The War To Come

December 11, 2008
By caz miles, Reston, VA

The demons were watching me from afar. I live miles and miles away from other human beings. I haven’t seen other human beings in ages. My age is 800 years old, I was born in London. After several hours have pass by, the lights of the earth start to dim. I go inside because I turn into something that is so unbelievable. Its joy to have it but I can’t see another human being ever again. I live alone because of what I am. I’m the last of my kind because of the past wars that were held. The wars that came upon us were because of the werewolves’ armies refused to lead hells army. So instead they asked the vampire clan to join and of course they said yeah. So that’s how this war has become but still after 800 years of my existence they still want me to lead hells army because of powers I am the strongest out of my kind. My kind died out nearly 400 years ago.

I only turn when the light is gone unless I get hungry and I will turn when the light is still up. I only feed on animals doesn’t matter what kind because they are over populated in this area of Texas. Even if they weren’t I know the humans are glad I’m not eating them.

As I went inside I don’t turn my back, I closed the doors and windows of the house. Swoosh! Swoosh! I hear their wings flapping like they were right next to me. I glanced out the window nobody was there. The change starts to happen and now the lights of earth are gone. My heart starts to pound fast and faster, my nails grow longer, my hair gets longer, my teeth get bigger, and my eyes turn white. I went to go get my ancient French swords one of the best in the world it never breaks I have about three more. As I go outside to fight the demons and vampires start to surround me. Howl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I start to scream. They all come after me trying to bite me and claw at me one of the demons hits me right on my chest, but I take him by the neck and sliced his head off. I see a bright light coming towards us I think to myself be that a car. The demons and vampires ran away back underground. My beast instinct took over me and I went after the car and jumped on the hood of it. I could smell the fresh blood.

There were two people in the car a boy and a girl. As the couple got out of the car they were shaking off their heads, when they looked up they saw me. I could tell that they were scared out of their minds. I totaled their car. As I smell their sweat my nose starts to tingle so the fresh blood smell has passed by me. As I come closer I change back to my human form. I tell them don’t be scared. They don’t move one bit. What were you people doing out here I asked? They told me that they got lost. They asked for my name I told them it was Fable. What are yours? I replied. The boy said I’m Michael and the girl said I’m Olivia. After we exchanged names I told them the story of what I am, how I became to be this, and why those demons and vampires were attacking me.

I couldn’t let them leave or take them home because it was too dangerous because of the demons and vamps. After a few days have passed they asked me, do I need any help? I asked how you people can help me. You know how they replied. No! Never would I let you bare with this for the rest of your lives. We are in much danger as you are now so why not? They made a good point, night fall the ceremony will begin.

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