The man brought them to the store and bought them a bunch of cloths. The girls loved him. He was a sweetheart to them, plus was nice, friendly, handsome, and from the looks of it had money.
“So do you guys need a ride somewhere or a place to stay?”
The girls had nowhere to go so the gladly accepted.
“ I hope we go home soon,” says Laura.”

Now Tom and Joe look out of the ordinary back in China. They feel unwanted. Everyone keeps staring at them, bumping into them, and pushing them off the sidewalks. It seemed to them that there was a light beaming down from the earth just on them. Everyone was staring, and every movement they made they watched. Joe gets frustrated about everyone bumping into them.

“ The next person who bumps into me is going to get it!” Says Joe
They crossed the street to go and get something to eat. As they were crossing the cross walk some guy slams his brakes and slams on the horn right in front of Tom and Joe. Joe, being the guy he is, throws a glass bottle that he was holding onto the car. Cracks his windshield. The guy steps out and looks furious. This guy does not look happy, or nice. He is a pretty big dude, with tattoos, but his face looks like he is ready to fight someone. He starts to walk up to Joe. But before he can even do or say anything Joe socked him right in the mouth and knocked him out. He was on the ground with his eyes in the back of his head.
“Lets get out of here,” says Joe.
Before they had a chance to run they looked up and down the street and a bunch of street bikes were coming. They look the other way and there flying right towards them to. Joe hops in the car.
“Wh-What are you doing JOE?”
“Lets go, we got to get out of here before we die.”
Tom hops in the car, Joe takes off like a bat out of hell. It’s a 6 speed, Spec V, and it’s all decked out with everything you can think of. Tom looks in the back seat and notices three big bags. Two of them were filled with drugs. The other one was filled with money. After they escaped the Chinese people on motorcycle they had gone to an alley and ditched the car along with the drugs. At this point its getting late for them. They hadn’t had the greatest day but at least they can get a hotel now from the money they had. They luckily made it to the hotel safely. Once they got in the lobby of the hotel, Tom went to go get the room.
“Tom! Get over here” Joe yells
“What is it? Im trying to get us a room Joe. What can be so important?”
“I know where Katrina and Laura are…there in Ireland.”
Joe just points to the TV and they get the surprise of their life…

Back in Ireland Laura and Katrina were so called heroes. The man that picked up the girls, that was so nice to offer them food and cloths, and give them a place to stay had apparently stolen hundreds and hundreds of peoples identities and there credit cards. I guess the police think that the girls set the man up or something. They didn’t even do anything really and they were seen as big heroes. Apparently this Calvin was one of the top 5 most wanted in the world. Not only has he stole hundreds of people’s identity and credit cards, he was being charged with drug trafficking and when they searched the house they found millions of dollars in drugs and stolen items. They also think he has been the one who has been doing all the devastating murders in Ireland.
“That could have been us Laura. We could have died”
The reason why the cops were called was because since someone has been stealing a bunch of credit cards and when this one was scanned it was reported as stolen. They were leaving the store. Clay knew something wasn’t right from the cashier’s expression. He rush’s himself and the girls out of the store. By the time the reached the exit to the mall there was security all over. When the security came over to confront the man he pushed the two girls in front of them and ran. He didn’t get to far. Before you knew it he was put in cuffs headed to jail.

Katrina and Laura were lucky enough to go get cloths with this creep, and he gave them money so they could find a place to stay for the night.

“Decisions decisions decisions” says Tom
“We can either take a airplane to Ireland and hope to find them or go through the tunnel to Ireland and save money for when they really need it.”
“Lets just go through the passageway,” says, Joe
“Ya but lets spend the night here so we can figure out a game plan for tomorrow. We better be ready we have no idea what could be waiting for us when we go back down there.

The next morning Katrina and Laura wanted to find their way back, but didn’t know were to go. They didn’t seem to try that hard. They loved it anyways. Being teenagers on your own, no parents telling you what to do, and having a brand new start. The figured since they were there until whenever they would just go browse around the mall, look at something, waste sometime. While they were in the mall they past this modeling place. Out front it reads in big bold letters: Models for Teens. Come Sign Up!!
Katrina and Laura both want to go and try out. They have nothing or no were to go. This might get them back to America. They really don’t want to go back with out Tom and Joe though.
They walk in and there is someone there to greet the girls.
“ Hello, are you two interested in modeling?”
The girls responded with a yes.
“Were are your parents?”
“Oh, Um, they here, were old enough anyways. They will be by in a bit.”
They started doing some simple poses for the cameraman. The man thought the two girls were great! The man, who has now gave his name as Charles, said to come back tomorrow so they could get started on some possible big time deals going. They said they were the best they have seen in a while.

