November 24, 2008
By Chrome_Clouds SILVER, Winterport, Maine
Chrome_Clouds SILVER, Winterport, Maine
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The small girl lay in the field, face bathed with the light from the moon. A pale purple blanket draped gently over her legs. She folded her arms behind her head, staring up at the sky, the crisp night air chilling her whole self. A slight stirring came from beside her. The unnaturally pale girl turned her head to watch a fox slink across the dry grass. She clucked her tongue softly, watching the fox carefully. The small furry animal stiffened and its ears pricked up. The girl clicked her tongue again and the fox flattened its ears against its skull. The slender girl chuckled softly. The fox bolted, its eyes glimmering in the bright moonlight. The girl wrapped one of her long, pale fingers in a tight curl. She turned her black eyes skyward again, reflecting the twinkling stars. She smiled at the moon, her pearly teeth glinting sharply. Her delicate ears heard the soft padding of the retreating fox. The hoot of an owl sounded nearby, followed by the rustle of its wings. The girl stopped smiling and turned her head to the left. The girl’s eyes flashed. Someone was coming. She threw the blanket off of her legs, sending dried grass fluttering in a slight breeze. The girl quickly balled the blanket up, clutching it tightly to her chest. The footfalls grew louder, followed by a sniffing and snorting. The girls whirled on the spot, looking for cover. But cover was hard to come by when you were in the middle of a field.

The breeze started to blow in the opposite direction, towards the sniffing and the grunting. The girls eyes widened in terror. She was up wind of her pursuer. She whirled again, searching for a ditch, or trees, anything to hide her from her pursuer. The girl listened for the fox again, but only heard the sniffing and grunting. The slender girl swung around again, black hair twirling gracefully. She turned her head around, still trying to locate the fox’s light steps. It was a futile attempt, the girl knew it. All that filled her ears now was the rustling and snorting of her pursuer. The wind was still carrying her scent towards it, and its steps were drawing closer. The girl panicked and ran, away from her pursuer, long legs making slightly more noise than a field mouse. Her black eyes darted around frantically, seeking refuge. None came to her. She chanced a furtive glance over her left shoulder, but she couldn’t pick out her follower. The girl stopped suddenly. Her ears weren’t picking up anything. The sniffing and grunting was gone, as was the breeze. The girl turned in a circle slowly. Her bright black eyes soaked in her surroundings. Nothing but dead grass for as far as she could see. She looked up to the moon, which washed over her face, illuminating her slim features. Her shoulders relaxed, as did her grip on the blanket. Then she heard it again.

The girl froze, not unlike the fox. The snuffling had started up again, but the breeze hadn’t come back. The girl took the opportunity and ran, heading back the way she had come, skirting around her pursuer. Her hold on the blanket tightened once again as she tried to shut out the sound of the sniffing, which had been horrifyingly loud as she passed its source. It was ebbing away now, but it rang clearly in her head. A silent tear streaked down her face, rolling down her chin and landing delicately on the parched grass. The girl took no notice of such a tiny detail. Her legs once again struck the earth with such precision that her pounding feet made little noise. Her bead-like eyes flew around the area. She was covering ground quickly, but the scenery still hadn’t changed. Her eyes focused on the invisible path that lay ahead of her. Then her hopes soared. Trees were coming into view. Slowly, yes, but the field was melting into a forest up ahead. The new hope surged through the slender girl and her legs worked faster. Nearly to the trees, her face split into a smile. A laugh suddenly escaped her lips and her eyes twinkled with joy. She was there, she was safe, and she was going to make it. Then something wrapped around her leg.

The girl lurched forward, her gentle face full of surprise and fear. The blanket was thrown from her grasp, crumpling limply on the ground. The girl shrieked, her hands scrabbling at the dry earth under them. The trees were only a few more strides away, so close.

The girl rolled over, a sudden fury taking over. Her pursuer was latched onto her leg, serrated teeth sinking deeply into the girl’s pale flesh through her pant leg. It shook its head viciously; ignoring the girl’s parting lips, the snarl coming deep from within her throat. The girl ripped her leg out of the beast’s mouth, leaving long trailing cuts. She leapt up and at the beast, opening her mouth and sinking her long fangs into the top of the creature’s neck. It growled and whipped its head around once again sank its teeth into her leg, realizing what it was pitting itself against. The beast ripped its head around, trying to dislodge the female vampire from its neck. The girl barely moved, powerful arms wrapping around the animals muscular neck, holding on in a death grip. The animal howled with a mix of pain and fury, yanking even harder on the girl’s leg. The two were now locked in a deadly embrace, werewolf and vampire, the worst of enemies.

The girl tightened her hold on the beast’s neck, fangs still embedded deep in its neck. The animal retched, dropping the girl’s torn leg and fell, landing heavily on its side, smothering the girl’s head under its weight. The werewolf rolled onto its back, trying to loosen the vampire’s grip around its neck. Nothing helped though; the vampire sank her teeth deeper into the wolf’s neck. The werewolf’s eyes started to roll up into its head, its body slackened. The vampire had killed it.

The girl released her hold on the wolf’s neck and pulled her fangs out. She spat out the blood and closed her mouth. She went limp, the rush that had come onto her before slowly dissipating. Her eyes darted about feverishly once again, the scared girl coming through. The mighty and victorious vampire that had once been there vanished like a dream. The girl felt hot tears streaming down her face. She blinked rapidly and tried to free one of her hands to wipe them away, but it was no use. She turned her head, a dry sob passing through her lips. Her eyes landed on her pale purple blanket and she had to turn away quickly. Her delicate ears picked up the faint sound of mice already invading her precious possession. The girl let the sobs escape, not caring what the forest heard.

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