Different than before.

December 4, 2008
By Josh Donner, Mountain Home, AR

It happened that one day.
Everyone was in disarray.
The clock had struck on noon.
My life would surely end soon.

That morning, the birds sang beautifully.
I sat on my bench, reading noiselessly.
The breeze swayed all the trees, and a turtle waddled ever closer to its goal.
I truly needed this rest, for yesterday's work had taken its toal.
And then it happened.

It was quick, painless, and altogether instant.
Everyone saw it, even though some were distant.
A monstrous foreign object came into view.
By the time I saw it, there was nothing I could do.
It dropped atop my piece of Heaven, even though it's not yet 2011.
But that was years ago. Now I am no more.
But I wish I could go back, do things different than before.
Because now I am in Hell.
Death had broken thru my protective shell.
I sit here in this fire, really wanting a smore.
Sweat collects on my forehead, fresh from my pore.

I wish I had done things different than before.

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