Deer and Rven

November 3, 2008
By Anonymous

Long ago, deep in the icy Transylvanian mountains Raven, the incompetent killer of the frigid skies was searching for a meal. Raven, thinking highly of himself, thought he was the smartest creature in the valley wood. He thought it would be easier to lead an unsuspecting animal into a death trap, like a ravine or the rapids and so with those thoughts in mind, he sought out a “witless” animal in the wood. As he was scouring the torn landscape, Deer, a “witless” animal through Ravens eyes, became his prey.
Raven descended from the sky with grace and a deviant air. “Deer, what are you doing this far into the forest? You should be in the fields grazing away at the grasses,” Raven cawed heartlessly.
“Well, if you must know… me and my herd were traveling around the woods and I got separated when a wolf attacked us,” Deer said, trembling from the early winter weather.
“Tisk, tisk, Deer you are truly helpless aren’t you?” Raven spat out at Deer in a rather rude way, “today you are in luck, for as I was flying over the woods I happened to spot a small herd of deer.”
“Oh, Raven, would you be so kind as to show me were they are? Are they at the field yet? Were they on the other side of the rapids?” Deer, no longer trembling but standing tall was anxious to be returned to his small heard.
“Why, yes come to think of it I did see them on the other side of the rapids…” raven lied.
“Take me to them. Please.” Deer replied.

“Fine, I will lead the way.” Raven smirked.

So with that Raven took to the skies with evil grace. Deer trailed close behind Raven ,as they traveled Raven contemplated how to kill Deer, while at the same time Deer had to come up with an idea to avoid dying at the hands of Raven. During the journey Raven kept Deer away from the good foods that would keep him healthy, as he himself became very hungry as he had not eaten in days.
As they went Raven ate tidbits of berries and seeds. Deer ate the dried pine on the floor of the woods. After 3 days of traveling Raven lead Deer to the rapids. (The whole 3 day trip was a part of the plan to weaken Deer and make it harder for him to cross.)
Now the rapids in the mountains are a result of melting snow and they move fast. the have the power to tear the fur of Deer’s back. So crossing it with out stepping stones or a fallen log is all but impossible. So as Deer approaches the rapids he began to quiver and shake violently. Raven landed safely on the other side. Deer ran down both sides of the river to find a rock or log. He found a few rocks that were exposed from the water but they are extremely slippery and hooves have no grip on rocks like that. Deer took a few steep back and charged at full speed and leapt with a great bound and landed on the rock. Raven, enraged at the luck of Deer, spread his wings and lifted him self in the air and dived at Deer and tore at his flanks. He screeched with delight with his handy work… Deer bellowed in pain. Raven screeched with joy. He dove again and Deer launched him self to the next rock and Raven missed him completely. He rose above the trees and tried again. Deer, with perfect timing he swats at Raven with his antlers. He knocked him into the river. Deer took a small leep and was on the other side. He collapsed to the ground and breathed shallowly.

A doe was turning the corner to see what was moaning. She found Deer nerly dead and treated his wounds. Deer and Doe went out of the woods to live with her herd. Raven died in the wake of the river… never again to prey on the inicent.

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