December 12, 2008
By Randy Essler, Garrison, ND

“Wake up John, it’s time for breakfast,” bellowed Sue. John got out of bed and went to the bathroom. He got into the shower. John was an average sized man, about six feet tall. He worked as a crew member on the newly built space-station. His job was to take care of all the electrical problems.

John left Earth after he graduated college at the University of Texas as a specialized electrician for the space-station. John had a darker skin complexion and had blonde hair. He got out of the shower and got dressed in his NASA issue uniform. Breakfast for the crew was always served in the cafeteria, but all civilians had to get their food from the grocery store. He waltzed into the cafeteria and sat down by his friends. Sue was a mechanic for the space-station and Gerald was a computer technician.

“Hey guys, sorry I am late my alarm didn’t go off,” John admitted.

“It’s alright, I had to wake Gerald up too,” Sue declared.

“So do they have the computer system up yet?” John asked.

“No, that’s on today’s agenda, along with a million other things, like usual,” exclaimed Gerald. “I wish we could be back in college again, just a few classes a day, there is more time to hang out,” Gerald recalled. “There was nothing to get worked up about; I mean all of our classes were easy!” Gerald exclaimed.

“Maybe for you brainiac,” Sue screeched. “But yeah those days were the best,” Sue confirmed. “Remember when Mr. Randolph had a spaghetti stain on his shirt and everyone in the class was laughing at him,” Sue remarked.

“Yeah, and he had to call in the dean to make the class stop making fun of him!” Gerald yelled.

“What about the time when everyone was at the football game and we were having an airsoft war in the halls and in the common room,” John remarked.

“Oh, yeah and then the dean walked in the common room and we hid under the furniture,” exclaimed Sue.

“I wish I could’ve seen the look on his face when he saw all of those airsoft BBs on the floor!” bellowed Gerald.

“Then when he bent over to pick one up he almost saw me under the couch,” John stated. “If he would’ve seen me I would’ve been in so much trouble; I might have got expelled!” John yelled. “Yeah, college was the best,” John said.

“The only thing bad about our job is that we have to actually be sick to call in sick because they send in a nurse to see what’s wrong with you; if you call in sick,” Sue murmured.

“Also we don’t get off work until like seven o’clock,” Gerald muttered.

“We don’t get to see our families at all either because their on Earth still,” John stated.

“You know what I miss about living on earth, sleeping in on weekends and just doing that I want to do,” Sue declared.

“Yeah, and being able to go wherever you want and hanging out whenever,” John yelled.

“At least we don’t have to work on weekends,” Gerald admitted.
“But they still don’t let us sleep in though; why is that?” asked Sue.
“Because then they think we will get accustomed to sleeping in and that we will sleep in on a workday,” John said.
“Hey, did you guys hear that they’re bringing more people up next week?” Gerald asked.
“Yeah and then they will bring more people every six months and some people who don’t like it here get a chance to go back,” John stated.
“They almost have the space-elevator complete, so they would be able to ship goods and people in fifteen minutes,” Sue informed.
“Well,” John said. “I better get going to work; see you guys later,” John mumbled. He took his breakfast tray to the dishwasher’s window. He dumped his scraps and walked to work. At work he had to work on the new apartments for the people that were coming in a week. He had to wire the light switches and outlets. He also had to hook up the lights in all the rooms of the apartment. He finished with the apartment so he was done for the day. On the space-station a work day was done when the set amount of work was finished. John packed up his tools and went back to his room.
It was six-thirty; He put on his regular clothes and turned on his TV. He surfed through the channels for a while, and then he went to the gym. John liked to run, it helps him blow off steam and he likes to think about stuff while he runs. He ran two miles and then he walked for awhile. After he was finished he took a shower and changed his clothes.
It was now eight o’clock, his friends usually got done with work at seven-thirty, so he went to Gerald’s room and they watched TV for awhile. John left Gerald’s room and went to bed.
John woke up to his vexatious alarm. He got up and went straight to work because he wasn’t hungry. He started working on another apartment, later on that day the space-station president, with a few body guards, approached John.
“Are you John Dixon,” he demanded.
“Yes,” John muttered.
“Come with me,” the president bellowed. “A few hours ago someone found a bomb right beside the fusion reactor,” he said. “We don’t have any idea how long it has been there or who put it there, but there is thirty-three minutes left on the timer, he declared. “We were told that you are our best chance in defusing this bomb,” he remarked.
“I am an electrician, not a bomb guy!” John yelled.
“We know that, but you are our best chance in defusing this bomb,” bellowed the president.
They arrived at the spot where the bomb was. They showed John where it was; there was only five minutes left on the timer.
“Five minutes, that is not enough time to defuse a bomb!” John exclaimed.
“Just do it,” the president barked.

John opened the bomb casing and there were ten wires. John knew some of the wires could be cut but he wasn’t sure of all of them. He cut all but two wires. There was thirty seconds left on the timer. John didn’t have a clue which one to cut, so he closed his eyes and cut a wire.

The End

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