Home Alone

December 6, 2008
Hi, my name is Lady and I’m a beagle puppy. I am 2 ½ months old. My owners name is Katie. She and I usually wake up together, eat together, and spend the day together. The only time she leaves is if she goes shopping. Then I’m all alone. Usually it’s not very long, and she always brings me a tasty treat. Today I woke up and she was gone. I couldn’t find her anywhere. It was the most horrible day of my life and this is how it went.
After I realized Katie had left me here at the house alone, I got frightened. But I was more hungry than scared so I went to grab a bite to eat. I saw there was more than the usual two scoops and thought that was kind of weird. I decided to save some for later in case I got hungry again. I went upstairs to find something to do. Instead I found Trouble.
Trouble is Katie’s cat. She is always trying to smack me if I get too close or she is sleeping. Today she was wide awake sitting at the top of the stairs. “Uh Oh” I thought as I climbed up the stairs. But instead of trying to smack me she asked if I wanted to play tag. I was so surprised I said yes right away. First she’d chase me and I’d run but then I would turn around and chase instead. It didn’t last because I accidentally stepped on her tail. She ran off after that.
After playing tag with Trouble, I realized I was hungry again so I went to grab a bite to eat. After eating I decided to go outside and play. I grabbed the neighbor’s soccer ball and played with it. After a while, they came out so I dug a hole and they squeezed under the fence. We played dogs’ version of soccer and wrestling. Soon their owners came home so they squeezed back under the fence. I went back inside to have another small snack.
After my snack, I layed down and soon fell asleep. I woke up just in time to see Katie coming in the front door. I got up in record speed and was barking like crazy. This time she had a whole bag of treats. I was ecstatic to see her. It turned out she had a job now so she was going to be gone during the day. Now I’m ok with that. Now I’m four months old and I’m used to it. So that was my first whole day alone.

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