Small Town Cops

December 11, 2008
By Anonymous

Cleburne is the biggest little town you will ever see, with cops that only catch big time wanted criminals by luck. I always thought that they were useless, until August 5, 2006 when they had over ten squad cars at our house and two FBI agents within brief moments of receiving our call. The reason for our call was when my dad heard a loud beating at our front door as if someone were trying to break in.

It was around four-thirty that morning and my parents had gotten up to get ready for work when my dad heard a loud beating on our door that sounded like a man the size of ten. Immediately they got me up and told me to get in, the closet so if they were to get in they might not find me, I know sounds really ridiculous for someone my age to do this but I didn’t it anyways. After I was in the closet my dad ran to the front door and leaned against it with all his might. A few moments went by of silence, then they started beating on the window. At this point my dad doesn’t know how many there are. My imagination is going off the tracks at this point, because I have no clue what is going on other than what I can see and hear through the small crevasse between the closet door and the frame. I see my mom go to the electrical switches on the wall by the door and turn all of them on which turned the front and back floodlights on as well as the side lights. Then she grabs the phone and dials 911.

I heard her say in a frantic voice that people were trying to break into our house and we didn’t know how many there were. The operator, I was told by my mom, said that she would have a few units respond as quickly as they could. I know I heard sirens within seconds of her hanging up the phone. So, I figure at this point I can come out of the closet so that I can see what is happening; I go the window and I see no one, puzzling. I look to my neighbors house and I see nothing but squad cars are coming around the corner of Lonestar on two wheels, they had to be going at least ninety miles per hour.

I got worried when I saw a regular unmarked jeep pull up at the corner and stop, they got out and brought with them a machine gun like I have never seen. It was silver with a long barrel and a mean looking scope on it, later I found out this was and FBI agent. I looked back towards my neighbors house and notice that they had a gun pointed at him telling him he better not move in a very hostile kind of way. This guy has had a double bypass surgery and several heart attacks so I know all of this isn’t good for him. All of the officers were continuing towards my house, when they came to an abrupt stop and the only girl officer continued on. She came up just in front of our shrubs and started poking at something with her baton. My dad and I went out on the porch just in time to her slap the handcuffs on a girl that looked like she might have weighed one hundred pounds. The officers questioned us and then the girl and found that she belonged to the party that was going on across the street.

The cops went over to their house and got permission to search and found that they were serving twelve minors alcohol and that everyone in that house was on some type of drug. Needless to say, the cops wound up arresting twenty people that night and writing citations for ten others.

That night changed my mind of the police of Cleburne forever. It made me glad to have such a strong-willed law enforcement agency. Even though you might think that your town doesn’t have a very good police force, just wait until you need them and see how the work out for you. They worked out great for me.

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