That's A Big NO NO!

October 24, 2008
“Up next in 45 minutes we have Breanne Jenkins" the announcer announced.
I was up next and I was very nervous. I couldn't believe I was 45 minutes away from one million dollars. I was pretty sure I was going to win. Before it was my time to shine I had to check and make sure I had all of my ingredients. I had to check my things twice but it just seem like I was missing something important. I thought long and hard, before I knew it I was shouting.
I was walking back and fourth pasting and thinking what should I do. I really didn't realize it but25 minutes had already passed and I was on in another 20 minutes. I thought to myself, how could I be so stupid, the main ingredient out of all things. While I was beating myself up a thought popped into my head. Maybe the other contestants would be nice enough and let me borrow some of their ingredients. As I walked around and asked people in the nicest way I could for ingredients the more I got frustrated. I got all types of turndowns; they thought I was too much of competition to let me borrow anything. Some people told me they didn't have any when I saw it sitting on the table and others just said no with a nasty attitude. I was going on in the next 5 minutes and I had no main ingredient. I was so furious with myself. But my two friends were there to help me. I had a good angel on the right shoulder and a bad one on my left. The good angel told me it'll be alright I'll get them next year. But the bad angel cut her off and said "no we can't wait until next year we have to get them now, today”.
"How about you go take some of your main ingredient from everyone who turned you down" said the bad angel. I*n my head IO was thinking that’s wrong but wanting a million bucks wasn't so bad. So that's just what i did. I waited until they left to be interviewed by the Food Network and I took it. Just as I was leaving the table the judge announced "now we have Breanne Jenkins". I was so nervous and relieved because I did something wrong and I thought someone saw me in action. As I entered the kitchen with all my ingredients I stated to wow the judges, they loved me. When my 15 minutes was up, I was pretty sure I was walking away a million dollars richer. As they announced the winner I was very calm, cool, and confident. When they said the name I was even cooler. But guess what I didn't spend all that money in one place.

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