Man Hunt

December 11, 2008
By Leighton Meyers, Bullhead City, AZ

Doris Dinkey roamed the streets of Paris, France in her latest attempt to capture the only thing that illuded her, Bobo the alien. Doris had been hunting Bobo for quite some time, following him to Washington
D.C., Houston, and even as far as Beverly Hills, but never Paris, France. No, sir, Doris Dinkey would never let an alien get into her head like that. Or would she?

Carrying her unnamed alien zapper thingy, she continued along in the pitch black night. Suddenly, she saw a flicker of a shadow under a dim street light. She knew immediately it was Bobo trying to make a sly getaway. "Ha, Bobo! I've gotcha now," Doris yelled, running toward the now flickering street light.

"Not by a long shot, Dinkey," a squeaky, puny voice responded from about ten feet in front of her. Doris smirked. Does Bobo think he can get away that easily, she thought. She began walking around the neighborhood searching for the short, gray alien.

"Come out, come out wherever you are," Doris called into the starless night. "Bobo, I know you're out here. Show yourself, coward!"

"Nobody calls me a coward," Bobo hollered, leaping out at Doris. Doris, about five and a half feet tall, versus Bobo, three and a half feet tall. Who would win? who would lose? Would the gray alien from Jupiter prevail once again, or would Doris finally get her wish?

Bobo stared her right in the eye, being sure he got into her head a little bit. Doris was freaked out a tiny bit by his glare. She grinned. Wondering what it was she was smiling about, Bobo became unusually wary.

"See ya, sucker," Bobo exclaimed, jumping upward and into the black sky. If he was going to manage an escape it was then, and he did. Doris looked shocked. Why would she be so shocked as to his actions? She should know better than underestimate what I can do, Bobo thought. Bobo let an evil laugh escape his lips as he ran atop the buildings along the street.

Doris heard the chuckle distancing, and she knew she had failed once again. Where would he be going this time, she thought. "Oh, whatever," she sighed. "I guess I'm going to have to hunt him down again someday. . ." On that note, she began walking in the direction she came in, failure wafting over her.

Bobo had escaped her grasp again!

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