Back in China the just found the manhole leading down to the sewer. They started down the ladder. They were creeping down very slowly. It seemed quieter than last time. Before there was a bunch of rats running around but oddly there wasn’t any. Tom noticed the door first. He opened it. All either of them could see was that blinding white light. They both take a step and close their eyes. The next thing there looking at is the door to China.
“Ok, looks like it worked Joe. Now where is Ireland?”
The spotted it a couple feet down the ladder. They both go. Tom goes first. He gets to were the door is and is waiting for Joe. As Joe is climbing over from the ladder to the door he dropped his hat.
“I have to get that hat! My mom bought me that for Christmas.”
“Well hurry up Joe. We don’t got all day.”
As Joe is heading down he calls up to Tom to come with him. As there about to head down the ladder they here foot steps. They stop going down the ladder and start slowly move back up. A man walks over to the hat, looks at it, and picks it up with confusion. He looks up but the tunnel leading down and to the doors was to dark for anyone to see.
“ That was a close one,” says, Tom.
“Now lets get out of here and go find the girls.”
“No Tom! I need that hat. I’m not leaving with out it.”
Joe started to head down towards the ladder. It was dead silent. They tipped toed around. They crept around a corner. There it was. The hat was hanging out with a bunch of other hats, jackets, and shirt, around it. The only problem with getting the hat back was it was in a locked steel cage.
“Were not going to be able to cut through that one.” Says Joe.
Joe starts trying to pry it off but its not helping any. No way anyone could with out a key.
“Well it looks like we have to go find someone with a key then”
Tom and Joe start going threw a cabinet that is down there. The second cabinet Tom opened he found something that to him is better than a key.

“I found something Joe.”

“What is it?”

“I found a gun!”
Joe turns around. The whole entire cabinet was filled with different types of guns, knives, grenades, pretty much any lethal weapon was in there. They grab a bag back that was on the ground. They tip it upside down to clean all the filthy crud out of it. They start packing the bag.

“Should we take any Tom? Think we even going to need it?”

“Ahh lets just take one each just in case.”
As those last words came out of his mouth they heard a door slam shut. They start to hear someone climb down the ladder.

“Well looks like we might have to use it after all.”
Joe is a hunter so he knows a little something about guns. He grabs a shotgun and starts putting shotgun rounds in it. Joe accidentally fired a shot while putting the bullets in. Whoever it was stopped walking down the ladder. For that brief moment you could only hear the mice running around in the cabinets and draws. Tom went to go peak his head over and as he did the guy started shooting at him with a pistol of some sort. He jumped from were ever he was on the ladder and landed on his feet. As fast as he was landing on his feet he was on his back. Joe shot him from arm length away and that was the end of him.

“Okay Joe. Maybe we should take a couple more things.”
They start packing a bunch of guns, knifes, smoke bombs, and grenades. After they’re all done getting what they need they start to make there way up the ladder. Joe is the first one. Joe cracks the entrance to the outside.

“What do you see Joe?”
Joe just looked down and yelled RUN! They went down the ladder faster than a fireman going down a fire pole. When they got to the bottom Tom asks, “what was it?”
“I just saw a bunch of people standing around the entrance. Probably waiting for us. They know were here!”
“Were going to have to find a different way out Tom.”
“This place is huge. We should be able to.”
Be ready to shoot Tom. You never know who were going to run into down here that doesn’t want us down here.”

Mean while Katrina and Laura were have a great time. They were great modeling and want to start to put them on covers of magazines. They really don’t want to go back to Florida. Laura and Katrina just get out of modeling for the day.

“You hungry Laura?”

“Yea lets go get something. I’m starving.”
They’re walking down the street to go get some food. They were only headed a couple blocks. Two strange women came up to them and demanded they go with them. They said it was for modeling but Laura and Katrina were suspicious. They thought it was a joke and told them no and left.

After they ate they made they were down Alpine Street. It was very dark. They cut through an ally to get to their hotel faster. Two vans pull up out of no were besides them and before they could yell for help or run they were in the van already took off.
Laura and Katrina didn’t know were they were going or if they were going to ever see each other again.

The van stops. When Laura gets out of the van she sees that Katrina is already out. Both the girls both are duct taped. They bring the girls inside in an office room as it appears. A man turns around in his swivel chair, like you see in movies. This man was tall, completely bald; he dressed himself nicely in a suit. He explains to the girls that there going to be held for ransom. He told them that after two weeks if there isn’t any money that he was going to kill one of them and a week after that kill the other one.

They demand five million dollars. They strip the girls of everything besides they’re under cloths. They give them sweat pants and sweat shirts to put on.

“Think we could get a drink in here.” Says Laura

“No, ill give you girls food and water when I want.”
The man and two girls take them and throw them in a tiny room and lock the door from the outside. The one window they do have has bars in front of it.

“Should have went back huh Laura?”

“Well obviously Katrina. I wonder if Tom is ok…”

“What about Joe?”

