The job that went wrong

December 12, 2008
By collin smith, Bethel, AK

There are plenty of fishing boats taking off heading towards the Pacific Ocean. This boat is ready for the high seas with fishing gear and same old crewmembers, only one new addition to the crew. His name is Frank; the crewmembers names are Byron, Rob, Frank, Tom and the Captain Paul. The crew takes their main belongings yet one-crew member, Frank, is not ready to take the seas. He was not the outdoorsy type yet. He had to do this because he needed the money. Frank was one of the new crew members to join fleet of fishing boats to enter the seas, the boat he was assigned to was called ‚”The Abomination‚”this boat was called that because this boat brought in a lot of fish, the first thing the crewmembers did to Frank was the crab-fisherman‚Äö anti-bad luck thing like they took a whole herring and what Frank did was took a big bite of the head and chewed on it, I guess to make sure the crew broke in the new green horn to make him avoid getting sea sick. A new thing what the crew like to do was to box.

Byron was the only one on the ship that like to box, he had brought this boxing thing to the fishing business. Byron was the only person good at boxing on the fishing vessel; he had a perfect record on the vessel, the crew wanted to see the greenhorn box with the undefeated Byron ‚”Iceman‚” Williams

So Byron and Frank fought. They boxed on deck and it was a good match till Frank knocked out and fell over board and was adrift. The crew told what happened to Frank to Captain Paul. They searched and searched and were unsuccessful looking for Frank. When Frank was knocked out, he had drifted to an unknown, and uncharted island. All during through the night he has been unconscious and unable to care for him self, knowing he survived the fight and the sea; Frank stood up and realized that he is by himself with only his wallet and a pocketknife, had drifted ashore.

~Dragging himself up towards higher ground trying to catch his breath coming out of the water. Exhausted getting up hours later taking his wet clothes off and trying to find a flint a certain stone to use to make a fire with his pocket knife walking around the island, walking for miles and miles on a sandy beach till he reaches a pile of rocks. Wishfully searching for this certain type of rock, he luckily finds it; it was at the bottom of the pile of rocks. Walking back to where he is going to set up his main camp gathering tinder and wood for his fire, that he has not started it yet. Still gathering his essentials for the fire, going back to his main camp exhausted by the end of the day, he laid down and rested

Beginning of the next day he started working on his fire. Finally getting his fire started he feeds the fire to keep him self warm in the shade, trying to find food on the island finding nothing but lizards, bugs, and fish in the shallow water. Surprisingly finding berries at the center of the island gathering what he can from a torn sweater.

”This should keep me full for a couple days,” he said

Keeping a positive mind to where somebody will come and save him from this dreadful island.
Going back to his camp he had found his fire out just down to embers. He quickly got some tinder and grass and threw them into the embers and quickly moved around the embers and his fire had come alive. Putting his berry gatherings in a secret spot around his camp, behind his pillow.

”This should keep it from any omnivore or any animal that eats berries,” he said confidently

After that he went exploring into the shallow waters for food and that he can find, swimming around from one point to the other finding only colorful fish and a rusted drum with nothing in it but a octopus he had a spear made from wood he tried to get that octopus. He luckily got it in the eye and he pulled it out of the water, with his knife. He gutted the octopus, and then he quickly restarted his fire and quickly cooked his catch then after he had eaten some of his berries for dessert. Content with what he had eaten and had accomplished today he went to sleep with ease and his stomach content with what it had to eat.

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