“Oh yea, Joe to. Hope there both ok.”
They found a spare piece of wood and start to make a shank.
They start to here the locks unlocking. Katrina runs over and throws in under a berue. The woman comes in with a video recorder.

“All right you two. Im going to record you guys and if you two want to live you guys better beg. Were going to send it out to you modeling studio, the police, and oh yea, you girls family in Florida.”

“What! How do you know were from there?”

After that they started to bust out crying. The woman finally left after recording them and came back with food. It defiantly wasn’t the best looking food but they were hungry so they ate it.

It was getting dark outside. They shut the lights off on them and lock the door. It was so dark you couldn’t see your hand in front of you. They both stay up all night trying to make a weapon that could hopefully get them out of this mess…

While all that is going on Joe makes the suggestion to hide so they think that they escaped so they can just go back up the ladder into Ireland, find the girls, and hopefully make it back to Florida. They don’t even dare to open the door were all the gold was. That’d just be suicide. They find a back room and hide under a bunch of smelly, old, disgusting moldy blankets and cloths. There was bugs crawling all over it but they needed a place to hide were they would most likely not get caught. They just got under them and comfortable position until they heard a door slam and two people started talking. They stopped right in front of Tom and Joe. They couldn’t understand what they were saying. They were talking in a different language other than English, French, and Spanish. Tom knows French and Spanish and knows that wasn’t what they were talking in. They start yelling at each other from what they think is going on. One of them pushed the other and he landed right on top of Tom. The man didn’t notice him but he got up and sounded like fists were flying. After a couple minutes of that it went silent with two doors slamming shut. They wait a couple minutes to come out of their hiding spot just to be safe.

They jumped out of the blanket and both started bolting towards the ladder. They reach the ladder and start climbing it like a spider. They get almost to the top, were the Ireland door is and a man come out have no were and looks up the tunnel were the ladder was. It was to dark to see luckily for them and the man didn’t notice. Tom went through their door first and when Joe was about to go through he took one of those grenades and threw it down and jumped in the door. Before they knew it they were in Ireland. In a field not knowing were to go.

“Ok Joe. Now what?”

Well Tom, lets go find the girls and go home. It been long enough.”
They found a road that looked like a highway and started following it. They followed it for about twenty minutes when a man pulls up and ask them if they need a ride.

“Were to you two young fellas?”

“Closets biggest town. If its not to far.”
It took them about thirty minutes to reach the town, and it was better then walking.
It was muggy and raining out. The man dropped them off at the beginning and Tom and Joe offered him money for the lift. They were off looking for a modeling building.

“Hey Joe, how are we going to find this place. This could be the wrong town for crying out loud.”

“Think positive Tom, we will find them.”
Not to long after that they were walking down the street when they saw a couple girls walk out of a building. They look up and the sign and sure enough it was a modeling place. They looked around but before they went to go in they saw a TV that was on the outside of the building “Just is News Report Girls Held for ransom”.
They go to check it out.
“Oh my gosh Joe.”
“What? What is it Tom?”
“Its Laura and Katrina. They’re being held for ransom. Five millon dollars.”
“Five million dollars? Laura and Katrina?”
“YES, Laura and Katrina.”
“Well we have to go find them.”
“Right after he said that they both turned around and had a surprise of a lifetime…

Laura and Katrina were standing in front of the modeling building trying to get out of camera sight. They kept asking them questions. Who was it? What did they look like? Were they mean? Where you guys tortured? Laura and Katrina just kept ignoring the paparazzi. Tom and Joe ran over to where the girls were. They plowed there way through all the people surrounding them. Joe rips the girls out of the crowd. They didn’t know what was grabbing them and Laura punched Joe. Joe looks up.

“Laura. Im trying to help you”


“Were is Tom?”

“He’s right…umm I don’t know were did he go?”

“Were did Katrina go?”
They both turn around simutanesly and Tom and Katrina were hugging, relived that there all together, and maybe cause they might like each other. After they all have there alone time the girls go inside and tell them that they are very sorry but their done modeling.

“Were to now everyone?”

“Lets go home cries Tom.”

“Well how do you suppose we do that?”

“Like this.”
Tom pulled out a bunch of money from the car they got into. He still had a couple hundred. That isn’t what he was so excited about.

“I grabbed four of them you guys. One for each of us. Joe you know where we were hiding?”


“There was a bunch of gold coins underneath us. I had more but gave them to the guy that picked us up so we could save the money to get a flight home. I made sure to save four though?”

“Should have told me Tom, I would have grabbed some to!”

“Well Laura, Katrina, Tom, lets go get a couple tickets back to Florida.”
“Tom your in so much trouble. What are you going to tell them about the boat?”
“Ill think of that on the ride home Joe.”
Once they got on the plane they started pigging out. Like they have never seen food before or something.

“So Tom, Joe, were you guys bored with out us?”
Tom and Joe just look at each other and laugh.

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